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Ryusei no Ouji Vol 2 Out Now + Discount Deals

thischaptersthemeisarmpitsShinra Bansho Ryusei no Ouji Volume 2 is out right now, and available for order on places like AmiAmi. This volume contains a couple of surprise family ties, with the debut of Emperor Megiddo’s son and Ginga’s magical cloud riding, drink loving mother. Scans of this volume’s cards are also up for viewing at

Also, if you are into staying way ahead of things, Volume 3 is already up for pre-order, available in September. You can also see some preview character sketches in the link.  Update: Hobby Link Japan now also has it up for pre-order as well.

Finally, there are a number of noteworthy discounts on previous Shinra Bansho installments at AmiAmi worth highlighting:

thisnonchapterlikedgoldandsilverKessaku-Sen, the latest “Best Of” collection from this past December, is available at 54% off. Every card is a prism card, and this puts it down from its premium price to below the usual average. Since it features a wide range of characters from previous chapters, it’s a good choice for those just looking to dip their toe in collecting or otherwise get started.

meg81845boxShinra Bansho W Rubber Mascot keychains are on sale at Hobby Link Japan. These came out around the time of Shinra Bansho’s 10th anniversary a few years ago, and feature artist Akatsuki Gomoku’s versions of various characters.

thischapterwasallleadingtobadsaintseiyaarmorGensouryuu no Hihou Volume 3 from October is on sale for 54% off, chopping it all the way down to a measly 980 yen. Since this was going for a normal price to begin with, this is about as low as you’ll ever see a new box go for.


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