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12th Shinra Bansho, New Asmodeus Figure

getyouradultcoloringbookskillsreadyThe 12th Shinra Bansho chapter was announced during the latest World Hobby Fest, and is coming on April 18th. Pre-orders are already up at AmiAmi.

This particular chapter seems to carry an exploration theme, with the discovery of a new continent (which, keeping with the theme so far, resembles North and South America). Palusuke’s blog has the so-far sparse materials from WHF.

There was another surprise at the separate Wonder Fest in the form of a new Excellent Model figure, this time of Asmodeus, based on her appearance in Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3. This was when her true form was revealed after having previously debuted in that chapter as Asmo-Deus.

In addition, the Alma figure made its first full color appearance. You can find more photos of the two here.

prettycolorsShinra Bansho Shikishi ART is out very soon, on February 22nd. These are mini-shikishi boards randomly packed with gum. The official website has been revealing previews of some of the new art to be found in packs. Pre-orders on AmiAmi, and possibly anywhere else you may care to look.


Shinra Bansho on Puzzle & Dragons in America Again

First up, here’s your reminder on current available orders and pre-orders:
Shinra Bansho Ikki Kasei no Shou Vol. 3 (Out now) – AmiAmi
Scans of these cards also available for viewing on Palusuke
Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART (Due February) – AmiAmi
All of these may also be available anywhere else you may care to look.

toomuchkawaiilimitexceededabortabortThe Shinra Bansho collaboration is back on Puzzle & Dragon’s North American version again for mobile devices, running from 1/4 to 1/17 (…yes I’m late, I’m s-s-sorry e-everyone…) In addition to including all the previous characters, now you can get Alma, Polaris, and Balanciel. Kagato and Asmo-Deus also get new Ultimate Forms.

Just like the Japanese version, the Kapibara-san collaboration is running at the same time, allowing you to get the Kapibara-san versions of Alma and Polaris. Further details on P&D NA’s official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Japan…
Another Shinra Bansho collaboration is coming up, but it’s a bit different this time. Hikari gets her final form from Ikki-Kasei 3, but the remaining characters are actually existing Puzzle & Dragon characters rendered by Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa. (Info/images from P&D site)

Athena Another
Ronia Another
Sakuya Another

They previously debuted in Bandai’s Chouzetsu Puzzle & Dragons Wafer, a new wafer + card line replacing the previous P&D one they had going. These three cards are available by cutting out point stamps from the card backer to mail in.

Ikki-Kasei Volume 3 on Dec. 14th, Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART in Feb. 2016

theeviloneistheonewithashirtAt long last, Shinra Bansho Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 3 is set for release on December 14th. With this year’s break from the traditional quarterly format, this is actually the last volume for Ikki-Kasei. Pre-orders are up at AmiAmi or anywhere that sells boxes.

A number of the cards were previewed at a recent Banday Candy Toy event, photos of which you can check out on Dmzil’s blog. You can also get a load of the CoroCoro magazine pages they were first announced in thanks to Palusuke’s blog, if you would like to see how a grown man acting like a maniac on the printed page sells amusements to children.

(A side note for those ordering: Being December, this falls in the middle of the busiest shipping time in many parts of the world – so instead of a cheap method, like unregistered SAL, it’s worth considering paying a bit extra to register it or bump it up to a safer, fast method like EMS.)
There was also an extra surprise: Another product, Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART, is set to come out on February 22nd, 2016. (Right image via Dmzil’s blog, linked above) The Shikishi ART line is another of Bandai’s candy toy products that uses pre-existing licenses like Naruto, Gintama, Macross, etc – they’re miniature shikishi boards featuring art from that franchise, with a small gum pack-in. Here’s a video with an example of a Madoka Magica set released previously.

Although they’re mini by typical shikishi standards, they’re much larger than cards, and as such more expensive, coming to 280 yen a pack. It looks like the Shinra Bansho collection is going to feature previously used art, from packaging and other sources (largely only otherwise published in the Premium Bandai exclusive Shinra Bansho Art Works book), although it has yet to be confirmed if there will be any new art.

There are no pre-orders available currently, but keep an eye here for updates.

