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The back of every Shinra Bansho Chocolate card includes some basic information about the front character and often other varying tidbits. This can include plot points, world factoids, hints of things to come, and so on.

Every year since 2005, a new “chapter” has been released: a volume of about 30 or so card variants released on a quarterly basis. Each chapter represents a story arc, played out over the information relayed on the cards from the first to the fourth volume.

See Release List for the full list of series and release dates. Also, for summaries of not yet translated segments, see our Story Guide.

Chapter I

Volume 1 (3/14/2005)
Volume 2 (7/18/2005)

ZX Factor

World Notes
Volume 1

Volume 2 (7/19/2010)
Volume 3 (10/18/2010)
Volume 4 (1/17/2011)

Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar

Volume 1 (4/16/2012)

Ikki-Kasei no Shou

World Notes
Volume 1

All card scans from (See here for their complete scans)
Translations by:
Chapter 1 – V1, V2 – Brolen (nsfw)
ZX Factor, Ikki-Kasei – Smash Spirit
Daimao – Eis

Forum Talkback Thread – Come talk about the cards, characters, translations, etc!

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