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New Shinra Bansho Ikkikasei no Shou Coming Soon, Various Updates

FarEastofEdenorsomethingLots of news and updates here, chief among them: The next Shinra Bansho chapter is titled Ikkikasei no Shou, and set to come out this April. It’s up for pre-order on AmiAmi. Two cards previewing the set, available by mailing in Wafer Points from Tenchi Shinmei Vol. 4 and at the World Hobby Fair 2015, pictured left, can also be seen at here and here. Here’s the display at from the fair, showing the decidedly Japan-looking setting. (Thanks to 9 and Eis for clarification on the title)

On that note, over on our forum, Eis has provided additional story details on Tenchi Shinmei no Shou right up to its conclusion in Volume 4. I’ll be incorporating this information into the Story Guide with images and such at a later date, but for those who want to dive into it right now, there it is. Big thanks for the hard work!
Some interesting new shopping options from Amazon: For you Astaroth fans (aka 2/3rds of this site’s traffic), the 1/8 scale Excellent Model Astaroth figure is being sold directly by, with Prime shipping available and everything, on January 28th. Also, it’s now possible to find single Shinra Bansho cards available from Japanese marketplace sellers on Amazon with search term “shinrabansho”. Prices are currently pretty wonky, but either way, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

In somewhat annoying news about the upcoming artbook, now titled Shinra Bansho Choco Artworks, it’s a Premium Bandai site exclusive – meaning no international shipping, and the need for a forwarding service or a friend in Japan. Set to come out in April, it’s up for pre-order there now. This is just like the currently released exclusive card album set. (On a side note, the characters on the Artworks cover were decided by a fan vote during the last Ichiban Kuji – the Heaven side characters from the older chapters won out)

Other News: also has scans of the Ichiban Kuji exclusive Balanciel and friends card, as well as the metal Saiga and Moebius cards included with the aforementioned exclusive card album.
-Among the display of new and upcoming products at WHF was a preview of the Fortune Badge/W Rubber Mascot pin/keychain art (upper right image), which includes the new characters.

Site Updates:
-We now have a Figures section, so far covering the Excellent Model Astaroth and upcoming Izuna.
-The Kaiten Mutenmaru (and Shamu Meruruusa) section is now updated to include the newer products mentioned in previous news posts here. It’s all under the “Where to Buy & Other Merchandise” section.

One last thing: Perhaps you’ve heard that Puzzle & N3DS_PuzzleandDragons_pkgDragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, two games in one package for the Nintendo 3DS, are coming to North America in May. You may recall that the Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection packs from last February included codes to access Saiga and Apollo in Puzzle & Dragons Z, the single release in Japan. While it’s probable this content or at least the way of accessing it will be stripped from the localized version, I’ll put that to the test if possible when it’s out.

Yen Value Means Cheaper Boxes – Final Tenchi Shinmei Out Now

BOYSBOYSBOYSohandsomegirlsIguesswhateverThe last installment of Shinra Bansho Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, Volume 4, is out now. It’s available to buy AmiAmi and anywhere else that stocks it. Meanwhile, has scans of the entire set ready to view right this moment. This particular volume features every Shinra Bansho protagonist to date (…except poor Fugaku).

There’s also a new commercial to see here, which, much like last year, previews a card which hints at the next story.

It’s worth noting that currently, the Japanese Yen is very weak, meaning other currencies (especially the US dollar) can get more out of it: Basically, it’s like a discount on anything sold in yen. Due to this, Shinra Bansho boxes are cheaper than they’ve ever been, so now’s a good time to buy. On that note, AmiAmi also still has Tenchi Shinmei Vol. 3 in stock.

For those of you who have access to a forwarding service or a friend in Japan, the Premium Bandai site exclusive card albums are also out soon – no international shipping makes one of the first two things necessary, but the yen value at least makes it less painful than it could be.

Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 4 Coming January 12, 2015

menmenmenmenjustlookatallthesebeautifulmenThe last installment of Shinra Bansho Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, Volume 4, is coming next month. Pre-orders are live at places like right now.
It appears this volume will feature every main character from Shinra Bansho up to now (Saiga, Ryuga, Maxi, Kai, Sai, Ark, Apollo, and Moebius) – the exception, at least so far, being Fugaku from the single volume prequel Fugakuden.

In related news, a few months back, a character design contest was held where the winner would be featured as a “helper” summoned by Moebius in this, the last chapter (Thanks to Eis for the info). The results are in, and you can see the winner (as well as a few runners up) here.

Izuna Figure, New Mechandise in 2015

itslikethoseconesyouputonyourcatordogsotheydontscratchofftheirstitchesexceptforyourarmsRight on the heels of the Astaroth figure released earlier this month, Megahouse is adding another Shinra Bansho figure to their Excellent Model line, this time Izuna from ZX Factor. She’s been also been featured in Shichiten no Hasha and more recently Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, but this particular appearance is based on her card in ZX Factor Volume 4.

