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Story Guide: Shingoku no Shou, Ouga Rasen no Shou

Original research and text by: Eis
Revision for site use by: Kicksville

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Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Fugakuden
Shingoku no Shou, Ouga Rasen no Shou
ZX Factor, Shichiten no Hasha
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Kuja Senran no Shou
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

Shingoku no Shou

release_icon_5神獄の章 – God’s Prison Chapter
Card Listing

Volume 1 (7/14/2008)
Volume 2 (10/13/2008)
Volume 3 (1/20/2009)

Volume 1

Shingoku no Hako, the God’s Prison, a box that within sleeps 108 “Rashinki” sealed by the God of Balance. 7,000,000 years ago from now, in order to escape their crumbling world, the Rashingoku, the Rashinki invaded this world, but in response the Gods had them sealed as their appearance would upset the balance of the world.
It has been 8,000,000 years since mankind lived under the rule of the God of Balance. Civilization has blossomed and advanced, and peace had continued for all the years. It is then that one day, the Box of Shingoku had been stolen by an unknown individual and its contents were released. The Rashinki that had once been sealed in the box began to reappear in the world, and in order to save their race from destruction, once again begin their invasion. Against this unforeseen turn of events, the God of Balance, Balanciel, orders the young god Maxi to put down the Rashinki.

4101[0] 4118[0]
Kikoushi Maxi Hiraishin

Maxi, taking the form of a human, faces his first opponent, a high ranking Rashinki called Hiraishin. They fight and Maxi emerges victorious, however Maxi refuses to finish Hiraishin off, and the latter takes Meryl Star hostage and begins to drain her life energy in order to recover himself.4102[0]
Maxi ends Hiraishin’s life in order to save Meryl, and gives her some of his life force in order to save her life. As Meryl has some of his life energy, Maxi is unable to transform back into a God unless he is close to her (as it seems life energy = Divine Power). Thus Maxi and Meryl’s journey in the Human realm begins as they hunt for the 108 Rashinki.
While Maxi was fighting Rashinki in the southern part of the continent, he meets a human warrior by the name of Sieg. Yuusha Sieg, who refuses help from someone of the Heaven Realm single-handedly defeats the Rashinki in a flash, and leaves.

4122[0] 4111[0]
Miroku (of the Rashinshou) Kikoushin Maxius

It is until Maxi fights strong opponents such as the four Rashinshou (Rashin General) that Maxi needed to transform back into God Mode, which transforms him into the Kikoushin (Ogre Howl God) Maxius. Maxi, who has regained his true power, instantly defeats the Rashinshou. The Rashinshou, who have been taken in by Maxi’s nobleness, accompany him in his journey as new allies. There Maxi learns from the Rashinshou a shocking truth. The one who had opened the Box of Shingoku was none other than his old friend Zeronix!

Volume 1 End

The Gods in the Heaven Realm are separated into the Old Gods and New Gods. But as of this volume the only new gods revealed are Maxi and Zeronix. All the other gods are Old Gods.

Volume 2
4224[0]Maxi defeats the four Rashinshou, but learns from them that the one who stole the Box was none other than Buraishin Zeronix. For the few moments where Maxi wavers from this knowledge, Meryl was kidnapped by two angels (Luriel & Zachiel) from the Heaven Realm.

4225[0] 4226[0]
Bakunetsu no Zachiel Zanku no Luriel

As Maxi desperately chases after them, he was attacked by four Rashinki, who acted as if they are purposely there to block his path. Weakened and unable to call upon his Divine Powers, Maxi was pushed in a losing battle. It was then that the four Rashinshou lent their powers to Maxi.

4201[0] 4203[0]
Maxi Raitei Tai Maxi Ennetsu Tai

In the stead of his Divine Powers, Maxi defeats the four Rashinki with his new abilities. However, it was too late and Meryl was no longer in sight.

Elsewhere, Zero, who had released the Rashinki into the world from the clutches of the Gods, and became their new leader in order to create a new world order, was in turmoil. From Meryl, who he had the angels kidnap, he learns that the god who had received Balanciel’s order was Maxi. He was in a dilemma on whether he should have Maxi become his ally, or have him return to Heaven.

Zero appears before Maxi, returning Meryl and giving him two choices:
“Join me, or return to Heaven.”

Maxi learns from their shocking reunion of his friend’s thoughts and goal.
Zero pulls back his minions to give Maxi time to choose. Maxi concludes that he will face his friend’s “justice” head on.

Volume 2 End

Also worth noting, with a certain sword in hand, Sieg fights and defeats Gardes, a powerful Rashinki…

4208[0] 4223[0]
Seiryuken Sieg Gardes

Volume 3

Loyalty or Friendship. From his friend Zeronix’s ultimatum, Maxi makes a single decision.
“I will protect all that is weak, the humans who face attack from the Rashinki, and the Rashinki who are one sidedly attacked by the humans.”
That is the justice that Maxi has come to believe. No longer will he be lost. Maxi’s soul flares with strength.

