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ZX 048 Shiten-Rekka Karin


 ZX048u Card No.: ZX-048
Shiten-Rekka Karin

(Karin the Seraphic Blaze)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Kouenji Karin <age 18>
Race: Wingfolk <Female>
Affiliation: “Amagahara” Campus General Store, Leader
Artifact: En’ouken (Flameking Blade) “Hi-no-Kagutsuchi” <Suzaku Attribute>
Rival: Kai the Fist of Six Paths
Abilities: Ignition, Flame Manipulation
With the Flameking Blade back in her hands, Karin has returned as a full-fledged Factor. Due to an official request from the Academy, all of Kai’s friends now stand in his way as enemies!
Karin: “If I take this sword back, you know I’ll have to fight you… If you would just admit you’ll need help, then I would….”

Kai: “This is a mission, right? All you need to focus on right now is completing the mission.”

<Story: Part 27>

As the Autumn Semester begins, the Academy suddenly experienced a major accident. It all began with the campus-wide announcement that Headmaster Gai had gone missing for quite some time.

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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