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ZX Factor, Volume 2

ゼクスファクター – Pronounced “Zechs Factor”

(Note: View All is image heavy)

Variant versions of cards have the same information on the back of the card as their original, so their back scans have been omitted for space. Regardless, they are viewable on Palusuke’s list.

Supplemental Material:
ZX Factor, Volume 2 – Waferman’s Whispers

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ZX 024 Ginrou no Kouya
ZX 025 Byakkou-Rouga Suzushirogane
ZX 026 Hyourin no Mahiro
ZX 027 Kokuyou-Eiha Seisougetsu
ZX 028 Rekka no Karin
ZX 029 Dokuganryuu Kagemitsu
ZX 030 Kaitou-Ranma Onimusha Bontenmaru
ZX 031 Kairiki-Musou King Pati
ZX 032 Shien-Seiten Maito
ZX 033 Gouretsuken Mahiru
ZX 034 Suikyou no KenKen
ZX 035 Taiyou-Ouji Kanato
ZX 036 Jikaiou Maguna
ZX 037 Cozy Hotter
ZX 038 Bokutou no Fudemaru
ZX 039 Uokai no Ruu
ZX 040 Rhyna Kilos
ZX 041 Lizarpion
ZX 042 Goadol
ZX 043 Seagal
ZX 044 Guardian Beast Bargazal
ZX 045 Emerius the Golden Dragon
ZX 046 Denkou-Sekka Kai
ZX 047 Mecha Warlord Michaela

All scans from
Translations by Smash Spirit

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