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Shinra Bansho Ryusei no Ouji Out 3/13

showmetheboxwhatwasintheboxwhatsintheboxThe next chapter of Shinra Bansho Choco, Ryusei no Ouji, is scheduled for release this March 13th. Pre-orders are available now. Notably, this is a month earlier than normal, a date not seen since the release of the original Chapter I.

Speaking of which, this particular installment bears a rather strong resemblance to the very first chapter: these are all new characters, but you have four themed tribes (dragon, tiger, turtle, phoenix), and an armored antagonist throwing their world into chaos. The titular Meteor Prince, Ginga, looks more than a little like the original protagonist, Saiga. In other words, it’s a full-on throwback to the basics, making it as easy as possible for newcomers to get into it.

A number of the new cards and designs were previewed at the World Hobby Fair, which you can find photos of on the front page of

There’s also been some overhauls to Shinra Bansho’s web presence to go along with this: has been redesigned to more of a general info page, rather than changing per chapter every year.
-This includes the new Infinity Archive, which provides clear, sharp images of every card from every previous installment. The size is similar to Palusuke’s card scans linked here on the site up to now. This also includes some packaging and promo art.
-There is now an official twitter account.
-Art from this post is available from a commemorative Ryusei no Ouji wallpaper.

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