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ZX Factor – World Notes

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco ZX Factor official site)

In a world covered by a vast uncharted wilderness called Gekai, people have dreamt of expanding their sphere of daily life. Mankind discovered sacred weapons called Artifacts buried deep within ancient ruins scattered throughout Gekai. Waiting within these Artifacts are spectral beings called Spirits, who are the keys to unlocking the hidden superpowers that lay dormant inside these antique weapons. Those people who successfully forge a pact with these Spirits and become rightful owners of the Artifacts become magic warriors known as Factors, the trailblazers of the age. Mankind would soon establish several organizations for the purpose of researching into the Artifacts and potentially develop more Factors; Phoenix Academy, which stands at the heart of the University City of Yamato, is one such facility, and that is where our story shall take place.

From uncharted lands beyond Gekai, a mysterious young man named Kai enters Yamato City with a Spirit-like light at his side. Their quest to find the hidden treasure known as the Bondstone is set to shake up the campus status quo…!

外海 GEKAI (“the Outer Sea”)
A vast, savage land that is unconquerable by any normal human. From deep lush jungles where light never penetrates to endless barren wastelands and hellishly hot deserts… All of this is the territory of the monstrous predatory beasts known as the “Gekaijuu.” It is also said that Gekai is littered with countless ruins of ancient cities where gods once dwelled ages ago….

学園都市「耶馬都」 GAKUEN-TOSHI YAMATO (“Yamato the University City”)
Deep within Gekai lies a single sanctuary, a safe haven that is hospitable for human life: the University City of Yamato. Built with the Phoenix Academy at its center, this town is a fortified citadel surrounded by a hexagonal moat. People of all kinds of races both live and study here.

鳳凰学園 HOUOU GAKUEN (“Phoenix Academy”)
At the center of the city of Yamato stands Phoenix Academy, a decadent castle that serves as a high-class educational institution of elemental magic and weaponry. This Academy primarily focuses on the research of Artifacts and the preparatory training of all potential Factors so mankind can survive outside the city walls. The student body of Phoenix Academy is divided among five different “houses” named after the Saint Beasts of East Asian mythology (perhaps a reference to the clan kingdoms in the first few sagas of Shinrabanshou?).

玄武組 GENBU-GUMI (“Black Tortoise House”): 20% of all students
The Genbu House trains students to become “Water” Attribute Factors who can control any kind of liquid, including its frozen forms of snow and ice. Normal Water Factors can freely control a liquid’s movement, while expert-level Factors can control even cold air and weather!

白虎組 BYAKKO-GUMI (“White Tiger House”): 25% of all students
The Byakko House trains students to become “Metal” Attribute Factors who can control all kinds of metals, minerals, ores, and even precious jewels. Most Metal Factors have the simple ability of changing a metal’s form and structure, but experts of this element have the power to cause landslides, avalanches, and earthquakes!

青龍組 SEIRYUU-GUMI (“Blue Dragon House”): 24% of all students
The Seiryuu House trains students to become “Wood” Attribute Factors who can control different aspects of nature and certain weather phenomena. Being a Wood Factor means being able to manipulate all kinds of vegetation; master this element, and you can bring forth raging tempests and violent thunderstorms!

朱雀組 SUZAKU-GUMI (“Red Firebird House”): 28% of all students
The Suzaku House trains students to become “Fire” Attribute Factors who control fire in all of its forms. Comparisons between Factors in this class simply depend on the raw strength of the flames they control. There is some variety in how Fire Factors wield their flames, but the power of “Fire” is without question the simplest and most reliable weapon when it comes to direct combat.

麒麟組 KIRIN-GUMI (“Chinese Chimera House”): 3% of all students
The Kirin House is an elite class reserved only for the best students on campus. As the Factors of the “Earth” Element, they are finely attuned to the very planet they stand on, giving them access to extraordinary powers over gravity, magnetism, and even light itself!

A special arena that lies just to the northwest of Yamato City. This is where the Factors of Phoenix Academy battle as part of their training and studies. As it is located within Gekai, this stadium has gone through countless years of wear and tear due to the many battles it has held.

