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Shinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 1 Out April 18th

downinfrontShinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 1, as previously mentioned, is out this April 18th. Pre-orders are up at AmiAmi.

Already knew that? Well, then you may be interested to know Volume 2 is already up for pre-order as well: It comes out this July. This would seem to indicate that it is switching back to the 4 volume a year release format, after Ikki Kasei experimented with three a year.

The official website is now open. The title means (roughly) “Treasures of the Twin Dragons”. This volume features the discovery of new continents, both shaped like, guess what, dragons, ripe for exploration. Our new hero is Van Crow, an adventurous guy with good luck and a thing for treasure.
It looks like some of the Round Table Knights from Ikki Kasei are back (that’s Percival with the green hair), and apparently are on the look out for the Holy Grail – time will tell if this has anything to do with the Holy Grail created by Balanciel way back in Chapter III. Also, in an important first for the franchise, Wafer Man has a hat. WAFER MAN HAS A HAT.

On a side note, the Figure section has been updated to include all released and soon-to-be-released Excellent Model Figures. It’s worth noting that Arcana in particular has proven to not be so hard to find after all, and is even now on AmiAmi secondhand.


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