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ZX Factor Complete in English! Izuna Figure Pre-Orders Up!

ZX Factor Volume 4 translationsFIGURE-011139_01 are up now – meaning ZX Factor is now available entirely in English! This marks the first time we’ve gotten a complete Shinra Bansho installment translated, so it’s quite something. All thanks should go to Smash Spirit for the tireless work. See our Card Translations section to catch up from the beginning.

The Izuna figure from MegaHouse is now available for pre-order, just about anywhere that sells such figures. This, of course, is convenient timing, as the card the figure is based on is from Izuna in ZX Factor Volume 4. It will be out this September.

Do note that it can come with some special bonus artwork, featuring Kai and Izuna, FIGURE-011139_12available depending on when/where you get it:
-The “First Release Limited Bonus” comes with it in postcard form. This appears to be available anywhere as long as you get it early.
-The “Store Bonus” is the same art with a different background, but as an illustration sheet. is the only retailer who has this I am aware of who ships internationally.

Here’s a few places you can pre-order Izuna:
AmiAmi (includes the store bonus)
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby Search
Anime Island
…and possibly any other figure seller you may care to check.

Some additional notes:
-You may recall the gray/purple variant of Izuna’s figure being shown in the previous post. It is so far unknown how that version will be made available, or if it will be at all. Stay tuned for details as they come.
-Astaroth’s figure is still available on and off at various places, but will be getting a re-release this August. So it may be good to keep an eye out around then if you’re looking to get it from somewhere specific.
-The Arcana figure shown before so far does not have a release date. Or color. Or a way of suspending her little flying swords for that matter.

This June, the Shinra Bansho W fadedcolorsarekawaiiRubber Mascot keychains and Shinra Bansho Fortune Badge pins are still on the way. AmiAmi is now featuring a store bonus where each will also net you a pair of randomly selected bonus stickers. Once again, they can be bought at :
AmiAmi (includes bonus stickers):
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Hobby Link Japan:
W Rubber MascotFortune Badge
Being a wider release, non-candy item, they may be available other places as well.

Finally, MegaHouse put up a special product page covering all their Shinra Bansho products so far. Currently, they’re running a poll through May asking what character should be the focus of their next product (one would assume this means an Excellent Model figure, but that could just as well change). They have posted the results so far – not final, just so far – which are based not only by character, but by specific card. They are:
#1 – Alma (from Top Characters Selection)
#2 – Kuon (from Chapter I, Volume 4)
#3 – Ako (from Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Volume 3)
#4 – Ryuga (from Chapter III, Volume 3)
#5 – Polaris (from Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, Volume 1)
Runner-up – Arachne (from Shichiten no Hasha, Volume 3)

Ako, you may recall, is Ark, ever-present on our site’s top banner, having turned into a girl using magic. In any case, it remains to be seen if this’ll stick by the end, and if they make anything based the results…


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