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ZX Factor, Volume 3

ゼクスファクター – Pronounced “Zechs Factor”

(Note: View All is image heavy)

Variant versions of cards have the same information on the back of the card as their original, so their back scans have been omitted for space. Regardless, they are viewable on Palusuke’s list.

Supplemental Material:
ZX Factor, Volume 3 – Waferman’s Whispers

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ZX 048 Shiten-Rekka Karin
ZX 049 Homura Kenryuusai
ZX 050 Rikudouken Kai
ZX 051 Rikudou-Kishin Mahara Ryuuki
ZX 052 Shinigami Kyoushirou
ZX 053 Hellspawn Gargoyle
ZX 054 Dorm Swan Manager Matchoné
ZX 055 Lupen
ZX 056 Gardening Shota
ZX 057 Karahiko the Carefree
ZX 058 Hayato the Racer
ZX 059 Pooton
ZX 060 Mimiko
ZX 061 Choujinki Great Pulsette
ZX 062 Choujinki Great Pulsion
ZX 063 Tokkou-Tennyo Matakichirou Kuruhime
ZX 064 Taiyou-Ouji Kanato
ZX 065 Kyouka-Shouran Hanahime Kaguya
ZX 066 Reichou-Enbu Flame Dancestar
ZX 067 Gekishin-Kyozou Ganeisha
ZX 068 Shining Baron Gai
ZX 069 Fudou-Kishin Sasara Myou’ou
ZX 070 Ashuraou Kai
ZX 071 Ekou-Sennyo Yagokoro Satori

All scans from
Translations by Smash Spirit

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