The prototype was shown off at Mega Hobby Expo 2014, and it looks like it’ll be coming out sometime in 2015.
Also in 2015, Shinra Bansho characters will be coming to the Fortune Badge and W Rubber Mascot lines – two series of pins and keychains. New original SD/chibi art is being used, covering a range of characters from over the years.

Side note:, the source of the card scans and much of the information on this site, now has an active blog being updated! So far it’s covering a range modern snack-with-collectible products in the same vein as Bikkuriman and Shinra Bansho.

Finally, a disclaimer before this next item: It is a Premium Bandai website exclusive, which doesn’t ship overseas, so to acquire this item you will need an understanding forwarding service or a friend in Japan.

A pair of card albums, with new art of Saiga and Moebius, in an extra casing sleeve will be released in January. They also come with a pair of exclusive steel cards depicting the same artwork. Currently, it’s up for pre-order.

Asmodeus, Belzebuth, and Halloween: Blue Demon Guide Update!

adorablesiblingswhoveryobviouslydonothaveanythingelsegoingonatallnosirnowaynuhuhjustyouraveragenormaldemonicbrotherandsisterHappy Halloween! A good time to find out what’s up with blue demon siblings who totally don’t look like they’ve got any unspeakable, forbidden business going on, right? Head on down to the Blue Demon Guide, if you dare, to read up on what happened to Belzebuth and Asmodeus, not to mention all of the Seven Demon Lords of Solomon, at the end of Kuja Senran no Shou! The new stuff starts at Volume 4 of that section.

As it turns out, Belzebuth was playing dress up himself that whole time! How appropriate!

Also, their old Ouga Rasen no Shou artwork has been upgraded with bigger images!

Fohitsweirdinthatspecialwayalrightisntithahahahaohgodor those of you more interested in Asmodeus’s mother (that sounds weird), Megahouse’s Excellent Model 1/8 scale Astaroth figure has been delayed to “early November” – meaning if you haven’t gotten around to pre-ordering it yet, you’ve now got more time! Here’s a short list of retailers mentioned before:
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island has some more store links. Once again, it’s available just about anywhere such statues are sold, so if you have a favored store, look around a bit.

Astaroth Figure Out Soon + Story Guide Updates

FIGURE-006279_25First, a reminder: Megahouse’s Excellent Model 1/8 scale Astaroth figure is coming out late this month! If you want to be sure you’ll get one, there’s still time to pre-order. Here’s a few places to look:
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island has some more store links. It’s available just about anywhere such statues are sold, so if you have a favored store, look around a bit.

Also, the North American version of Puzzle & Dragons still have the Shinra Bansho collaboration going until October 19th! Check out the last news post again for details.

The Story Guide has been updated with a number of things, namely:
-The Kuja Senran no Shou section has been fleshed out with more details on what happens towards the end. The new material starts with the mention of the Four Seraph.
-A section on Tenchi Shinmei no Shou has been added, covering Volume 1 and 2.

And of course, has card scans going up of the just released Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 3! Boxes are available for purchase at

Finally, a news item: A new Shinra Bansho art book has been announced, promising to contain unreleased art and info. Coming Spring 2015, there are currently no other details – check back here for updates on this as they come.

Puzzle & Dragons: Shinra Bansho Chocolate’s Official American Debut!?

The North American version of the smartphone game Puzzles & Dragons will be getting the Shinra Bansho Chocolate collaboration this month!

While this doesn’t mean the cards/wafers are appearing here in any form, this marks the first official English language emergence of the franchise in general. The first outside of Japan at all, in fact. The details were posted via the game’s Facebook page:

“What is ShinraBansho Chocolate?” – Explains what SBC is at all to newcomers and shows off Apollo, Saiga, and Masterion.
“ShinraBansho Chocolate Collab” – Lists when the collab actually happens, specifically:

[Duration]: 10/6 (Mon), 12:00 AM – 10/19 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PDT)

Minor 10/6 Update – Added a Collaboration page covering this and one other thing

Since this will likely increase interest, I’ll try to make some time to add some things to the site I’ve been meaning to for a while. This includes:

-Photos and an overview of the Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia, which I so far have neglected to even add an entry for.
-Updates to the Story Guide regarding Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, and the end of Kuja Senran no Shou.
-This also means updates to the Blue Demon Guide, since the end of Kuja Senran includes finding out what happened to Belzebuth and Asmodeus.
-Possibly something about Shinra Bansho Frontier, the browser game which has been running for a while (in Japanese, obviously).
-Other exciting things…!?

And hey, here’s an ad for Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 3! It’s out on October 13th, so why not pre-order it from somewhere?


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