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Story Guide: Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Fugakuden

Original research and text by: Eis
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Story Guide Index
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Fugakuden
Shingoku no Shou, Ouga Rasen no Shou
ZX Factor, Shichiten no Hasha
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Kuja Senran no Shou
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

Chapter I

release_icon_1第一章 – Dai Ishou
Card Listing
Volume 1 (3/14/2005 – Reprint: 3/6/2006)English
Volume 2 (7/18/2005)English
Volume 3 (10/17/2005)
Volume 4 (1/16/2006)

The first two volumes of Chapter I are available on our Card Translations page.

Long ago in the time known as the Age of Myths, four gods decided to safeguard the four corners of the world to keep mankind safe from otherworldly beings. The four gods eventually left descendants, and it was they who eventually formed the tribes. The tribes possessed a special trait derived from their god ancestor, and were known as the Seiryu (Azure Dragon), Juuga (Beast Fang), Hiten (Soaring Heavens) and Gaira (Armored). Each tribe lived in their land and developed their own culture, and with the blood inherited from their god, continued to develop their special traits as well.

The four tribes followed their duty and protected the powerless humans from evil monsters, fighting to protect the peace. However…

The peace of the continent was suddenly torn apart by the plotting of an unknown being. The central continent as well as the four realms were split apart and the battle for supremacy begins!

-Direct translation from


The first world of Shinra Bansho Choco is split into five realms. North, East, South, West and Center.

-The northern realm is home to the Gaira Tribe, who are physically fitter than all others and excels at the use of technology.
-The east is the realm of the Seiryu Tribe, who has horns on their heads and are adept at magic (the protagonist of Arc 1, Saiga, is a member of this tribe).
-The south is the realm of the Hiten Tribe, and possesses beautiful wings that allow them to take to the air with great speed, and also possesses magic abilities depending on the number of wings on their back.
-The west is the realm of the Juuga Tribe, who are a prideful, beastlike people with superhuman physical abilities.

Lastly, the Central Kingdom, pretty small compared to the other realms, seems to just be the seat of power for whoever is ruling the whole continent, as the previous emperor, Fugaku, was a member of the Seiryu Tribe.

Initially, the four tribes are at war with each other, although the Seiryu form an alliance with the Hiten, while the Juuga side with the Gaira. This is in the wake of the disappearance of the previous Emperor – with him gone, as well as the previous leaders of each of the four tribes, suspicions run amuck in this power vacuum.

cutin_001110[0] cutin_001120[0]
Saiga of the Seiryu Tribe Edgar of the Juuga Tribe
cutin_001130[0] cutin_001140[0]
Alex of the Hiten Tribe Polaris of the Gaira Tribe

Another character worth noting is Kyoheishi Orion, a robot discovered by the Gaira Tribe in ancient ruins and reactivated to guard their leader, Polaris. Although only playing a small role as an ally here, Orion will be seen again later.



Masterion is an important re-occurring character in most of the arcs of the first setting.

During the first chapter, Masterion manipulates the four tribes into turning against each other, whispering lies and deceit into the ears of the new leaders of the four tribes. Responsible for the murder of Emperor Fugaku, Masterion seals the Central Kingdom from entry and continuously leaks false information to the four tribes, goading them into fighting each other.
Later, Sirius of the Gaira Tribe, who has been working behind the scenes to find out the truth, discovers Masterion as the true mastermind. The fighting between the Four Tribes begins to halt as they turn their heads towards the Central Kingdom. However, the forces of his newly formed Koumazoku (Imperial Demon Clan) were overwhelming – summoned from the Demon Realm, they’re led by Demon General Belial and Demon General Astaroth. And not only that, the gates of the Central Kingdom were protected by four powerful guardians, each with some insight of the tribe they are guarding against.

cutin_001250[0] cutin_001251[0]
Mashougun Belial Mashougun Astaroth

However, through much fighting and the heroic battles of our protagonists, the guardians were defeated (and redeemed), and Masterion’s armies pushed back. Even when apparently, Masterion recovered enough strength to restore his powers as a Demon Lord, he was defeated with the combined might of the four tribe leaders, Saiga, Polaris, Alex and Edgar, finally sealing him away. Peace was restored and Saiga was crowned as the new emperor.

Chapter II

release_icon_2第二章 – Dai Ni Shou
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/17/2006)
Volume 2 (7/17/2006)
Volume 3 (10/16/2006)
Volume 4 (1/15/2007)

1,000 years later, Bonemaster, along with other remnant demons, began an operation to revive Masterion by stealing the vessel that the demon lord was sealed in.

