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Story Guide: Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

Original research and text by: Eis
Revision for site use by: Kicksville

Story Guide Index
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Fugakuden
Shingoku no Shou, Ouga Rasen no Shou
ZX Factor, Shichiten no Hasha
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Kuja Senran no Shou
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

release_icon_12天地神明の章 – Gods of Heaven and Earth Chapter
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/7/2014)
Volume 2 (7/7/2014)
Volume 3 (10/13/2014)
Volume 4 (1/12/2015)

This installment picks up right where Kuja Senran no Shou left off.

(The following events – Volume 1 to the start of Volume 2 – are depicted to some degree in the Shinra Bansho 10th Anniversary Animation)

10101[0] 10100[0]
Madoushin Moebius Chouwashin Balanciel

Volume 1

With the Devil Swarm (Jashingun) defeated, peace has returned to Solomon. The Devil Swarm’s origins, however, remain a mystery.

A single being exists who might have the answer to that mystery. He is The Sorcerer God Moebius, the creator of the land of Solomon, who has revived after sensing its plight.

Previously, the dreams of Moebius to discover truth and knowledge led to attempts at creation, just like the gods, and the imperfect world of Rashingoku. Previously, in the events of Shingoku no Shou / Ouga Rasen no Shou, that world and its people were saved, but Moebius was punished for his actions, albeit in a merciful manner: reduced to a child, with his magic power deprived, he was taken under the wing of Raisen, a reincarnation of his former pupil (see: Chapter III).

With time, though, he regained his magic power, and along with it, his desire for creation. But it was different now: he created something stable, perfect – the Solomon Continent! To take care of it, he left behind “Three Wise Gods”, called the Trismegistus: Ark, Samael, and Ouroboros.

Upon his new revival, he sees the destruction the Devil Swarm brought to his land. Immediately, he suspects the omnipotent God of Balance Balanciel and the gods to be behind this: Everything that exists is a creation of the gods who live in the Heaven Realm, and the Devil Swarm should be no exception. Alongside reincarnations of Raisen and Shion (formerly Raisen’s pupil), he begins the journey to the Heaven realm in order to find out the truth.

10103[0] 10104[0]
Raitei Madou Ou Raisen Seiran Madou Ou Shion

Ark, having finally met with his “father”, chases after Moebius to aid him. Arcana joins in as well, eager to help her master. Apollo and Noin also accompany them. However, upon entering the Heaven Realm, they are challenged by The Holy Heaven Knights, as well as Saiga, Quon, Polaris and Sirius (all heroes from Chapter I) who have been resurrected by the God of Balance.

10110[0] 10113[0]
Seiryu Ou Saiga Gaira Ou Polaris

Not lending ears to Moebius’ pleas, the forces of Heaven attack! With their power increased, they prove to be a challenge: Moebius fights Saiga, Ark fights Polaris, and Apollo fights Sirius. Raisen easily dispatches the brothers Tornadoel and Tartael. It seems neither Saiga or anyone else among them remember Raisen or Shion, former Dragon Clan allies. With the Heaven Knights defeated, Saiga and his allies were forced to retreat.

Arcana (who has become good friends with Noin) attempts to summon heroes to help with the battle as she had previously, but finds herself unable to – the Arcana Tarot are somehow blocked by the heavens, and the most she can manage is to bring back Bokkle, who helped them in the Devil Swarm war previously.

10107[0] 14594381345_1fd10230fa_o
Kiraboshi Ten Arcana (with Bokkle) Hikari Ryujin Ryuga

Surveying the events from afar are the Jutten Toushin (Ten Heavenly War Gods), led by Ryuuga. The Ten Gods, divided into the Five Light Gods and the Five God Generals, are next to the Balance God in terms of rank. Ryuga and Shizuku are two of the Heroes of Light from Chapter II and III who had ascended to godhood…

Volume 2

Moebius and the gang manage to fend off their attackers, but this turn of events only deepens his suspicions.

As they traverse the Heavens, they are joined by two of Moebius’ old allies, Arandra and Fermina (each from his first appearance back in Chapter III – here and here). Both fallen angels, they had helped him the first time around as part of their rebellion from heaven. Their card here now refers to them as Fallen Angels of Crimson.

10201[0] 10202[0]
Kurenai no Datenshi Artemis

Moebius was moved by Ark’s faith in him, and also as thanks to Apollo’s aid, he makes use of a new trick: Borrowing the Arcana Tarot, with his greater magical power, he’s able to overcome their limitations. He can summon not only more powerful beings, but also bring them forth from various points in space-time. And so, he grants Apollo’s wish by time-summoning Artemis with the Arcana Tarot.

