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Carddass Trading Card Game

On June 28th, 2006, the Shinra Bansho Card Game was launched by Bandai’s trading card games division Carddass, known in particular for its Gundam War and Crusade spin-off lines. A starter set and initial booster line were released, followed by another booster set, “Battle 2”, on September 27th that same year.


The cards themselves feature the same artwork for characters as the Shinra Bansho Chocolate cards, only the lower part is obscured by relevant game information.

As no other boosters have been released since, the line is defunct. Because of this, it’s common to find these particular cards very cheap, so keep the distinction in mind in case you’re on the look out to get cards from the main Chocolate series

Once again, to be clear (especially for those running into this page separately): These are not the same as the main Shinra Bansho Chocolate card series, which continues to this day.


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