At the same time, Sieg learns from Great Chief Rowen, the only human able to communicate with the Heavens, that Zeronix is the leader of the Rashinki. Sieg sets off towards his new target.

As Zeronix awaits Maxi’s response, Sieg appears before him, in “Dragoon” form (Sieg Tatsuto Tai), wielding the legendary Shichishitou. From the knowledge that Sieg had defeated Gardes (One of the more powerful Rashinki Zero had sent against Sieg) and at the sight of him, Zeronix realizes in an instant that the man he faces controls power far beyond that of any ordinary human.4318[0]The next instant, Sieg attacks Zero, who dodges at a hair’s breath, only to face Sieg’s next swing. Each of Sieg’s swings are as if they are overflowing with spiritual energy. Zeronix unleashes his full power and transforms, calling forth the power of the “Satellite”, an ability only the New Gods wield.

Floating freely in the air, Zeronix’s “Satellite Dragons”, make child’s play of Sieg, who was at the end of his strength at maintaining his ultimate form. Finally, the Satellite Dragons knock the Shichishitou out of Sieg’s hands, dealing a heavy blow to his body. As the death strike closes in on Sieg, Zeronix’s Satellite Dragons were stopped by new Satellites, Maxi’s Satellite Ogres!

4319[0] 4320[0]
Buraishin Zeronix Kikoushin Maxius

Maxi holds onto Sieg and challenges Zeronix. Sieg entrusts to Maxi the Shichishitou, which holds the “hopes” of mankind.

As the two young gods face each other, Zero replies to Maxi’s “answer” that he will not hold back.

Four Satellites dance. The fantastic sight is emblazoned as Zero’s sword swings and Maxi dodges. Zero, who wields superior Divine Power, slowly gains the upper hand. But in that moment, Meryl’s prayers gave Maxi strength, and the Shichishitou in his hand shatters the Satellite Dragons. In that moment, the battle between the young gods was decided.4321[0]Neither Zero’s justice nor Sieg’s justice were wrong. It is just that, right now, the “justice” that was needed by the humans, the Rashinki, and even the Balance God, was not those, but the justice sought by Maxi instead. Perhaps, it is because Maxi was hurt before that he was able to come to this conclusion. After resting, Maxi and Meryl once again continued on their journey.

However, the battle surrounding this fateful box is but a prelude to the true war that is to come…

Volume 3 End

(Shingoku no Shou is three volumes due to Fugakuden’s one volume earlier that year)

Ouga Rasen no Shou

release_icon_6王我羅旋の章 – Ogre Spiral Chapter
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/6/2009)
Volume 2 (7/13/2009)
Volume 3 (10/19/2009)
Volume 4 (1/17/2010)

Volume 1

Knowledge that the successor to the imperial throne, San Morte, is still present has reached Rashingoku, the crumbling world of the Rashinki. For the past 7,000,000 years in their dying world there has been no better news. However, the the current Rashintei, San Manaf thinks nothing of Morte, and instead is driven by Providence.

 image13  image1498
Rashintei San Morte (and Rukia) Shokou Ou Dirculm

This turn of events is all due to the workings of Dirculm, who currently wields authority within the High Ogres, and plans to renew the Rashinki’s invasion of the Human Realm to take it as their new home. The High Ogres, which is also the main force of the Rashinki take control of the Floating Isle. Dirculm orders Rukia and Odeon to capture San Morte so that she may act as their symbol.

After his battle with Zero, Maxi returns with Meryl to their journey to meet the remaining 108 Rashinki. In order to create a world where both races can co-exist, Maxi meets with Rashinki in various parts of the land.

Nayuta, a Rashinki and former follower of Zeronix, appears before Maxi, informing him of San Morte’s true identity, her kidnapping, and of Indra’s (pretty much Morte’s aide and guardian) plight.

 image103  image1629
Tappishou Indra Rashinoh Odeon

Maxi rushes to Indra’s aid to find him badly beaten. There stands Rashinoh Odeon, a Rashinki that expels an aura unlike any Rashinki Maxi has seen before. Maxi transforms into his God form. The next instant, Odeon rushes Maxi, who barely blocks with his Satellite Ogre. Even with his Satellite Ogres, he could find no opening to defeat Odeon, whose skill surpasses that of Maxi’s.

The next moment, light flashes, and the sword that was meant for Maxi was deflected by Zero’s Satellite Dragon. Zero had learned of Indra’s plight from Flariana, and has come to Maxi’s aid. The two decide to fight side by side and together they face Odeon.