The Twitter/Facebook icons that may or may not show up in the corner of this page aren’t just for show, they’re a handy way to keep track of updates.
Twitter (@ShinraBanshoC)
Facebook (ShinraBanshoChocolate)
The Twitter account in particular is where I post news and info as it comes in on Shinra Bansho that isn’t quite worth a whole site update, so if you need your silly candy toy fix during those long stretches where there’s a dearth of site-worthy news, that’s the place to go.

Ikki-Kasei 2 Released, Figure Pre-orders, and More

imnotgoingtoaskwhatsgoingonhereThe newest Shinra Bansho chapter, Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 2, is out now! It can be ordered from AmiAmi or anywhere else that sells boxes. Here’s the commercial for it on YouTube. And of course, if you’d simply like to view scans of this set’s cards, Palusuke already has everything available for viewing.

Some notes about this set:
-The collaboration cards this time include the Saiga and Kiriko artwork from Puzzle & Dragons not included in the last set.
-There are two Kapibara-san (the capybara mascot character) collaboration cards, one featuring Chapter 1 character Alma available from regular cards by the normal artist, and one of Polaris by the Kapibara-san artist. See them both here.
-The latter is only available through this time’s Heaven Crystal mail-in service, along with a Hikari in a summer dress and Kagato looking fierce.
-Remaining collaboration cards to speak of are from Mister Donut, available only from buying a kid’s meal at their locations. One is simply a variant of Kagato, but the other features new art of Hikari encouraging you to take up bad eating habits.

Figure Pre-Orders

Good news/bad news situation with the new Arcana figure coming out this November. Bad news is, it’s a limited run exclusive figure, meaning it’s only available for pre-order from now to August 25th (it comes out in November) and places like AmiAmi won’t ship it outside Japan. Good news is, some online figure stores selling outside Japan are getting orders for it anyway, although of course there’s no guarantee how long that’ll continue past this month.

Here’s a run down of all the Shinra Bansho figures you can pre-order now:

FIGURE-012800_01Excellent Model ArcanaNovember 2015 (Limited August Pre-order Period)
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Anime Island
Yellow Submarine via Rakuten
Ixu Deviance
Kappa Hobby on eBay
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

FIGURE-006279_01Excellent Model Astaroth – Late August 2015
A re-release of the figure from last year.
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Solaris Japan
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.


Excellent Model Izuna – Late September 2015
Has a limited first edition artwork bonus and a store bonus at some locations (See this post for details)
AmiAmi (includes the store bonus)
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
Tokyo Otaku Mode
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

Current Puzzles and Dragons Collab Detailsmaximumallpowerfulkawaii

Finally, the latest Puzzle and Dragons collaboration just came and went on the mobile game in Japan (my apologies for not posting about it here earlier). I did write some details about it over at Puzzle and Dragons Forum, running down all the new characters. Interestingly, even the Kapibara-san collab Polaris is it – and fortunately, said capybara has already been in the North American version of the game, so this will likely not be an impediment on getting her whenever this hopefully hits over here.

One other related tidbit: The main Shinra Bansho artist, Mitsuhiro Harakawa, also did a character for a card (far left) for the mail-in bonus for Chouzetsu Puzzle & Dragon Wafers, also from Bandai. Not aware if they will be featured in the game (or already are)…

Ikki-Kasei 2 Details, New American Puzzle & Dragons Collab

ohyeahimsuremordredisuptosomethinggoodShinra Bansho Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 2 will be coming out August 10th. Pre-orders available at AmiAmi. It looks like the story will already be moving beyond the country of Kiryuu and into the wider world. The characters shown here, clockwise from the left, are Takegami Shingen, Arthur, Zirconia, and Cleo-Pandora. Pictured to the right here (left to right) are Mordred, Palamedes, and Lancelot. Also mentioned are collaborations with Mister Donut (a donut joint), Capybara-san (a Hello Kitty-esque character product line), and a new Puzzle & Dragons collab. For more pictures, check out DM’z-iL’s blog.

headsizenotrelativetopowerrankingoneassumesThe North American version of Puzzle & Dragons for smart phones will be getting the most recent Shinra Bansho collaboration, running from July 6th to July 19th. This one features all the protagonists who appeared in Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 4, a dungeon with Kagato and Hikari from Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 1, and new versions of characters with artwork by regular P&D artists Yosuke Adachi and Ikeya. You may recall their renditions of Saiga and Asmodeus in particular got physical cards in Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 1 as collaboration cards, specifically C003 to C006.

