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Asmodeus Figure Dated – Shinra Bansho Back on Puzzle & Dragons – Bikkuriman Update

emergingfromtheprincedimensionThe 1/8 scale Excellent Model figure of Masenki Asmodeus is coming out this September, retailing for 12,000 yen. Like previous figures, this one will include some new original art, this time featuring Asmodeus and her mother Astaroth. Pre-orders are now live at various places, so keep an eye out at your favorite figure retailer (like AmiAmi, HLJ, etc – is a good place to check too).

More photos on the official site, with a color sample of the illustration.

As a reminder, the figure of Alma is still set to release in July, and the previous figures of Astaroth, Izuna, and Arcana, remain available in various places.

13320936_1304470556248200_4025361008828169411_oThe Shinra Bansho collaboration is back on the North American version of Puzzle & Dragons, running from June 6th to June 12th (pretty short this time). This adds Hikari’s ultimate form, and also the versions of P&D characters Sakuya, Sonia, and Athena drawn by Shinra Bansho artist Mitsuhiro Harakawa. Details on the official Facebook page.

STARWARSbikkurimanSpecialEditionp1oFinally, the Bikkuriman section received a long overdue update, detailing the ill-fated Shin Bikkuriman and covering the recent Star Wars Bikkuriman collaboration.


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