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The official website of Shinra Bansho Chocolate.

Shinra Bansho Frontier

An online browser game featuring the Shinra Bansho world and characters.

Shinra Bansho Eternal

A game for phones on GREE’s mobile platform from 2013. The link is dead as the game is now defunct – it didn’t last a year.

Features a list of cards complete with photos of the front and back of each, as well as fan works (including customized cards), information about fan events, and more.
We also have an English language directory of links to their card sections here.

Shinra Bansho Chocolate on Japanese Wikipedia

Contains some basic information about the series. In Japanese, of course.

Peche no Sekai Ver. B

Mainly a download link blog, the author has provided resources on Shinra Bansho related images for some time, making the site the first helpful SBC reference in English.

I’ll be dis-ABSOLUTER

A Japanese language blog, the author regularly posts about Shinra Bansho cards and news. These days though, they primarily use Twitter.


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