However, Belial, who returned to rule the ruined Great Demon Realm after Masterion’s defeat, is more concerned with maintaining order within the realm. Along with Astaroth and the third demon general, Arioch, they hold the position of Big Three. Along the way, Astaroth meets with the young heroes of Arc 2 (descendants of the heroes in Chapter I), and warns them about the dangers of the demon realm. Belial also joins forces to protect the order, and to prevent the unsealing of Masterion, though he fails to do so and is turned to stone when he blocks an attack by Bonemaster meant for Ouki.

cutin_002102[0] cutin_002106[0]
Raijin no Ryuuga Senko no Ouki
2410[0] 2411[0]
A Petrified Belial Majin Masterion

Arc 2 ends with Bonemaster successfully reviving Masterion as the Demon God, but ultimately with Masterion defeated and his soul destroyed. The Heroes of Light, were healed of their wounds and Belial’s petrification was lifted by the Goddess of Creation, Souzoushin Creare, (who did so in order to make amends for being partly responsible for all of this) after which she uses her powers to return everyone to their homes. After peace returns, the Heroes of Light each begins their own journey to better themselves.
2431[0]However…there exists a sorcerer, Madoushi Moebius, with plans of his own…
(His card, hinting of things to come, came with a Shinra Bansho card album)

Chapter III

release_icon_3第三章 – Dai San Shou
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/16/2007)
Volume 2 (7/16/2007)
Volume 3 (10/15/2007)
Volume 4 (1/14/2008)

Volume 1

It has been 3 years since the defeat of Masterion. Mankind continues to bless their ancestors and live in a life of peace and balance. The five Heroes of Light, having fulfilled their duty, separated into personal journeys to improve themselves.

3101[0] 3103[0]
Raijin no Ryuuga, three years older Senko Shogun Ouki

It was then that in the sky appeared the Floating Isle and the land was thrown into chaos as powerful lightning struck the land. It was the hand of Moebius, who plots world conquest.

3100[0] 3117[0]
Core Cube Madou Ou Moebius

It seems Moebius was the first human to step foot into the Heaven Realm. He was also secretly obeying the orders of Deathtoll, culling his favor in order to steal the Core Cube, a powerful artifact of the Heaven Realm. With the Core Cube stolen, Moebius turned the Floating Isle in the Human Realm into his personal mobile fortress, and there he created many new monsters with his augmented magical power.

Empress Terrace calls for the return of the Heroes of Light, but with the remaining three yet to return, Ryuuga and Ouki hastily made their way towards the Floating Isle, chasing after Daimadou Raisen who had already made his way to the Floating Isle alone.
3102[0]Upon the Floating Isle, Raisen meets his former master and challenges him in battle. There the two fought what is probably one of the most fierce magical battles at the time. However, against the power of the Sorceror King, the most powerful mage known in history, the torch that is Raisen’s life was snuffed out, never to light again.

Ryuuga and Ouki, who arrived at the Floating Isle, too late to his aid would pick up where Raisen left off. There, Moebius, who sustained wounds in his battle with Raisen, was finished off by Ouki who in return received fatal wounds.

Volume 1 End

Raisen’s connection with Moebius is that of master (Moebius) & pupil (Raisen). He had attained some sort of power to sustain his youth and extend his longevity, searching for the whereabouts of Moebius for many years. After his death, his sword and title would be entrusted and succeeded by his student, Shion.

Volume 2

Ryuuga, alone at the Floating Fortress, realizes that with the Core Cube stolen from the Heaven Realm, the mortals have angered Deathtoll and the Gods of Destruction. It was then the remaining Heroes of Light arrive, and as the new leader of the Heroes of Light, Ryuuga determines that in order to save mankind, the Core Cube must be returned to the Destruction Gods.

3201[0] 3218[0]
Raiko no Ryuuga Hakaishin Deathtoll

As Ryuuga & co. make their way to the Heaven Realm in order to return the cube, they are welcomed by the Creation God Lavista. Lavista, god of arts and pleasure, had heard of the tales of the Heroes of Light and their exploits in the Demon Realm and wished to act as their guide. However, learning that mortals have once again dared to set foot into the Heavens, the Destruction Gods send their knights lead by Destia of the Heavy Blade in order to repel the “invaders”.

3228[0] 3220[0]
Lavista Yasha Ou Hardin

Ryuuga & co. express their wish to return the Core Cube, but having been betrayed by Moebius, the knights did not believe them. As the knights attack, Ryuuga & Co. are forced into a defensive battle. Lavista attempts to stop the battle but then Hardin appeared, and Lavista was struck down in a single strike.

Realizing he has gone too far, Hardin rallies the knights and retreats.

Volume 2 End

Volume 3

Having lost Lavista, the Heroes are met by his brother god, Riviera. Riviera guides the Heroes to the temple of the Creation Gods, where they are met by their old allies, the Guardian Beasts. There, Creare appears before the heroes, and tell them of the Mother Cube, and its relation to the Core Cube. She also tells them that in order to quell Deathtoll’s anger, the heroes must show him the “possibility of mankind”.

