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10000957d44_1Shinra Bansho Artworks (4/2015)
神羅万象チョコ 超完璧大全
Listing at Premium Bandai

An exclusive to the Premium Bandai online store, this artbook contains various promotional, packaging, and concept art from throughout the ten year long history of Shinra Bansho. Much of it either has never been released before or never seen an appearance beyond its initial promotional use.

As Premium Bandai only ships within Japan, the help of a forwarding service or friend in the country will be necessary to obtain this item internationally.

712Oh-zU-LLShinra Bansho Chou Kanpeki Taizen (7/16/2014)
神羅万象チョコ 超完璧大全
Shinra Bansho Super Perfect Encyclopedia

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Shinra Bansho, it features the most comprehensive card catalog to date, spanning Chapter I from 2005 to Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 1 in 2014. It’s full color, and has a lower page count than the last guide, but is much bigger overall. It comes with a full set of four special cards – color variants of Saiga, Alma, and Ako from the Top Characters Selection set, and a card featuring the protagonists of all the previous installments.

Look out for our own overview of this guide in the future!
Available at, with international shipping

Shinra Bansho Kanpeki Taizen (4/25/2008)
神羅万象チョコ 完璧大全
Shinra Bansho Perfect Encyclopedia
Video of Content

An impressive looking hard cover tome in a graphic sleeve, it includes two special cards. The first pages are a full color guide featuring character artwork directly from the cards and information, while the remainder (most of the page count) are black and white pages with a story, a manga, and other info. Retailing at 3,000 yen, it’s been criticized for its high price point versus its content as a guide book, but all the same remains an attractive official resource.

Check out our own overview of the book’s contents here!


CIMG1152Shinra Bansho Card Taizen (6/2006)
Shinra Bansho Card Encyclopedia
Video of Content

A much smaller “mook”, but only 750 yen, it’s a full color guide featuring the cards released up to that point (Chapter II, Volume 1), as well as other artwork and info. It also included one special card. As of this writing, it’s out of print and can now only be found second hand.

Check out our own overview of the book’s contents here!



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