Artemis had perished during the Devil Swarm’s invasion of Olympus, but the space-time summon pulled her from before her death. She is Apollo’s little sister, an archer who boasts greater accuracy than her older brother – she’s also got a tsundere personality to boot. Her Arcana: Moon. She seems to treat Noin as a rival (notably, the two of them also share a moon motif).

10211[0] 10212[0]
Kogane Kikoushin Maxius Shirogane Buraishin Zeronix

Maxius and Zeronix are called in to take care of Moebius and his crew. Having inherited his knowledge and magic energy at the end of Ouga Rasen no Shou, the two of them remain the guardian gods of Rashingoku, given reign over it by the old Moebius before his rebirth. They both sense something about Moebius’ identity, but attack under the orders of the God of Balance. They bring with them more angel knights.

Against the incredible might of the two Star Gods, Ark and Apollo were easily defeated. Against this pinch, Moebius makes use of the Arcana Tarot to summon heroes from Kojuukau, the Spirit World.

10207[0] 10208[0]
Shukyoku Inshi Kai (with Pre-Spirit Burst Izuna) Hakumen Kongo Kyubi Izuna

They are:
Kai – Hero of ZX Factor, Arcana: World
Izuna – From ZX Factor and Shichiten no Hasha, Arcana: Empress
Sai – Hero of Shichiten no Hasha, Arcana: Emperor
Mujina – From Shichiten no Hasha, Arcana: Lover

Kai has been pulled from the past. Sai and Mujina are from a time after that in the past (after the conclusion of Shichiten no Hasha, since Sai is already the Spirits Kaiser from winning the tournament depicted in that story). Izuna is from the present – and for her part, she’s overjoyed to be reunited with her family. Sai is the son of Kai and Izuna: he has almost no memories of his father, so he is particularly excited to meet him. It’s an awkward, confusing situation, but they’re able be one big happy family thanks to all this.

And just to add a little extra confusion to this, there’s another Izuna – pulled from the same time as Kai, it’s from when she was in her smaller pre-Spirit Burst form. This seems to be the result of her having been fused with Kai at the time to achieve his current form. The two Izunas fight over their ownership of Kai.

10209[0] 10210[0]
Tamashi-ju Taitei Sai Kokukyou Shouten Mujina

With the power of the members of the Hakumenkyubi family, the angel knights were defeated in an instant. To top it off, Moebius also summons Nyarla and forcefully contracts with her.

10204[0] 10205[0]
Madoushin Moebius (with Pre-Spirit Burst Nyarla) Nisegami Nyarla

In this unforeseen turn of events, the twin star gods were forced into a defensive position. Seeing his chance, Mebius attempts to reason with Maxius and Zeronix.

However, he was stopped by the appearance of Ouki and Hermatio, members of the Ten Gods.

10213[0] 10214[0]
Senkoushin Ouki Bushinshou Hermatio

Volume 3

Ouki attacks Moebius, but upon hearing the two converse while they fight, Maxius realizes the man before his eyes is the reborn figure of the old Moebius. Not letting this chance go, Moebius summons the Three Princesses of Destiny: Yokoshin Hime San Morte…

10303[0] 10304[0]
Gekko Kamihime Rukia Moon Myojo Kamihime Meryl Star

…as well as Rukia Moon and Meryl Star. They successfully persuade Maxi & Zeronix to join his side, resulting in Ouki and Helmatio’s retreat.

On the Heaven Side, it seems Ryuuga and the rest of the Ten Gods were planning something in secret.

Moebius finds Nyarla’s weapon hard to use so he modifies it on his own, fusing it with his staff. While it became usable and Mebius gained the power to reflect different energies, Nyarla was a bit shocked as the weapon is a part of her and she stopped responding to him for a while. Dirculm, the former antagonist of Ouga Rasen no Shou who has since become friendly, goes chasing after her partner Zero – she also joins their party.

10306[0] 15337758328_59d86e71fc_o
Ankoku Madoushin Moebius Reimei Ou Dirculm

And, despite everything, much like Kai fused with Izuna, Moebius manages to fuse with Nyarla, becoming even stronger.

As they travel to reach the center of the Heaven Realm, they notice the strange goings on of Heaven. Once peaceful beasts now violent, reports of Balanciel and the Ten Gods acting strange or not showing up, and stuff such as the Hero Kings’ (Saiga, Polaris, Sirius) loss of memory, and appearances of strange new monsters that resemble the Devil Swarm. All this time, they are constantly attacked by Saiga and company, who would not let up their attacks.

