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No. 1 Seiryuuou Saiga


[No.] 01
Seiryuuou (Holy Dragon King) Saiga
[Power] 10
[Race] Holy Dragon Clan
[Special Move]  Shichitenbattou  (7 heavens striking sword)
[Data] King of the holy dragon clan, a big magic nation. A magic swordsmans possesses the legendary sword “shichishitou” (7 branch sword).
[Rival] Juugaou (beast fang king) Edgar
“I won’t forgive those who disrupt the world’s harmony!”
Saiga’s war to reunite the four divided forces begins now.


An early version of the card had a misprint, calling him “Soryuuou” (Blue Dragon King) on the front rather than the intended “Seiryuuou” (Holy Dragon King).

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Translations by Brolen (nsfw)
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