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October Surprise: Gensouryu Volume 3 is its Last, Classic Reprints in December

1609shinra_bShinra Bansho Gensouryu no Hihou Volume 3 is out this October 17th. It has been announced to be the final volume of this installment. Pre-orders are up at places like AmiAmi.

This came as a bit of a shock, and as for why, some background: Shinra Bansho releases are typically one story arc per year with one volume per quarter – April, July, October, and January. Last year’s Ikki Kasei no Shou shook things up by releasing 3 volumes, but with a higher amount of cards to collect in each. This year’s Gensouryu returned to the April-July-October releases, so it was assumed things were back to 4 volumes, but…apparently not. Unlike Ikki Kasei, this was never clarified from the start, so it’s unclear if this was the plan all along or if something happened.

1610shinraWe are still getting a fourth Shinra Bansho release though, as this December, Shinra Bansho Kessaku Sen (Masterpiece Selection) is coming. Recently announced, it reprints previous cards with new prism backgrounds, along with two new cards. So far it seems to span the Chapter I-II-III / Ouga Rasen era. Like the one off special edition Feb. 2014 Top Characters Selection release, it’ll go for a higher price point as all cards have prism effects. Pre-orders are already available.

On a side note, two other notable releases:

manykawaiis-Guardess in Eden is a new card wafer series from Bandai also set for December. The cards have special effects that can either be removed with body heat (like from a hand) or added with cold (like from a soda can). The back has symbols representing character relationships and story info. Vanilla wafers for max kawaii. Pre-orders are out.

alsoprettykawaiiiguess-Hagen no Zista Card Choco is out in November. The Zista series used to be figures with interchangeable parts packaged with chocolate, then gum, and now…it’s chocolate again, but with robot cards instead. Feature stats, plot, and secret messages to decipher. Pre-orders are also ready.


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