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Card Series

releasesRelease List & Card Scans

Dates of all Shinra Bansho chapters, with links to card scan images for every volume.

card_seriesCard Info

The basic what, why, and how of Shinra Bansho cards, from holographic rarity to the text on the back.



box_overviewOverview of a Shinra Bansho Card Box

Our very own review of what comes in every Shinra Bansho card pack box, complete with unnecessary size comparisons.




guide_booksGuide Books

Publications with artwork, info, and other good stuff. Features our own reviews of the books currently available.




Full statues based on the characters from the Shinra Bansho worlds.

carddassCarddass Trading Card Game

The short lived TCG by Carddass, not to be confused with the main series.





Mobile and social games Shinra Bansho characters have appeared in as a cross-promotion.

Most notably, the Puzzle & Dragons collab came to North America, Shinra Bansho’s first official appearance outside Japan!


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