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A place with info on franchises separate from, but similar to Shinra Bansho, with an emphasis on collectable characters on cards, stickers, etc.

iconKaiten Mutenmaru

A sushi restaurant sponsored trading card game, known outside Japan mainly for Shamu Meruruusa, the spunky catgirl.




A series of stickers packed in with chocolate wafers going on for over 30 years, it’s without a doubt the most famous of its kind in Japan, and inspired countless imitators in all sorts of media (including Shinra Bansho).


gamuraiconGamura Twist / Ramen Bar Wrestling Gundan

Probably the closest real rival to Bikkuriman during its time, it upped the ante with the introduction of “double” seals.



neclosNeclos Fortress

Another candy bonus item from Lotte, this one came with a figure too, and has quite the following these days.



garbagebukimiGarbage Pail Kids / Bukimi-kun

Despite having no direct connections with such Japanese series, it’s surprisingly similar – and had its own super rare incarnation over there.



REPENTOther Seals and Such

Gaze into the beady eyes of The Great King Harima and enter a world of stickers, cards, figures, and other character-based doo-dads that didn’t quite get their own section.


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