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Final Shinra Bansho Chapter Out Now

goodbyemysweetfriendsjpgShinra Bansho Kaikoroku, the series finale, was released in July and is still available now. As of this writing, it remains in stock at AmiAmi.

It has gone in and out of stock, but won’t be available forever – this is the last chance to get a full box with wafers and all, so if it’s ever crossed your mind, it may be good to act now. This set features an all-star line up of series protagonists and fan favorite characters, and every single card has special prism effects.

As for my humble little fan site, it will still be around, and will of course update if any new products or re-releases come around. There are chapters yet to be summarized or translated in any way, and if opportunities arise to amend that, expect to see that too.

Although there are related things I could post about – main Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhirou Harakawa continues to work on character designs for the AQUA SHOOTERS! gachapon figure line, for instance – it is not my intention to clog up the front page with news about unrelated things, so updates will likely be rare.

It’s been a real treat to let more people know about the intriguing worlds of Shinra Bansho, and I would like to thank all of you for reading over the years. In particular, thank you to Eis, Smash Spirit, and Brolen for their translations, and Kurenaiseiba for the info that helped get everything started.

Until next time..




Road to the End: Shinra Bansho Kaikoroku Book Orders Available


The official artbook companion to Shinra Bansho Kaikoroku, the last installment, is now up for pre-orders at Premium Bandai, from now to July 31st, with an October release date. Due to limited quantities, orders will be up either until that date or if the limit is reached.

Here is the order page, which also contains more information. (You may be redirected to an international page at first – simply follow the link a second time) It should be noted that as is typical of Premium Bandai, they only ship within Japan, and so you will need the help of a forwarding service to place an order. (As an example, From Japan is one I’ve personally used, but there are many others)

howlongdowehavetoholdthisposeitsgettingawkwardThe book features concept art, large print art of the upcoming final installment, card art of the previous chapters, and a product guide, among other things. It includes a slip cover and an exclusive card featuring previous heroines Noin, Mujina, and Meryl.

As a reminder, the final installment of the card series with wafers itself is still up for pre-order at places like AmiAmi, no forwarding service needed. I myself will order many boxes and probably cry a lot.

Shinra Bansho Kaikoroku Out 7/22 + New Book Pre-Orders 6/6

bK4pbt-VShinra Bansho Kaikoroku (Memoirs), the final chapter, is set to come out July 22nd. Pre-orders are live.

GOODS-00289779_01This installment will be new illustrations of previous protagonists and popular characters, with Fugaku, Astaroth, and Alma shown in particular. All cards will be prism holo cards, resulting in a slightly higher price point than usual (similar to previous best-of collections).

In addition to that, a new book has been announced, which looks to be a new encyclopedia type release showing every card in the series. Pre-orders will be going up on June 6th, and it appears to be a Premium Bandai exclusive, meaning the use of a forwarding service will be necessary to import. (As an example, From Japan is one I’ve personally used, but there are many others) There is also a hashtag being used for fans to share their fan art, cosplay, and collections.

End of an Era: Shinra Bansho Comes to a Close with Final Chapter July 2019

illmissyouguysIn its 14th year, Shinra Bansho Choco will be coming to an end, with one more chapter released this July, 2019. More details are set to be revealed on March 14th, the same day as Chapter I’s original release in 2005.

Mad Boy City Gekitotsu Hen is still set for release this month, January 21st, and can be ordered now.

I’d like to take a moment here to thank everyone who has visited and contributed to my humble little fansite here, Shinra Bansho World, which also has its anniversary in March – it started in 2012, 7 years ago. I still plan on continuing the maintain the site moving forward, as there are plenty of cards untranslated and chapters yet to be summarized, which I hope to cover in the future. Although the main series is ending, it’s entirely possible Shinra Bansho will continue in other forms of media and merchandise, and you can be sure you’ll find any updates about that here.

Mad Boy City Gekitotsu Hen Out in January

spankybubsyanddaveA new Shinra Bansho installment, Mad Boy City Gekitotsu Hen (Clash Chapter) is coming out in January. Pre-orders are already up at AmiAmi. Protagonist En returns, having apparently gone full handsome man, as well as sisters Amber and Pearl.

If this seems a bit confusing, that’s because it is: Mad Boy City Toubou Hen came out in July, with no numbered volumes to speak of. This would seem to suggest a new biannual, rather than quarterly, release pattern. It’s possible all this could be a one-off and things will change again next year: the past few years have seen some weird, experimental release patterns, with a drop to three volumes a year with a higher card count in Ikki-Kasei no Shou, to three volumes and a best-of with Gensouryu no Hihou, and finally back up to four volumes again with Ryusei no Ouji.

joshsuzyandbillPerhaps related, the last volume of Ryusei had a backing card preview of the next volume, showing off a set of three characters…who then never appear in the next installment. These previews typically depict the next protagonist. But the release date shown was the same…one wonders what happened.

annabellebluegrassandpeatIt is worth noting that Shinra Bansho’s artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa has been kept busy with some minor projects like candy wrapper illustration, but most notably did character design for AQUA SHOOTERS! – This is an upcoming figure line from Bandai’s Gashapon division featuring girls with water guns, with the apparent setting being a VR game. Parts are interchangeable. Although intended for gashapon machines in Japan in particular, you can pre-order a box of them, coming out in October.

Shinra Bansho Mad Boy City Toubou Hen – Out 7/16

yeahbuddyidunnoeitherThe latest installment of Shinra Bansho is titled Mad Boy City Toubou Hen (Escape Chapter), and is out on July 16th. Featuring a new story, the setting is a post apocalyptic world following disasters in the year 1999. Our new hero is a man named En, starting off in the oasis of Gill City, ruled by the tyrant King Gill.

It is available for pre-order now at places like AmiAmi. As is recently standard, you can already see previews of most of the cards on the official website.

Although the official site pictures him alongside original Chapter I hero Saiga, this seems to be for celebratory purposes as he does not appear in the new saga. However the official Twitter has indicated this may be related to other projects we may get more info on later this month. (Update: Turns out this is only related to a drawing for signed copies of the above artwork signed by the artist, limited to residents of Japan)

Ryusei no Ouji Volume 4 Out 1/22

Shinra Bansho Ryusei no Ouji Volume 4 will be out January 22nd. It’s up for pre-order at places like AmiAmi, and the official website already has a number of the character cards up for perusal.

secretprotagandsecretbestgirlfriendInterestingly, red headed step child Sigma has taken top billing for this volume rather than Ginga, who was otherwise this installment’s main character up to now – certainly a first. It seems Illumina, Sigma’s step mother who was actually working for the invading Youma, has been defeated by his hand, but may have had some affection for him after all…

The character pictured at the top is Lavina, a general who was loyal to Emperor Megiddo before he was defeated during his tyrannical turn. She now sides with his children Canaan and Sigma against the Youma. No (known) relation with any similar looking past characters you may be thinking of.