Maxi and Zero’s Satellites unite, and fuse into Satellite Masterion!

 maxius_satellite  zeronix_satellite
Kikoushin Maxius Buraishin Zeronix

Volume 1 End

Volume 2

The Satellite Masterions activate! Against the full power of both gods, Odeon had no chance but to face defeat, crumbling beneath their strength. However, though they have defeated him, Maxi and Zero did not emerge from the battle against such a powerful foe unscathed.

Zero, who had spent more of his Divine Power, which is also his life energy, to cover for Maxi’s Satellites, was near exhaustion. In order to prevent himself from being a liability, he returns to the Heaven Realm with the help of his two angel followers.

As for Maxi, he continues to suffer from the curse that befalls the user of activating the Satellite Masterions. As the curse drains Divine Power, Maxi has no choice but to seal his Divine Power by returning into human form.

 image625  image581
Kikoushi Maxi Niji Hibikishin Iris

With Zero’s return to the Heaven Realm, Iris, another long-time friend of Maxi, learns of his predicament, and heads off to the Human realm.

At the same moment, Machine God ORION reawakens due to Dorothy’s unauthorized trespassing of some ancient ruins…

As the next step of her plans, Dirculm orders the absolutely loyal Baragan to take control of the Holy Grail Tower. Maxi, the four Rashinshou, and Iris, catching information of Dirculm’s plans, hurry to the Holy Grail Tower.

 image1312  image242
Banryokuoh Baragan Final Sieg

With Iris’ return, Sieg has also been healed, and the strongest force in the Human Realm prepare for Baragan’s attack. However, against Baragan’s overwhelming forces, they were slowly pushed to a defensive position. At that moment, Belzebuth and Asmodeus from the God Demon Realm appear to lend a hand, ending in victory against Baragan. (For further info on those two, see the Blue Demon Guide)

Despite their victory, the cost of battle was high, and the Holy Grail Tower was destroyed, leaving a huge wound in the realm.

Volume 2 End

As for that side note on Orion’s appearance…
image1408Hiroshi Reioh Dorothy, a High Ogre, invades the Human Realm with the rest of them, although she doesn’t care about Dirculm’s plans (she “only worships science, not Dirculm!”). She has a guard robot, Machina Rex OZ, whose power rivals even that of a Rashinoh.

Acting independently, she explores the supertech ruins in the north (old Gaira territory) – inadvertently reawakening Orion, who teleports in from the Machine World and attacks to prevent the old supertechnology from being stolen. Oz and Orion fight it out.

 image507  image1421
Kikaishin ORION Kikaioh OZ

Volume 3

In order to set San Morte up as a puppet ruler, Dirculm begins plans to brainwash her. However, Rukia notices her plans and escapes the Floating Isle with San Morte. Dirculm orders Cloche, the fastest of the Sky Troupe to retake San Morte.

 image1129  image1030
Gakko Ou Rukia Hakuaoh Cloche

As Rukia tries to fight off Cloche while escaping, she regroups with the imperial family’s strongest servant, Housen, who instantly dispatches Cloche and the Sky Troupe.

 image1043  image946
Kurohomura Housen Shikabane Onioh Necrominos

The High Ogres continue their attack on the Human Realm, this time lead by Necrominos, who controls an army of undead, attacking all that stands in his way be they human or Rashinki.

Morte, who witnesses the cruelty of the Rashinki, determines that as the Rashintei, she must lead the Rashinki to a better path. In that moment, as if something has burst open, the true power of one of the Rashintei blood awakens inside her.

Maxi & co., who are fighting desperately are once again rejoined by Zero, who has finished recovering in the Heaven Realm. Zero gives Maxi the Masterion Belt, which allows him to control the Satellite Masterions.

 image423  image293
Manaboshi Kishin Maxius Burai Kenjin Zeronix

With Morte’s true power awakened, they find out that the one controlling the undead army is Necrominos. With Maxi’s revived power and Housen, together they defeat Necrominos’ magic. With Necrominos’ defeat, the undead army crumples to the ground like puppets.

With Rukia’s words of the true enemy’s identity, Maxi & Co. vows to defeat Dirculm.

Volume 3 End

Volume 4

Dirculm sets the Floating Isle down at the Holy Grail Tower, and the Elite Guard’s attack begins. Maxi & Co. receive heavy damage, but are saved with the aid of the Twelve Lords.

However, Dirculm defeats all Twelve Lords with her Gorgon Eye and Predator Hand abilities, devouring them one by one. Against Dirculm’s swelling power, Morte, Rukia and Housen too are absorbed.

 image432  image177
Reimei Ou Dirculm Chou shin Maxius

Despite using all their strength, Maxi’s allies are defeated one after another. Maxi, with the last strength entrusted to him by his allies, brings forth one final strike at Dirculm. Suffering from mortal damage, Dirculm pukes out Morte & co.image198(Among the Twelve Lords, there was, unnaturally, a thirteenth – O•Mercury)

As Maxi & Co. revel in victory, a shadowy figure moves close to the fallen Dirculm. As Maxi turns to face the figure, the masked man unveils his true identity. O•Mercury is in fact the legendary sorceror Moebius!

