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Three Year Anniversary! New Card Translations! New Pre-Orders!

Shinra Bansho World started up three years ago as of March 5th – Thank youcutin_006101[0] to everyone for your support all this time! Yes, I’m three (ha) days late, but there’s plenty to make up for it:

First off, the Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Story Guide is now complete! So ends the latest chapter of the story, with some big changes that promise a very different Shinra Bansho moving forward. Thanks again to the immortal Eis for all the details!

Next up, we have brand new Card Translations of ZX Factor Volume 1! (3/9 Edit: And ZX Factor Volume 2, too!) It’s a part of the story we haven’t covered up to this point, and to top it all off, there’s even more stuff than usual: There’s very detailed World Notes right from the official site, as well as Waferman’s Whispers for Volume 1, which provide further insight into the goings on of the story (3/9: Yes, for Volume 2 as well!). This is about as close as it gets to getting the full experience the Japanese do when a new set comes out, so enjoy! Thank you to Smash Spirit for all his hard work translating this, who has been updating this on our forum.

Speaking of Izuna, her upcoming figure has been previewed in full color! Expected this year, there’s no exact release date yet, but that should change soon enough.

New Pre-Orders:wr_img2
Two items, Shinra Bansho W Rubber Mascot keychains, and Shinra Bansho Fortune Badge pins – both feature new artwork by Akatsuki Gomoku. Each has a mostly different set of characters to collect. They’re available at:
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Hobby Link Japan:
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Being a wider release, non-candy item, they may be available other places as well.

A reminder: Shinra Bansho Ikkikasei no Shou Volume 1 is still up for pre-order, out in April. It seems the new special card type in this set is called “God Rare”…

-The Shinra Bansho Frontier browser game is shutting down this April. Started December 2011, this means it lasted a little over three years. Not a bad run. It remains to be seen if it will be replaced by anything else.pz_09_cs1w1_676x450
-Collaborations with existing games are still continuing, with a new Puzzle & Dragons crossover coming. This time though, it features brand new artwork from their own artists. Asmodeus and Saiga are confirmed so far.
A Shinra Bansho Grand Festival is taking place in Akihabara on March 29th. There will be various special events and voice actors present. We’ll be sure to cover what comes out of this. has some nice artwork on their front page right now, promoting their fan event this April!


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