遺跡 ISEKI (“Ruins”)
There is a set of underground ruins that lie just beyond the hexagonal moat that surrounds Yamato. Ancient academic records confirm the existence of these ruins, but everything about them is shrouded in mystery.

神具 ARTIFACTS [written in Kanji as Shingu (“Divine Weapons”)]
“Artifacts” are mysterious items that are found in the many ancient ruins dotted throughout Gekai. With mythical beings called “Spirits” locked inside them, they hold incredible power. From guns to swords and even ancient tomes (books), Artifacts come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own unique variety of hidden powers!
zx-weapons(1.) Any variety of abilities can be unleashed from an Artifact depending on its elemental attribute and its wielder. In normal cases, a single Artifact cannot be used by more than one Factor, and one person cannot wield multiple Artifacts.
(2.) An Artifact has no power by itself; only after forging a contract with the Spirit inside can its true power be activated as an actual weapon.
(3.) These weapons are technological marvels, created through methods that are leagues beyond the boundaries of present-day magical science, so attempting to replicate these Artifacts or create new ones is said to be practically impossible….

魂石 CRYSTALS [written in Kanji as Konseki (“Soulstones”)]zx-artifact
Each Artifact has a special gem embedded in them called a “Crystal.” It is said that mystical beings known as “Spirits” lie sleeping inside these Crystals, waiting to be awakened. When an Artifact gains higher levels of battle power, the Crystal can grow larger in size or multiply in number.
The color of the Crystal determines the elemental attribute of the Artifact:
Suzaku (Fire) Artifacts have red rubies,
Seiryuu (Wood) Artifacts have blue sapphires,
Byakko (Metal) Artifacts have diamonds or pearls,
Genbu (Water) Artifacts have green emeralds or black onyx gems, and
Kirin (Earth) Artifacts have golden yellow topaz Crystals.

There is one extremely rare and valuable large jewel made completely of Spirit Crystal; legends have named it 紲晶石 Sesshouseki, “the Bondstone.” Strictly speaking, this treasure is not an Artifact, but a great Spirit does hide within. It is said that the Bondstone will give whomever its Spirit recognizes as its owner unfathomable power, but at the severe price of having the wielder’s soul driven down the path of darkness and evil….

魂獣 SPIRITS [written in Kanji as Konjuu (“Soulbeasts”)]
“Spirits” are powerful creatures that lay dormant within the Crystals of Artifacts, and are the keys to unlocking an Artifact’s true potential. Basically, a Spirit cannot forge a pact with multiple people, nor can someone forge contracts with more than one Spirit. Also, the Spirit cannot make a new pact with someone else unless the previous pactmaker dies or the statutes of the original contract were broken.
zx-spiritsA majority of all Spirits usually look like amorphous balls of flame similar to a will-o’-wisp, but they gain more defined and unique outer appearances the higher the level they are. Their various forms can be based on any number of organisms or inorganic materials, and no two Spirits are ever exactly alike.

Spirits also come in two varieties of forms: 抑制状態 Save Modezx-burst (Yokusei Joutai, “Controlled State”), a smaller “super-deformed” temporary form that Spirits use to restrain and reserve their strength, and 開放状態 Burst Mode (Kaihou Joutai, “Released State”), where a Spirit’s true form and powers are unleashed. In order to evolve a Spirit to its true unique form, the pactmaker must perform what is called 魂獣開放 “Spirit Burst” (Konjuu Kaihou, “Soulbeast Release”), an extremely difficult technique that no ordinary Factor can learn.

因子 FACTORS (written as Inshi)
People who carry Artifacts and have their ownership officially acknowledged by their Artifact’s Spirit are called “Factors.” Unleashing the Artifact’s power, Factors team up with their Spirits in battle. The form that an Artifact and its Spirit can take change depending on the power level of the Factor.

Factor Level 1: 契約締結 CONTRACT (Keiyaku Teiketsu, “Pact Completion”)
A Factor who has successfully forged a pact with a Spirit. Able to release the latent power of an Artifact.
Factor Level 2: 魂獣開放 SPIRIT BURST (Konjuu Kaihou, “Soulbeast Release”)
Transforms a Spirit from Save Mode to Burst Mode.
Factor Level 3: 魂獣武装 SPIRIT ARMS (Konjuu Busou, “Soulbeast Armor”)
The Artifact and its Spirit completely fuse together, turning into armor or a larger weapon for the Factor to use.
Artifacts and Spirits are believed to have more hidden powers beyond these levels…!