One thing that Moebius and friends have become certain of is that the Devil Swarm is indeed created in the Heaven Realm, and not only that, they are increasing in number! To find the reason behind this truth, they make their way to Balanciel’s temple.

As they reach the Balance God’s Temple, they face the full force of the Ten Gods and the Holy Heaven Knights. The Ten Gods analyze each member of Moebius’ party and challenge them all to one-on-one battles!
battlefeverOn the Five Light Gods Side:
Moebius vs Ryuuga | Maxius vs Ouki | Sai vs Taiga | Apollo vs Shou | Ark vs Shizuku

On the Five God Generals Side:
Zeronix vs Hardin | Kai vs Lazleed | Raisen vs Sandalf | Izuna vs Amnista | Dirculm vs Hermatio

The rest of Moebius’ party deals with the knights. Meanwhile…

Masterion (who in this case was a the mail-in bonus card from Volume 2, along with Dirculm), senses the power of Moebius, and decides to go pay him a visit. He remains friends with Ryuga, but it seems merely wants to see Moebius without any malicious intent.

15337665760_aa5496a036_o 16260848222_89d1ba5ea3_o
Hijiri Majin Masterion Terios Shin Bokkle

Bokkle, however, is unsure of whether the approaching Masterion is an enemy or an ally. Wishing to protect Moebius and the others as they battle, he evolves from Shin Bokkle to Terios Shin Bokkle. Finding this turn of events interesting, Masterion heartily accepts his challenge.

The ever more obvious similarities between the two are more than a coincidence: It seems Masterion was originally a super evolve from a mere Bokkle!!

The fierce battle shakes the entire realm of Heaven.

Volume 4

As both sides fight, one after the other reach the end of their strength until Moebius remained the only one left standing. It was then that Balanciel makes her appearance. Despite covered with wounds, Moebius calls for an answer to his questions. However, all that returned from the God of Balance was but a merciless attack. Moebius falls from his mortal wound and as clouds cover his vision, he sees a blurred image of a mysterious dark god floating behind the God of Balance…

-The Devil Swarm-

The Devil Swarm was an Immune System created by the Destruction God Deathtoll, used to punish civilizations that have “run amok from desire”. However, the evolving system was poisoned by man’s ill will and desire, turning it into an indiscriminate killing machine.

Balanciel, who notices fairly quickly as the Devil Swarm program begins to go crazy, orders the Ten Gods to stop it. However, even with the power of the Ten Gods, it was hard to stop the Devil Swarm with its neverending numbers.

As the days and months go by, the Ten Gods slowly shave off the numbers of the Devil Swarm, its destruction a success with the final group defeated by Apollo and Ark in Solomon. …However, remnants of the Devil Swarm still existed!

The data from the Devil King Melta Toros who was defeated at Solomon was instantly sent to the remaining Devil Swarm at its death. The remaining Devil Swarm uses the data as base, combining and forming a being that exceeded the Devil King – Jashin Tei Shinra Melta Toros – the Devil Emperor Shinra Melta Toros!
Speedily gaining intelligence, it steals the Core Cube and uses its power to attack the God of Balance. Even the all-knowing and infallible God of Balance, against the Devil Emperor wielding the Core Cube was unable to defend against the attack. Caught off-guard for a split moment, the God of Balance was mind-controlled, and with the long passage of time, her God Power was slowly stolen away, closing off any chance of escaping the spell. It was then that the reign of terror as a puppet leader controlled by the Devil Emperor began…

The Devil Emperor plans to use the Heaven Realm as a Devil Swarm Construction Plant, but it fears the power of Ten Gods as its has known so well, so it hides itself to avoid direct conflict.

Upon the God of Balance’s change in behavior, the Ten Gods immediately knew someone or something was behind the mind-control. However, they were unable to determine whether the current God of Balance was a fake, and the real one was imprisoned somewhere or whether she was the real one. Either way, a plan was needed to flush out the mastermind hiding behind the shadows.

The Ten Gods was actually using Moebius and company to flush out the mastermind controlling the God of Balance. It was their plan to secretly aid Moebius, strengthening their party to be of equal level so that they may help them defeat the mastermind. That both sides would have their powers spent fighting each other was also a part of their plan.

Believing that the Ten Gods were defeated, the Devil Emperor finally shows himself!

