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ZX Factor, Volume 4

ゼクスファクター – Pronounced “Zechs Factor”

(Note: View All is image heavy)

Variant versions of cards have the same information on the back of the card as their original, so their back scans have been omitted for space. Regardless, they are viewable on Palusuke’s list.

Supplemental Material:
ZX Factor, Volume 4 – Waferman’s Whispers

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ZX 072 Hakai-Ouji Kanato
ZX 073 Tenshou-Shinryuu Emerukamui
ZX 074 Masquerade Ken
ZX 075 Gishin Nyarla
ZX 076 Shioujuu Galdion
ZX 077 Enkijuu Flamedinos
ZX 078 Raitoujuu Goridolgar
ZX 079 Juu’ouhei Fumbabar
ZX 080 Ashura-Myou’ou Kai
ZX 081 Kouyoku-Seiten Kiriko
ZX 082 Tokkou-Banchou Edge
ZX 083 Yuusha Rurimaru
ZX 084 Phoenix Reiga
ZX 085 Ginbei the Head Butler
ZX 086 Kizary the Romantic Hunter
ZX 087 Eileen the Romantic Huntress
ZX 088 Iron Valkyrie Marion
ZX 089 Shouryuu’ou Shigure
ZX 090 Kakutou’ou King Tiger
ZX 091 Iron Fortress Sigma
ZX 092 Aum Gasshin Pulsar Lord
ZX 093 Magical★Ruruie
ZX 094 Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna
ZX 095 ZX-Factor Kai
ZX EP Kai & Izuna
ZX  EX1 First Semester: Summer Vacation Memories
ZX EX2 Second Semester: Winter Vacation Memories
ZX EX3 Third Semester: Graduation Ceremony Memories

All scans from
Translations by Smash Spirit

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