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See Shinra Bansho Kessaku Sen’s Line Up, Out 12/5

titleShinra Bansho Kessaku Sen is coming December 5th. Translated as “Masterpiece Selection”, it consists mainly of reprints of classic cards from the last eleven years. Pre-orders are available – the price is a bit higher than regular boxes, but this is because every card has a new, shiny prism pattern, making it a box of all “rares”.

The official website has been updating every weekday to reveal who made it into the line up. Below, I’ll be updating this post to match, providing the names and a link to the original card of each character as they come out.

Chapter I – Saiga
Chapter I – Alma
Chapter I – Edgar
Chapter II – Fuinmaha Seiryuseiki
Chapter II – Bonemaster
Chapter II – Masterion
Chapter III – Ryuga
Chapter III – Deathtoll
Chapter III – Creare
Shingoku no Shou – Maxius
Shingoku no Shou – Zeronix
Shingoku no Shou – Sieg
Ouga Rasen no Shou – San Morte
Ouga Rasen no Shou – Dirculm
Ouga Rasen no Shou – Meryl
ZX Factor – Kai
ZX Factor – Karin
Shichiten no Hasha – Sai
Shichiten no Hasha – Takechiyo
Shichiten no Hasha – Mujina
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Ark
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Heero
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar – Faust
Kuja Senran no Shou – Apollo
Kuja Senran no Shou – Noin
Kuja Senran no Shou – Belzebuth (and Asmodeus)
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou – Balanciel
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou – Moebius
Ikki Kasei no Shou – Kagato
Ikki Kasei no Shouicon_hearticon_heart Ryuujou Kenshin icon_hearticon_heart
NEW – Ginga (NEW)
NEW – Mihoshi (NEW)

These two new characters will be in the next Shinra Bansho chapter.


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