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Neclos Fortress

3_de39668920cc7c530c8cb07abccd01ebNeclos Fortress (ネクロスの要塞, Necros no Yousai/Fortress of Necros) was another bonus pack-in product from Lotte in the late 80’s – this time, these were chocolate treats with a monochromatic mini-figure and cards. Said cards take a similar form factor to their Bikkuriman stickers. Beyond the collection aspect though, there’s a full-on role playing game that can be played with these.

3_00686902daee8dc9c4da27f66fd6234fPopular with collectors, it’s also built up a following outside of Japan in recent years, meaning there’s already sites that have it covered much better than I could. So without further ado:

via 80s Dojo

Neclos Fortress Collectors Archive Neclos Flickr GroupBogleechNerditis

Seal Series

3e68feece8517cdef4b8f29b098fab1eAside from that though, Lotte also put out a Neclos Fortress ice cream bar, which included more traditional Bikkuri-style stickers.

Further packaging and collection images can be found here (also where the right photo is from), as well as at

Video Game

An RPG for the PC Engine came out in 1990, known in particular for its fast and flashy battle scenes.

necrosrpgvia The Brothers Duomazov

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