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Shinra Bansho Ryusei no Ouji Out 3/13

showmetheboxwhatwasintheboxwhatsintheboxThe next chapter of Shinra Bansho Choco, Ryusei no Ouji, is scheduled for release this March 13th. Pre-orders are available now. Notably, this is a month earlier than normal, a date not seen since the release of the original Chapter I.

Speaking of which, this particular installment bears a rather strong resemblance to the very first chapter: these are all new characters, but you have four themed tribes (dragon, tiger, turtle, phoenix), and an armored antagonist throwing their world into chaos. The titular Meteor Prince, Ginga, looks more than a little like the original protagonist, Saiga. In other words, it’s a full-on throwback to the basics, making it as easy as possible for newcomers to get into it.

A number of the new cards and designs were previewed at the World Hobby Fair, which you can find photos of on the front page of

There’s also been some overhauls to Shinra Bansho’s web presence to go along with this: has been redesigned to more of a general info page, rather than changing per chapter every year.
-This includes the new Infinity Archive, which provides clear, sharp images of every card from every previous installment. The size is similar to Palusuke’s card scans linked here on the site up to now. This also includes some packaging and promo art.
-There is now an official twitter account.
-Art from this post is available from a commemorative Ryusei no Ouji wallpaper.

See Shinra Bansho Kessaku Sen’s Line Up, Out 12/5

titleShinra Bansho Kessaku Sen is coming December 5th. Translated as “Masterpiece Selection”, it consists mainly of reprints of classic cards from the last eleven years. Pre-orders are available – the price is a bit higher than regular boxes, but this is because every card has a new, shiny prism pattern, making it a box of all “rares”.

The official website has been updating every weekday to reveal who made it into the line up. Below, I’ll be updating this post to match, providing the names and a link to the original card of each character as they come out.

Chapter I – Saiga
Chapter I – Alma
Chapter I – Edgar
Chapter II – Fuinmaha Seiryuseiki
Chapter II – Bonemaster
Chapter II – Masterion
Chapter III – Ryuga
Chapter III – Deathtoll
Chapter III – Creare
Shingoku no Shou – Maxius
Shingoku no Shou – Zeronix
Shingoku no Shou – Sieg
Ouga Rasen no Shou – San Morte
Ouga Rasen no Shou – Dirculm
Ouga Rasen no Shou – Meryl
ZX Factor – Kai
ZX Factor – Karin
Shichiten no Hasha – Sai
Shichiten no Hasha – Takechiyo
Shichiten no Hasha – Mujina
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Ark
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Heero
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Faust
Kuja Senran no Shou – Apollo
Kuja Senran no Shou – Noin
Kuja Senran no Shou – Belzebuth (and Asmodeus)
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou – Balanciel
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou – Moebius
Ikki Kasei no Shou – Kagato
Ikki Kasei no Shouicon_hearticon_heart Ryuujou Kenshin icon_hearticon_heart
NEW – Ginga (NEW)
NEW – Mihoshi (NEW)

These two new characters will be in the next Shinra Bansho chapter.

October Surprise: Gensouryu Volume 3 is its Last, Classic Reprints in December

1609shinra_bShinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 3 is out this October 17th. It has been announced to be the final volume of this installment. Pre-orders are up at places like AmiAmi.

This came as a bit of a shock, and as for why, some background: Shinra Bansho releases are typically one story arc per year with one volume per quarter – April, July, October, and January. Last year’s Ikki Kasei no Shou shook things up by releasing 3 volumes, but with a higher amount of cards to collect in each. This year’s Gensouryu returned to the April-July-October releases, so it was assumed things were back to 4 volumes, but…apparently not. Unlike Ikki Kasei, this was never clarified from the start, so it’s unclear if this was the plan all along or if something happened.

1610shinraWe are still getting a fourth Shinra Bansho release though, as this December, Shinra Bansho Kessaku Sen (Masterpiece Selection) is coming. Recently announced, it reprints previous cards with new prism backgrounds, along with two new cards. So far it seems to span the Chapter I-II-III / Ouga Rasen era. Like the one off special edition Feb. 2014 Top Characters Selection release, it’ll go for a higher price point as all cards have prism effects. Pre-orders are already available.

On a side note, two other notable releases:

manykawaiis-Guardess in Eden is a new card wafer series from Bandai also set for December. The cards have special effects that can either be removed with body heat (like from a hand) or added with cold (like from a soda can). The back has symbols representing character relationships and story info. Vanilla wafers for max kawaii. Pre-orders are out.

alsoprettykawaiiiguess-Hagen no Zista Card Choco is out in November. The Zista series used to be figures with interchangeable parts packaged with chocolate, then gum, and now…it’s chocolate again, but with robot cards instead. Feature stats, plot, and secret messages to decipher. Pre-orders are also ready.

