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MegaHouse Excellent Model Series

FIGURE-006279_011/8 Mashougun Astaroth

Official site (With 360 degree view)
Retail Price: 8,800 Yen
Release Date: November 2014
Height: 200mm (7.8 in)
Sculpt: Norio Kibayashi
Color: Taumokei

Based on Chapter II, Volume 2 No. 46
Demon General Astaroth

In 2013, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Excellent Model series, MegaHobby ran a poll of which characters should next be included in the line, with the top three actually getting a figure. Astaroth was on the list and ranked in at number 3 (although the inital announcement erroneously showed her as number 2 – for the record, 1st was Cure Beat from Suite PreCure and 2nd was Akari Sakura from Jewel Pet Tinkle). Originally slated for a late October 2014 release, the figure was delayed and came out in early November.

Availability and price has varied following release, although it is listed at a wide variety of hobby stores. It’s on, available through Amazon itself for a time and also through marketplace sellers. has a good list of available sites, but it can be found at others. Some places may use a different name, such as “Astalot”. The listing has some more images as well.

id_img21/8 Hakumen Kongo Kyubi Izuna

Based on ZX Factor, Volume 4 ZX 094
Hakumen Kongo Kyubi Izuna

Released September 2015. First edition included a bonus art postcard featuring Kai and Izuna, and some retailers offered this same art as a larger art sheet when pre-ordered. See here for information about all that from the time.

akd_img2r1/8 Kiraseiten Arcana

Based on Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 4 8P 109 Kiraseiten Arcana

Released November 2015. Originally a limited edition only sold at specific retailers, Japan only, it became somewhat easier to obtain as various proxy sellers managed to make it available anyway. Places like AmiAmi, originally not selling the initial release, went on to offer second hand copies internationally.

arm_img41/8 Nemurihime Alma

Based on Top Characters Selection No. 16 Nemurihime Alma

Release July 2016. Her inclusion as the next figure in the series was the result of a poll, where she beat out a number of other characters. You can see the top ten here. Her Top Characters Selection card also came about as the result of a poll, being picked as the top favorite female character. First edition bonus is a poster with a new illustration of her with her brother, Alex.

8304[0]1/8 Masenki Asmodeus

Based on Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3 8P 058 Masenki Asmodeus

Announced 2016. Based on her appearance in Daimao from when her true form was revealed after having previously debuted in that chapter as Asmo-Deus.


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