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The Mysteries of Shinra Bansho


This post seems to still be getting hits, mainly due to the mention of “wiki” in the comments. This used to contain some open questions about the Shinra Bansho Chocolate card series – all of which have fortunately been answered since then!

Please see the links above. Of particular relevance, I would recommend:

What is Shinra Bansho?
Cards & Merch

Card Translations
Story Guide

And if you have any other burning questions, drop by our Forum and ask away! Something good might happen!


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  1. This is one of those moments when you stick your hands up in the air and shake them like an angry god while screaming; “WHY DIDN’T I TAKE JAPANESE LESSON!?”

    Or in my case; “Why don’t I get off my lazy ass and try learning!?”

    The Palusuke site thankfully has character names (or at least on most) written on the top of the card page. So all you would have to do to get the character names would be to pop them into google translate and hit the ‘Read Phonetically’ button and you’ll have there names in romaji.

    and of course; Danbooru has a long list of the characters names on the Shinrabansho info/wiki page but they don’t have all of them. (They only have all those names becuase someone did a massive picture with a bunch of characters in it).

    I only think you would run into trouble with that method with the non-japanese names.

    I might try to compile a list of characters. But right now I have no free time.

    Not sure what to do about the story information though. Hopefully someone who likes Shinrabansho and speaks japanese might show up and translate some stuff. But it might take a while considering how many Shinrabansho cards there are.

    One more thing; I don’t think that a wordpress site will be the best place to have information on Shinrabansho stored/compiled. So maybe a wiki could be started up? And if it has a wikia it might inspire people who know about Shinrabanshou to add info. (Thought you would still need a person you trust to fact check the information)

    A forum for might also be a good idea to build an english community for shinrabansho. Unlikey, but maybe, if the people who make the cards see that Shinrabansho has an english following that they might start releasing the cards overseas! /Over optimistic

    Also, if you do decide to start a forum, or a wikia. I’ll help advertise it & make it pretty

    Sorry for the super long post.

    • Don’t sweat it, my entry being responded to is very TL;DR as it is. :B

      When it comes to names/story stuff, I’m currently working on a few leads that may help out in that respect, so stay tuned.

      I’m of mixed minds on a wiki – part of the reason I made this place at all is because it was quick and easy, so I can only go so far past “stuff I’d be doing on my own anyway” before it becomes too time consuming. A wiki could potentially take more of that burden off, should things get too complicated. At the same time, setting up something sensibly organized (surprising how a lot of them can’t do this right) while having to babysit for non-attributable information could just be worse.

      But yeah, all the same, I’m not ruling out the possibility. (Although another concern is, it might not jibe with what I’m trying to get going with said leads mentioned before, but we’ll see about that)

      I’ve thought about setting up a forum, with the understanding it’d be a low traffic place. My main concern is it just becoming a spam magnet, which I don’t want to have to fix every single day. If you know of any good free forum hosts (an oxymoron, but unless somebody wants to offer their own server space, what can you do), I’m all ears.

      • Now that I have thought about it a wiki might be better down the line when more information about the world of shinrabansho.

        As for a forum hosts, one I can think of off the top of my had is proboards [] I’ve seen several forums that run on it and typing ‘free forum host’ pulls up a several options.

        The issue of spam on the boards though is a really major one. You’d have to assemble a mod team to deal with that. As well as put serious consequences on banning. Also, another option is a forum dedicated to silly/spammy like topics to keep it out of the main forum.

        Hopefully, the place won’t be spammed to much if the population is low enough.

        One more thing, I really hope that at some point in the future Shinrabansho gets an anime/manga. Because that would be so helpful that it hurts.

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