This time around, as I have entered the 21st century and obtained a smartphone, I’ll be following along with it and posting my progress over on our Twitter page (@ShinraBanshoC).

irelandrepresentIn other (late) news, the full color Arcana Excellent Model figure was revealed (more images here). Also, the results of the poll to determine who the next character to get a figure should be came out: Alma managed to make it back to #1.

For the full poll results and a little info, check out this post on our forums.

Translations for Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 1 Up!

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top_visual316_shortened222Shinra Bansho: Ikki-Kasei no Shou Volume 1, the latest installment of the series taking place in a new world, just came out a month ago – and we already have translations! Thanks to Smash Spirit’s work, enjoy being up to date with Japan!

To overview, this includes:
World Notes, introducing the new setting
All cards found in Ikki-Kasei Volume 1 boxes

The two SP cards at the end, which come from the mail-in prize service, only just now have scans available, and haven’t been translated yet. Expect that to be corrected soon enough, though, plus maybe some more surprises down the line…

ZX Factor Complete in English! Izuna Figure Pre-Orders Up!

ZX Factor Volume 4 translationsFIGURE-011139_01 are up now – meaning ZX Factor is now available entirely in English! This marks the first time we’ve gotten a complete Shinra Bansho installment translated, so it’s quite something. All thanks should go to Smash Spirit for the tireless work. See our Card Translations section to catch up from the beginning.

The Izuna figure from MegaHouse is now available for pre-order, just about anywhere that sells such figures. This, of course, is convenient timing, as the card the figure is based on is from Izuna in ZX Factor Volume 4. It will be out this September.

Do note that it can come with some special bonus artwork, featuring Kai and Izuna, FIGURE-011139_12available depending on when/where you get it:
-The “First Release Limited Bonus” comes with it in postcard form. This appears to be available anywhere as long as you get it early.
-The “Store Bonus” is the same art with a different background, but as an illustration sheet. is the only retailer who has this I am aware of who ships internationally.

Here’s a few places you can pre-order Izuna:
AmiAmi (includes the store bonus)
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

Some additional notes:
-You may recall the gray/purple variant of Izuna’s figure being shown in the previous post. It is so far unknown how that version will be made available, or if it will be at all. Stay tuned for details as they come.
-Astaroth’s figure is still available on and off at various places, but will be getting a re-release this August. So it may be good to keep an eye out around then if you’re looking to get it from somewhere specific.
-The Arcana figure shown before so far does not have a release date. Or color. Or a way of suspending her little flying swords for that matter.

This June, the Shinra Bansho W fadedcolorsarekawaiiRubber Mascot keychains and Shinra Bansho Fortune Badge pins are still on the way. AmiAmi is now featuring a store bonus where each will also net you a pair of randomly selected bonus stickers. Once again, they can be bought at :
AmiAmi (includes bonus stickers):
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Hobby Link Japan:
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Being a wider release, non-candy item, they may be available other places as well.

Finally, MegaHouse put up a special product page covering all their Shinra Bansho products so far. Currently, they’re running a poll through May asking what character should be the focus of their next product (one would assume this means an Excellent Model figure, but that could just as well change). They have posted the results so far – not final, just so far – which are based not only by character, but by specific card. They are:
#1 – Alma (from Top Characters Selection)
#2 – Kuon (from Chapter I, Volume 4)
#3 – Ako (from Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3)
#4 – Ryuga (from Chapter III, Volume 3)
#5 – Polaris (from Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, Volume 1)
Runner-up – Arachne (from Shichiten no Hasha, Volume 3)

Ako, you may recall, is Ark, ever-present on our site’s top banner, having turned into a girl using magic. In any case, it remains to be seen if this’ll stick by the end, and if they make anything based the results…