In this unforeseen turn of events, Kouryujin Ryuuga, who had been monitoring the events, gave Maxi a hint on the revival of the Holy Demon God, who has become the Satellite Masterion. The fight between Moebius and Maxi, who dons the power of the Holy Demon God begins!
image93(Kouryujin Ryuuga)
Once a member of the Heroes of Light, who saved the Human Realm. From his achievements, the Balance God praised him, and raised him to Godhood after he spent his mortal life. As he was originally human, his love for the land is deep, and in the stead of the God of Balance, he receives many favors from the mortals. He is also active in the Heaven Realm, serving as the God of Balance’s aide, and making many improvements. With Masterion’s pleading, he creates the Satellite weapons with Masterion’s soul as a base. However, against the menace faced by the mortals, he calls for the resurrection of the Holy Demon God. He has silently descended and faces his master’s killer, but…

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything… it is true you are my master’s killer, but a father never interferes with his children’s squabbles!”
image102(Seimajin Masterion)
Once the king of terror that shook the world. With the efforts of the Heroes of Light, his soul was once destroyed, but at the mercy of Creare, was reborn and cleansed as the Holy Demon God. He praises the Heroes of Light who defeated him and has since then watched them from afar as their Guardian God. During the Heaven Earth War, he transformed into the Masterion Belt and directly gave his power to Ryuuga. Later with the birth of the new gods, he determined to give himself to the new age in the new form as Satellite Masterion. However, he has resurrected with the Satellite Masterion and Satellite Phoenix’s unforeseen fusion…

“It has been a long time… Crimson Serpent… you’ve changed quite a bit since we’ve last met, haven’t you?”
image80(Madoushin Moebius)
The origin of all sorcerors who were human and longed for godhood. World conquest through demon lord summoning, picking a fight with the gods by stealing an artifact, his deeds are too many to count. His only desire is to “unveil the truths, and sate his desire for knowledge”, and his only goal is the act of deepening his knowledge. World conquest is but a method in that effort. It can be said he holds no personal desire. He attempted to play god and created a world, but all that was made was but an unstable and imperfect world…

“I had intended to just disappear, but it seems I have become a bit attached… nothing as pretty as a poor child… be it revenge, or we all perish, it may be what I wanted!!”


image63Within the remains of battle, a lone boy stands. Perhaps he is reaching out as if to grasp onto something he is looking for. A shadow approaches from behind.

“Come, let’s go… back to the peaceful days…”

image75(Chouwashin Balanciel)
The almighty God who wields the power of balance. It can be said that all in the world was created by her. That is why perhaps she was a bit confused to learn of the new world known as the Rashingoku. She was going to let it pass as long as Rashingoku remained separate from the world, but when it began to make contact with the world, she did not see it in positive light. As the irregulars known as the Rashinki made their appearance in the realm, she immediately quarantined them in the Shingoku Box. But with Zeronix’s rebellion, she had no choice but to accept them.

“I will not give out punishment… whatever happens now, the answer is something you need to make yourself.”
Moebius’ power was absolute, but the extreme amount of magical energy was successfully absorbed by Masterion. Despite a hard battle, Maxi was able to win with the cheering of friends and Meryl’s support. There was no hate nor anger on the defeated Moebius’ face. Moebius, who had long watched over the Rashinki has changed. As Moebius entrusted all of the knowledge and magical energy that holds the Rashinki’s fate in Maxi’s hands, his body crumbles into the earth. Balanciel, who took pity on him, erased his memories and resurrected him as a child.

Maxi, who heard Moebius’ wish, vows alongside Zero to become the Rashinki’s guardian gods. Balanciel forgives the High Ogres, and with her help, Rashingoku is restored to life. The Rashinki, with their restored world return to their renewed home, alongside Maxi and Zero. Meryl and Azel (Meryl’s brother) can also be seen leaving after them…

As they leave, in Maxi and Zero’s minds are the words of their master (Balanciel), “True kindness is to forgive mistakes, and to believe and wait for others”. With those words in mind, the two gods pray for the peace and prosperity of the Rashinki.

Volume 4 End

wefaman(Wafer comments)
– The Rashingoku’s continued survival for the past 7,000,000 years is all due to the “Crimson Serpent’s” magical power!

– Rashinki are artificial humans created by the “Crimson Serpent” through sample factors he had acquired!

Shinra Bansho Choco is a property of Bandai.
All trademarks and copyrights referred to on this site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders

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