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Other Seals and Such

Following the success of Bikkuriman Devil vs Angel, a whole world of sticker and snack bonus pack-in series emerged with varying levels of success. Fans often refer to these as “minor seal” (マイナーシール). There’s so many that I couldn’t even hope to comprehensively cover them all, but here’s a few worth noting that don’t already have their own section in Similar Stuff.

All of the ones listed here are from the same time period (late 80’s/early 90’s), when the craze when in its prime. Keep in mind, of course, that Shinra Bansho is itself a modern incarnation of such things.

Higen Ninpo-cho
(秘伝忍法帳, Secret Ninja Arts) Images via H@PPINESS & Garitto
By Eskimo. Stickers that came with popsicles. Promoted by Comic BomBom, often alongside Gamura Twist/Ramen Bar.

Doki Doki Gakuen

(ドキドキ学園, Doki Doki School) Images via H@PPINESS & Colorful!
By Furuta. “Doki Doki” refers to the sound a beating heart makes. Started out as stickers of relatively normal cartoon characters with an outline over them, which is actually glow in the dark and reveals a ghost or demon. Then things just got weird.
Colorful! (

appare-p appare
Appare Taishogun

(あっぱれ大将軍, Bravo General) Images via H@PPINESS & Moza
By Lotte. As demonstrated here – scroll down – there’s heat seals (Shogunate), revealing a different face when body heat is applied, and cold seals (Imperial Court), which makes symbols and such appear when exposed to cold temperatures, like in a freezer.
Moza Appare Section

Time Slip Battle
(タイムスリップバトル) Image via Daily Portal Z
By Kanebo. A double seal series just like their Gamura Twist/Ramen Bar line.
Daily Portal Z Sunday Challenge (Scroll down) / Magazine ads

Nazo no Jipang Densetsu

(謎のジパング伝説, Mystery of Jipang Legend) Images via H@PPINESS & Moza
Also saw a 25th anniversary release in 2009 and has seen a few (and I mean a few) special seals released in the years since then. Those releases use the English title of “The mystic Legend of ZIPANG”.
Moza Zipangu Section

Harima-Oh no Densetsu
(ハリマ王の伝説, Legend of King Harima) Images via H@PPINESS & Lunya’s Hunting Ground
By Kabaya.

Touzai Obake Gundan
(東西お化け軍団, East and West Ghost Corps) Image via Mandakake Sanchi no Seal
Came with Bikkuri Cup Ramen (not directly related to Bikkuriman) and Makai Taisen (Demon World Wars) snacks. For the former, these were double seals on top of the ramen cup. On a side note, the other ramen type introduced at the end of the second ad is Takahashi Meijin brand.
Commercial 1 / Commercial 2

Masora no Meikyu
(魔空の迷宮, Labyrinth of Masora) Images via H@PPINESS & Bikkuri Master
Wafers with character, monster, item, and locale stickers used to play an RPG.
Bikkuri Master Image List

Komatta Toki no Gamu Danomi
(こまったときのガムだのみ) Image via Daily Portal Z
By Meiji. Stickers in the shape of talisman.
Daily Portal Z Sunday Challenge (Scroll down)

Ginga Densetsu Batora no Seiken

(銀河伝説バトラーの聖剣, Galaxy Legend Holy Sword of Batora) Images via Bikkuri Master & Mandarake (also here)
By Fujiya. A series of wafers with stickers, and also chocolate treats with monochromatic figures, which had helmets and weapons that could be attached. The “Batora” probably means “Battler”.
Commercial / Bikkuri Master Batora Seal Pictures

If you have any questions, comments, contributions, or would just like to talk about any of the above, come on down to our forum and start a thread in our All Other Things in the Universe board!


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