The Devil Emperor thanks Moebius and as a reward decides to personally end his life himself.
However, Balanciel, probably using whatever energy she had left, channels her remaining God Energy into Moebius and the rest, who despite all being wounded, were not actually defeated. (As a result, Balanciel’s form changes, reverting to a youthful looking state, similar to what had happened to Ark when his power was reduced) Moebius and his crew had become aware of the Ten God’s plans while they battled.
Ryuuga awakens to ultimate infinite power dons Masterion and with the power of the evolved Shichishitou, cleaves all darkness!!

Ryuuga “Finally, you’ve shown yourself, Devil Swarm boss! There’s nothing holding me back anymore! Prepare yourself!”
Devil Emperor “…What…!?”
Maxi awakens to ultimate infinite power shines off a golden godly light that reveals all the darkness and cleanses them!

Maxius “Behold! The stars of the sky reveals your evil deeds! There is no escape!
Devil Emperor “You…! I thought you were all defeated!?”
Kai awakens to ultimate infinite power, fuses with both Izunas and even becomes able to stop time!

Kai “To think you’d fall for such a cheap trick… I guess the simpler it is the easier it is to pull of! Lets get em, Izuna!!”
Devil Emperor “What… it was… all… a trick…!?”
Sai awakens to ultimate infinite power, absorbing the complete Shichikonken, the power of the Nine Dragon Heads burst forth! (Mebius summons the remaining Spirits all at once to complete Sai’s form)

Sai “I’m gonna borrow everyone’s power again! It’s time to show the true power of the Spirits! Behold the power of the Spirit Kaiser!!”
Devil Emperor “…There’s no help it then… Come!”
Ark awakens to ultimate infinite power, activating the Armadel with his flowing magical energy, he scatters the enemy’s magic energy!
Ark “Finally I’m back to this form again! This overflowing magical energy… right now I won’t lose even if I’m alone!”
Devil Emperor “Don’t get ahead of yourself… I’ll make you eat those words!”
Apollo awakens to ultimate infinite power, inhibiting endles Spirit Energy he redeems the spirits of the lost!

Apollo “This isn’t about revenge anymore… For the peace of all worlds, I’ll defeat you!”
Devil Emperor “…Impossible…!! I’m… losing…!?”
Moebius awakens to ultimate infinite power, retaking the Core Cube, he attains further absolute invincible power!

Moebius “Too bad… you made the mistake of hurting my friends and family! This is to atone for all you’ve done!”
Devil Emperor “This can’t be! I… I’m supposed to be the strongest…!!”
Saiga awakens to ultimate infinite power, regaining his memory to destroy the true evil!

Saiga “I won’t forgive anyone who disturbs the balance of the world! Return to the void where you belong!!!”
Devil Emperor “…N, no… NOOOOOooo!!”

The Devil Emperor, was single-sidedly destroyed and reduced to nothing by the Eight Great Shinra Gods.


With the Devil Emperor defeated, the Devil Swarm is completely destroyed. The battle has ended, and the peaceful days slowly returned. Balanciel, regretting her weakness, splits her power as the top God to the Eight Heroes. From the fragments of the worlds destroyed by the Devil Swarm, the Eight gave birth to a new world and its guardian, naming her “Hikari”.
Leaving the new world to its god, the Eight swore that the Heavens would never interfere again, and with the Old World traveled far into another dimension.

Without restraint and without aid or protection from the gods, but a land that is free to grow on its own, that is the answer for the new world that Moebius and everyone had sought.

…The old stage closes for eternity in peace, and at the same time, a new story begins…


Quon’s memory was apparently secretly restored by the Five Light Gods. Polaris and Sirius most likely got theirs back after Balanciel channeled her energy.

-Dirculm is partnered to Zeronix and has one child who lives on his own in a different world. Zeronix in turn is apparently Hardin’s son.

-Magatama Jestano, a ninja of the Magatama Clan from a hidden village in Yamato which is both friends and rivals with the Homura Clan.
He comes to Moebius and friends aid, saying “There’s no worry now that I’m here”!

He’s the winning design for the Helper Character contest.

-The Reborn Moebius before his reawakening-
After he was reborn as a child following the events involving the conflict between the Rashinki and the world, Moebius grew up, slowly regaining his magical strength, and eventually once again attempted to create a world. It was then that the land of Solomon was born. He was greatly satisfied after Solomon’s creation, and feeling content with his life, solved the mysteries of immortality.

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All trademarks and copyrights referred to on this site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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