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Ikki-Kasei no Shou – World Notes

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco Ikki-Kasei no Shou official site)

(“Blazing Oni Warrior Saga”)

新世界 SHINSEKAI, the New World

An armada of darkness and deception called Jashingun the Swarm of Evil rampaged across dimensions and was responsible for the destruction of numerous worlds. The Evil Swarm eventually met defeat and retribution at the hands of Möbius the Divine Archmage of Shinra and seven other legendary warriors who transcend time and space. These eight celestial heroes, together known as the Eight Deities of Shinra, gathered up the pieces of these worlds broken by the Swarm and merged them together to create a whole new realm, “Shinsekai.”

The Eight Deities purposely made Shinsekai to be in a new dimension completely separate from their own old realm, so their new world would never suffer from interdimensional interference or divine intervention from the old world.

Shinsekai is an ideal world that Möbius had long envisioned: an extremely harsh realm that has lost its divine protection, but also a place where no single person or deity can control one’s own freedom.

At present, Shinsekai is populated and ruled over by four different sentient species: the 鬼人 Kijin (“Oni”), the 魔人 Majin (“Daemons”), the 獣人 Juujin (“Beastfolk”), and the 鋼人 Koujin (“Metallics”), who are all now in the middle of a raging worldwide dispute. Yes, it seems Shinsekai has plunged into a feudal age of torment and war with apparently no end in sight….

鬼の国「鬼龍」 KIRYUU, Land of the Oni

Kiryuu is an island nation in the farthest eastern reaches of Shinsekai inhabited by the Kijin (Oni). In this region, Kijin who become great heroes are praised and revered by the masses, and are given the honorary title of “Dragon.”


The Regions of Kiryuu

龍頭の地「カムイコタン」 Ryuutou no Chi (Dragonhead Region) KAMUIKOTAN

The northernmost island of Kiryuu that is not yet under the shogunate rule of the mainland.

霊峰「芙蓉」 Reihou (Sacred Mountain) FUYOU

Standing at the “heart” of the dragon-shaped archipelago, this is the tallest peak in all of Kiryuu.

龍背の国「越」 Ryuuse no Kuni (Dragonspine Province) ETSU

Ryuujou Kenshin rules over all lands northeast of Mt. Fuyou; Etsu serves as the headquarters of her army.

龍腹の国「甲」 Ryuufuku no Kuni (Dragonstomach Province) KOU

Takegami Shingen dominates the lands southwest of Mt. Fuyou; Kou is his base of operations.

龍尾の地「ニライカナイ」 Ryuubi no Chi (Dragontail Region) NIRAIKANAI

The southernmost island of Kiryuu that is not yet under the shogunate rule of the mainland.

Other Regions:

龍喉の地「奥」 Ryuukou no Chi (Dragonthroat Region) OKU

龍腰の地「安」 Ryuuyou no Chi (Dragonwaist Region) AN

龍腿の地「土」 Ryuutai no Chi (Dragonthigh Region) DO

龍臀の地「薩」 Ryuuden no Chi (Dragonrump Region) SATSU

天水晶 TENSUISHOU, Jewels from Heaven
Suishou no Tou (“Crystal Tower”)
is a divine castle that floats in the skies above Shinsekai. It is the dwelling place of the Goddess of the New World, 水晶天使ヒカリ Suishou Tenshi Hikari (“Hikari the Crystal Angel”). This castle of crystal is the only place where Tensuishou, or “Heaven Crystals,” are naturally created. Thought by many to have fallen from the skies, these Heaven Crystals have been found in various places across the world and are treated as valuable treasures.

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