Asmodeus Figure Dated – Shinra Bansho Back on Puzzle & Dragons – Bikkuriman Update

emergingfromtheprincedimensionThe 1/8 scale Excellent Model figure of Masenki Asmodeus is coming out this September, retailing for 12,000 yen. Like previous figures, this one will include some new original art, this time featuring Asmodeus and her mother Astaroth. Pre-orders are now live at various places, so keep an eye out at your favorite figure retailer (like AmiAmi, HLJ, etc – is a good place to check too).

More photos on the official site, with a color sample of the illustration.

As a reminder, the figure of Alma is still set to release in July, and the previous figures of Astaroth, Izuna, and Arcana, remain available in various places.

13320936_1304470556248200_4025361008828169411_oThe Shinra Bansho collaboration is back on the North American version of Puzzle & Dragons, running from June 6th to June 12th (pretty short this time). This adds Hikari’s ultimate form, and also the versions of P&D characters Sakuya, Sonia, and Athena drawn by Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa. Details on the official Facebook page.

STARWARSbikkurimanSpecialEditionp1oFinally, the Bikkuriman section received a long overdue update, detailing the ill-fated Shin Bikkuriman and covering the recent Star Wars Bikkuriman collaboration.

Shinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 1 Out April 18th

downinfrontShinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 1, as previously mentioned, is out this April 18th. Pre-orders are up at AmiAmi.

Already knew that? Well, then you may be interested to know Volume 2 is already up for pre-order as well: It comes out this July. This would seem to indicate that it is switching back to the 4 volume a year release format, after Ikki Kasei experimented with three a year.

The official website is now open. The title means (roughly) “Treasures of the Twin Dragons”. This volume features the discovery of new continents, both shaped like, guess what, dragons, ripe for exploration. Our new hero is Van Crow, an adventurous guy with good luck and a thing for treasure.
It looks like some of the Round Table Knights from Ikki Kasei are back (that’s Percival with the green hair), and apparently are on the look out for the Holy Grail – time will tell if this has anything to do with the Holy Grail created by Balanciel way back in Chapter III. Also, in an important first for the franchise, Wafer Man has a hat. WAFER MAN HAS A HAT.

On a side note, the Figure section has been updated to include all released and soon-to-be-released Excellent Model Figures. It’s worth noting that Arcana in particular has proven to not be so hard to find after all, and is even now on AmiAmi secondhand.

12th Shinra Bansho, New Asmodeus Figure

getyouradultcoloringbookskillsreadyThe 12th Shinra Bansho chapter was announced during the latest World Hobby Fest, and is coming on April 18th. Pre-orders are already up at AmiAmi.

This particular chapter seems to carry an exploration theme, with the discovery of a new continent (which, keeping with the theme so far, resembles North and South America). Palusuke’s blog has the so-far sparse materials from WHF.

There was another surprise at the separate Wonder Fest in the form of a new Excellent Model figure, this time of Asmodeus, based on her appearance in Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3. This was when her true form was revealed after having previously debuted in that chapter as Asmo-Deus.

In addition, the Alma figure made its first full color appearance. You can find more photos of the two here.

prettycolorsShinra Bansho Shikishi ART is out very soon, on February 22nd. These are mini-shikishi boards randomly packed with gum. The official website has been revealing previews of some of the new art to be found in packs. Pre-orders on AmiAmi, and possibly anywhere else you may care to look.

Shinra Bansho on Puzzle & Dragons in America Again

First up, here’s your reminder on current available orders and pre-orders:
Shinra Bansho Ikki Kasei no Shou Vol. 3 (Out now) – AmiAmi
Scans of these cards also available for viewing on Palusuke
Shinra Bansho Shikishi ART (Due February) – AmiAmi
All of these may also be available anywhere else you may care to look.

toomuchkawaiilimitexceededabortabortThe Shinra Bansho collaboration is back on Puzzle & Dragon’s North American version again for mobile devices, running from 1/4 to 1/17 (…yes I’m late, I’m s-s-sorry e-everyone…) In addition to including all the previous characters, now you can get Alma, Polaris, and Balanciel. Kagato and Asmo-Deus also get new Ultimate Forms.

Just like the Japanese version, the Kapibara-san collaboration is running at the same time, allowing you to get the Kapibara-san versions of Alma and Polaris. Further details on P&D NA’s official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Japan…
Another Shinra Bansho collaboration is coming up, but it’s a bit different this time. Hikari gets her final form from Ikki-Kasei 3, but the remaining characters are actually existing Puzzle & Dragon characters rendered by Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa. (Info/images from P&D site)

Athena Another
Ronia Another
Sakuya Another

They previously debuted in Bandai’s Chouzetsu Puzzle & Dragons Wafer, a new wafer + card line replacing the previous P&D one they had going. These three cards are available by cutting out point stamps from the card backer to mail in.