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Story Guide: Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Kuja Senran no Shou

Original research and text by: Eis
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Shingoku no Shou, Ouga Rasen no Shou
ZX Factor, Shichiten no Hasha
Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, Kuja Senran no Shou
Tenchi Shinmei no Shou

Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar

release_icon_9大魔王と八つの柱駒 – Great Demon Lord and The Eight Pillars
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/16/2012)English
Volume 2 (7/16/2012)
Volume 3 (10/15/2012)
Volume 4 (1/14/2013)

The first volume of Daimao is available on our Card Translations page.

This story begins in yet another new world, taking place in the Solomon Continent. Both humans and demons live in this land, ruled by the Great Demon Lord Ark. But some humans resent this situation, and plan to revolt: The young warrior Heero and his allies defeat Ark, using the power of the demon sealing artifacts known as the Eight Pillar Pieces.

cutin_008100[0] cutin_008107[0]
Daimaoh Ark Yuusha Heero

Without a Great Demon Lord around, instead of weakening, the demons of the land become violent and attack humans – it was this Overlord’s power and law that had kept them in check. Having little other choice, the seal on Ark is undone and he is resurrected, although without his full power, his form reverts to that of a child. And so, Ark embarks on an journey to become the lord of the land once again, along with Heero’s gang of adventurers, the Punishers. A so-called “Overlord Subjugation Squad”, they remain suspicious of Ark, although being a jolly fellow who took his own defeat in stride, he himself thinks of them as friends.

Later on, Belzebuth and Asmodeus from Ouga Rasen reappear – it’s said they had jumped from another dimension to get here. Please see the Blue Demon Guide for more details on these two and their story up through Daimao (and beyond).

In Volume 2, Magicko (of the Punishers) is given the Electric Rabbit Staff by Ark, helping to bolster her magical power. In Volume 3, she acquires the Holy Sword Azoth, further powering up her magic through alchemy and allowing her to weaken her enemies.

8323[0] 8419[0]
Daimadou Magicko (with Azoth and Electric Rabbit Staff) Madou Ou Magicko (with Caduceus)

In Volume 4, she uses Azoth to power up the Electric Rabbit Staff, turning it into a staff called Caduceus.

By the end of this story, Ark is restored to his place as ruler of the Solomon Continent.

It is implied here, and in the next chapter, that Ark has lost any memories he may have had of his origins long ago…

Kuja Senran no Shou

release_icon_10九邪戦乱の章 – The War of Nine Evils Chapter
Card Listing
Volume 1 (4/15/2013)
Volume 2 (7/15/2013)
Volume 3 (10/14/2013)
Volume 4 (1/13/2014)

Several hundred years have passed since the last story on the Solomon Continent, which ended with Ark re-uniting the land. The Mazoku (Demons) are now known as the Seimazoku (Holy Demons), and live peacefully with the humans.

Mephisto, long imprisoned for causing war and havoc in Solomon in the previous chapter, manages to escape and exacts her revenge: Using the Cards of Summoning, the Arcana Tarot, she creates a Dimensional Gateway – and through that gateway, she calls on the Jashingun (Devil Swarm) to invade and cause chaos.

9101[0] 9102[0]
Kyouranoh Mephisto Ankoku no Jashingun

The Devil Swarm consists of beings with no cause, ideal, or ambition – they simply exist with an imperative to destroy all life they encounter. They’ve previously annihilated countless other worlds, targeting those with highly advanced civilizations in particular. With their strength and overwhelming numbers, even the strength of Ark and the Seven Demon Lords paled in comparison. The world appears to be doomed.

Desperate, Ark tries to embark on suicide attack, intending to self-destruct and obliterate the main Devil Swarm forces. However, the Seven Demon Lords step up, inspired by his resolve, and take part in the assault. Joining hands, the eight head for the Dimensional Portal the swarm are pouring from.

As a result, the Dimensional Portal is destroyed, and the damaged Devil Swarm’s momentum is temporarily halted. Even without the portal though, their remaining forces are still vast – to make matters worse, while Ark survived, his magical energy was completely exhausted, and the Seven Demon Lords have disappeared. Without equal, the Devil Swarm ravage the Holy Demons. Hope thins yet again.

But as it turns out, they weren’t the only ones to emerge from the Dimensional Portal…
9106[0]A young man is found fighting the Devil Swarm alone. He is brought before Ark, who awakens following the battle that left him incapacitated. His name is Apollo, and since his homeland was being attacked by the Devil Swarm when they were summoned to Solomon, he got caught up in it and transported as well. Captivated by Ark’s strength and character, Apollo becomes his pupil, training to avenge the loss of his home – a place called Olympus.