3325[0] 3302[0]
Na Ra Ou Riviera Ryujin Shinden (Guardian Beast)

Understanding their task, the heroes set forth towards the Destruction Gods whereabouts. It is there that Hardin and the Destruction God Knights reappear, demanding the heroes to leave. Riviera manages to convince Hardin to let the heroes stay, however Ryuuga & Co. declare that they will face them so they may show them mankind’s “possibility”. Synchronizing with their respective Guardian Beasts, the Heroes of Light transform into the strongest beings of mankind! The Heroes of Light and the Destruction Gods fight, and despite being of equal strength, the heroes slowly take the upper hand, slowly beating the knights.

3301[0] 3316[0]
Raijin Ou Ryuuga Yasha Ou Hardin

However, they are hard pressed once again as Hardin reveals his true form. Against this powerful foe, Ouki’s spirit (more accurately, an illusion, or some sort of residual essence in his sword, Senkou no Tsurugi [Sword of Flash], that Ryuuga now carries) calls out for Helios to go for the Heroes’ aid. With Ryuuga & Helios’ fusion, Ryuuga’s Raijintou (Thunder Sword) and Senkou no Tsurugi fuses to become the Kougatou (Light Fang Sword).

3331[0] 3309[0]
Raiko Ou Ryuuga Kishin Helios

As Hardin raises his blade against Ryuuga’s two beaming blades, Hardin’s weapon shatters. Hardin, having received the attack senses and realizes that there is no malice coming from Ryuuga’s attack. He halts his attack, and promises to lead the Heroes to Deathtoll.

Volume 3 End

Volume 4

As promised, Hardin leads the Heroes to the Destruction Gods’ temple. There the Heroes face the strongest beings in the Heaven Realm, Rasetsu Ou Rasleed, and the Three God Generals.
Hardin attempts to break through, but is swiftly felled by Rasleed in a single strike. Having lost Hardin as they have lost Lavista, the Heroes trusted in their strength to quickly break through this predicament in their awakened forms. They make their way to Deathtoll where they apologize for Moebius’ trickery and theft of the Core Cube, and asked for his mercy on mankind. Deathtoll however, would not so easily forgive Moebius’ sins and attacks the Heroes of Light.

Having fought through the Heaven Realm, the wounded Heroes of Light fell before the power of Deathtoll. The fusion with the Guardian Beasts were broken and the Heroes fall to the ground.
It was then that Helios calls to the other Guardian Beasts, and as their cries resonated with one another, the five Guardian Beasts fuse into one great golden Guardian Beast, the Golden Dragon Kouryuu. The Ultimate Guardian Beast, Ryujin Ou Kouryuu admits Ryuuga as its new master.

3411[0] 3412[0]
Hikari Ryujin Ryuuga Hakaishin Deathtoll

Ryuuga, in his new form wields power rivaling that of the Gods and the battle is renewed. The remaining three Heroes of Light hold out their hands and lend their strength to Ryuuga for a single decisive strike. Ryuuga’s “Kouryuken – Mumyou Shinmetsu Ha” strikes Deathtoll square and the God of Destruction is defeated. At that moment, the forces of Heaven stop their attack on the Human Realm. The war between the Gods and Mortals has ended.

Deathtoll was defeated. With this battle, he realizes mankind’s strong spirit to never admit defeat, and at the same time realizes his own mistakes. The Creation Gods, who have witnessed the conflict on the side, arrived to lend their hand. Understanding that Creation and Destruction are always a pair, that though they may be different they are but different faces of the same coin, and will never become apart. In a step towards the forging of a new world order, Creare and Deathtoll come together, fusing, to become one, and the God of Balance was born, Chowashin Balanciel, and the Heroes of Light were given the Holy Grail as a vow of peace.3430[0]“神羅万象 Shinra Bansho”… that which means to live faithfully with all of one’s heart in the “present”. To long for Eternity or Perfection is not mankind’s duty. Rather, it is to balance all that exists in the world, and entrust its “possibility” to the future. Through the battle with the Gods, the “reason to live” has been deeply carved into mankind…

Volume 4 End

On a side note, in Chapter III, Volume 4, Orion makes another appearance.

3404[0] 3405[0]
Kikaishin Orion Jukishin Procyon

Somehow, he has since recovered his memories and true body, and it turns out he’s the Machine World God. He’s joined by Procyon, who is in fact Clip, a little robot created by Zepel of the Gaira back in Chapter I. Wishing to become strong like Orion, he appeared again in Chapter II, with modifications to try to match his idol. Here in Chapter III, thanks to the ancient ruins Orion was unearthed from originally, he now has the power fulfill his dream of fighting alongside Orion.

Together, they help to defend the human realm.


release_icon_4Best Selection 富嶽伝 – Fugaku Legend
Card Listing


A prequel, taking place before Chapter I, cataloging Dragon King Fugaku’s rise to power. This installment, a single volume, only has a few new cards, otherwise functioning as a “Best Selection” with reprints of cards from the previous chapters.

Shinra Bansho Choco is a property of Bandai.
All trademarks and copyrights referred to on this site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders


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