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IK 004 Hiryuu Seishou Kenshin


 ikki004u Card No.: 一鬼-004
Hiryuu Seishou Kenshin

(Holy General Kenshin, the Soaring Dragon)

Power Level: 14
Full Name: Ryuujou Kenshin
Race: Oni
Attributes: Light, Ice
Weapon: Reitou (Spirit Blade) “Bishamonten”
Enemy: Devil General Shingen the Savage Tiger
Special Attack: Hyouryuusen (Ice Dragon Flash)
The head of the Ryuujou Clan governs the Dragonspine Province of Etsu. As one of Kiryuu’s Two Great Magnates, Kenshin rules over the eastern half of the country. She fights to unite the country under one ruler and to become Queen of the land, constantly clashing with her archrival Takegami Shingen.
Kenshin: “I’ve grown tired of seeing your face… Today I shall send you to the afterlife! Prepare yourself, Shingen!!”

Shingen: “There’ll be no hard feelings no matter who wins, right?!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kenshin is notorious for being the strongest warrior in the country; there’s not a single person in all of Kiryuu that can best her in one-on-one combat!”

IK 004 Hiryuu Seishou Kenshin (God Rare Clear Ver.)

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