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cutin_002217[0]Astaroth (アスタロット, also Astarot or Asutarotto) is one of the earliest characters introduced, initially appearing in Volume 2 of the first card series (7/18/2005). She is the reason most English speakers are aware of Shinra Bansho at all, thanks to her popularity in fan art, cosplay, and doujinshi over the years.

Also the subject of a 2ch meme in which she wears t-shirts with goofy phrases and pals around with a casual dressing Spider-Man.

She’s often confused for her other blue skinned relatives, mainly Asmodeus (distinguished by her vertical pointing horns rather than Astaroth’s forward leaning horns).

On the right is the first card she appeared on, in Chapter I, Volume 2 – to the left is the second, from Chapter II, Volume 2 (7/17/2006). Aside from the pose difference, there are also a few small design alterations. (See Card Series for more info on how the various card releases are divided)


An excerpt from the Shinra Bansho Card Taizen (Encyclopedia), featuring official art depicting her first appearance. See our overview of the book here for more images.

Outside of this and the art from the cards themselves, there is not much else to refer to in terms of official illustrations. This is largely thanks to the nature of the card format and lack of ongoing adaptations otherwise (see “What is Shinra Bansho?“)

kujasenran071oAstaroth returns some seven years afterohitsweirdinthatspecialwayalrightisntithahahahaohgod her last appearance in Volume 3 of Kuja Senran no Shou (10/14/2013), as part of a storyline involving the summoning of characters from previous installments.

2014 saw the release of a 1/8 scale Excellent Model series figure, which you can see the details on here.


So who is Astaroth really?

A translation is now available of her card in Chapter I, Volume 2:

No. 54 Demon General Astaroth
(Mashougun Astaroth)

(Note that it will make more sense if you read the other Card Translations, as the world’s story unfolds through the info present on each)

In other words though: Originally from the demon realm, along with Demon General Belial, she is a high ranking demon in the Imperial Demon Clan gathered by Masterion. She rules over other demons (Gyuuki), and leads them in an invasion of the surface world. Her rival is is Seiranken Shion of the Holy Dragon Clan.

It appears that like Belial, she possesses qualities otherwise unique to each one of the races on the earth: Horns (Holy Dragon Clan), a tail (Beast Fang Clan), wings (Flying-Heaven Clan), and armor shells (Armored-Gauze Clan).

For further information on Astaroth, her daughter Asmodeus, Belial, his son Belzebuth, etc – please see our Blue Demon Guide


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  1. You need a little more here, you only happen to have the 2nd Ed picture posted, that’s not the first appearance, just the reprint. How do I know?
    Shinrabansho choco cards: Astaroth / Astarot

    • I’m aware, I basically just decided to go with what I thought was the coolest looking of the two for the example on the info page here (from Chapter II, Volume 2). The first one and this are in the website render rips in the Artwork section above – the original, for anyone wondering, is in the first set > Chuu’Ou > Volume 2.


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