What exactly is a “ZX-Factor”?? Find out for yourselves by going through the story!
Here’s a little hint: “ZX” (pronounced “zex”) has two meanings based on the English alphabet. “Z,” being the last letter, represents “finality” or “the ultimate,” while “X” is used to signify “the mysterious” and “the unknown”….


cutin_006112[0]竜人 RYUUJIN (“Dragonoids”)
Dragonoids are one of the three main species that populate Yamato City. They are recognizable by their hornlike structures that protrude from their heads. Dragonoids are naturally born with high levels of magical power, and many of them can cast spells and enchantments without the use of an Artifact. It is said that you can gauge a Dragonoid’s magical prowess based on the size of their horns; the larger they are, the more powerful they become.
Population Percentage: 30%
Average Life Expectancy: 120 years
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): C / Seiryuu (Wood): S / Byakko (Metal): D / Suzaku (Fire): B / Genbu (Water): A

cutin_006111[0]翼人 YOKUJIN (“Wingfolk”)
The second of the three major races of Yamato City are the Wingfolk, so named for the set of feathery wings that sprout from their waist. These wings give them the physical ability to fly for short periods of time. Wingfolk can also achieve high levels of magic power, but the Dragonoids easily outrank them in that category.
Population Percentage: 30%
Average Life Expectancy: 100 years
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): C / Seiryuu (Wood): A / Byakko (Metal): B / Suzaku (Fire): S / Genbu (Water): D
cutin_006113[0]獣人 JUUJIN (“Beastkin”)
The Beastkin, so called for their half-animal/half-human appearance, are the third most populous race in the University City of Yamato. Beastkin have no magical abilities whatsoever, so they can’t cast any spells without the use of an Artifact. To compensate for this, however, they have exceptional physical strength, making them the best in hand-to-hand combat.
Population Percentage: 30%
Average Life Expectancy: 80 years
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): C / Seiryuu (Wood): D / Byakko (Metal): S / Suzaku (Fire): A / Genbu (Water): B

cutin_006114[0]魔人 MAJIN (“Daemons”)
Devilish in their appearance, these higher-level lifeforms are recognizable by their horns, wings, and tails. Daemons possess all the powers and abilities of the other races of Yamato, but none of them significantly stand out compared to the others. Many of the Daemons boast about being an “elite species,” when in actuality they are the perfect definition of the phrase “Jack-of-all-trades and master of none.” They are a minority in the University City, where they don’t even reach a tenth of the total population.
Population Percentage: 6%
Average Life Expectancy: 150 years
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): A / Seiryuu (Wood): A / Byakko                                                            (Metal): A / Suzaku (Fire): A / Genbu (Water): A

cutin_006124[0]人間 NINGEN (“Humans”)
Humans are a mediocre race with no prominent features or characteristics. Despite being average, however, their range of growth and maturity is quite huge, and they hold vast amounts of hidden potential. A majority of humans are what would be considered “late bloomers,” and many of them later become heroes in their own right. You’d be hard pressed to come across a human within Yamato’s city walls.
Population Percentage: 3%
Average Life Expectancy: 90 years
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): C / Seiryuu (Wood): C / Byakko (Metal): C / Suzaku (Fire): C / Genbu (Water): C

cutin_006109[0]機人 KIJIN (“Androids”)
Androids are artificial lifeforms with mechanical bodies. Every single one of their movements are executed with immense power and the finest precision, making them capable of interacting with almost any attribute. The engineering techniques used in creating Androids have been lost to the passage of time, so there won’t be any further increases in their number these days.
Population Percentage: 1%
Average Life Expectancy: Not Applicable
Artifact Attribute Compatibility Levels:

Kirin (Earth): None / Seiryuu (Wood): S / Byakko (Metal): S / Suzaku (Fire): S / Genbu (Water): S

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