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ZX Factor, Volume 1

ゼクスファクター – Pronounced “Zechs Factor”

(Note: View All is image heavy)

Variant versions of cards have the same information on the back of the card as their original, so their back scans have been omitted for space. Regardless, they are viewable on Palusuke’s list.

Supplemental Material:
ZX Factor, Volume 1 – Waferman’s Whispers

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PR Hagure Spirit Izuna
ZX 001 Homura Kai
ZX 002 Shiten-Rekka Karin
ZX 003 Death Masquerade
ZX 004 Chairman Phoenix
ZX 005 Headmaster Gai
ZX 006 Taiyou Ouji Kanato
ZX 007 Ibarahime Shizuka
ZX 008 Iron Maiden Marion
ZX 009 Entsui no Kiriko
ZX 010 Edge
ZX 011 Rurimaru
ZX 012 Mahou Shoujo Ruruie
ZX 013 Mr. Onigon
ZX 014 Flying Keyjay
ZX 015 Uribow
ZX 016 Kerottama
ZX 017 Digdig
ZX 018 Jumpela
ZX 019 Angary
ZX 020 Raijin no Itsuki
ZX 021 Soushin-Raiki Shidenryuu
ZX 022 Bakuen no Kai
ZX 023 Guren-Enki Gaen’ou

All scans from
Translations by Smash Spirit

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