And so, as he learns about Solomon and its people, he is sent after the Devil Swarm remnants whenever they appear. Protecting the land he now calls his second home, Apollo swears to them out for good.


9110[0] 9118[0]
Seiten no Arcana Jukishin G Procyon

Arcana, Ark’s ever loyal familiar since the last installment, spends three days and three nights unraveling the secrets of the Arcana Tarot, finding a way to use them for a beneficial purpose: Summoning heroes from other worlds to join the fight against the Devil Swarm! Initially though, she is only able to summon one at a time, and from a specific range of dimensions, those being Shinmakai (God Demon World), Konjuukai (Spirit World), and Kikai (Machine World).

This means bringing back characters from previous Shinra Bansho chapters. It appears the Shinmakai and Kikai here are the same ones referenced in the original chapters, while Konjuukai is from ZX Factor.

Among the first Arcana summons are Melfis, hailing from Shinmakai, who first appeared in Chapter II (further info in the Blue Demon Guide), and G Procyon, from Kikai. It seems he upgraded to his G form sometime his last appearance.9109[0]Noin, a mysterious girl with no apparent memories, is also present – protected by Apollo, she is for some reason afraid of those living on the Solomon Continent, but opens up to the otherwordly heroes.

Later on, Arcana summons even more heroes, and in Volume 3, this includes more from Shinmakai like Belial and Astaroth (see Blue Demon Guide), as well as Orion.

9317[0] 9231[0]
Kikaishin A Orion Kaze no Rapha-El

He too has powered up, now known as Astro Orion. As it turns out, it was the Jashingun who destroyed the original Machine World ages ago – specifically, the Seraph Rapha-El of the Wind. He pursues the chance to avenge his race.

Alongside G Procyon and the Pleiades 7 Star Troupe, he fights Rapha-El, and although four of the 7 Stars go down in the battle, Rapha-El is destroyed by Gold Mode A Orion’s finisher attack.

9205[0] 9207[0]
Kurohakana Hoshi Noin Reihitsugi Majin Nephthys

In Volume 2, during an attack by the Jashingun, the Ennead Tarot appear before Noin. Mysteriously, even to her, she already knows how use them. Much like the Arcana Tarot, they’re used to summon individuals, but these specifically summon gods known as the Ennead.

9329[0] 9330[0]
Dai Kenja Magicko Daimadou Ou Ark

Also in Volume 3, Magicko returns the Caduceus to Ark. With it, he regains some of his magic power, as well as some of his memories…

As the battle intensifies, the Jashingun’s Four Major Seraph progressively appear. This includes the previously mentioned Rapha-El of Wind, as well as Ah-Riel of Earth, Jib-Ril of Water, and Besh-Ter of Fire. Besh-Ter in particular led the invasion of Olympus, and Apollo is fired up to take revenge for his people.

9303[0] 9321[0]
Hi no Besh-Ter Kiyouhosei Noin

And a revelation makes itself apparent: The Jashingun have employed the practice of sending a “spy” to the worlds they invade, created using biological data they’ve obtained. Due to them being forcibly summoned to Solomon while they were in Olympus, however, data from Olympus was mixed with data from Mephisto (the one who called them) – the result was Noin.

(The following events are depicted to some degree in the Shinra Bansho 10th Anniversary Animation)

The war rages on regardless, and although progress is made against the Devil Swarm thanks to the summoned heroes, the Four Seraph manage to fuse into one being: Devil King Melta Toros, the ultimate being of their kind. Gigantic in size, yet also incredibly fast, they possess the ability to learn very quickly, picking up everything from technique to language just from battling with Apollo in a matter of moments.

9405[0] 9403[0]
Shakuen Taiyo Oh Apollo Jashin Oh Melta Toros

Apollo fights valiantly, but struggles – the outcome of the battle appears inevitable. Noin is not about to let things end like this, however: freed of the possession of the Jashingun, and with magic power derived both from Olympus and Mephisto, she uses the Ennead Tarot to summon one last time, calling forth the strongest of the Ennead – Creator God Atum.

9420[0] 9426[0]
Tsukika Seiten Noin Sousei Majin Atum

She wishes for protection for Apollo, and Atum responds by granting him power. It just so happens that the two of them are both sun gods, so it works out well: Apollo is fully awakened to his potential, becoming Blazing Sun God Apollo (Shakuen Taiyo Shin Apollo).
On behalf of his two homelands of Solomon and Olympus, he vanquishes Melta Toros, putting an end to the war.

And so, Apollo and friends have defeated the invading Devil Swarm. There are apparently still small remnants, but they’re easy enough to deal with. The summoned heroes return to their respective homes, while Apollo and Noin decide to live on the Solomon Continent.

The battles concluded, the Caduceus staff is no longer needed for the time being, and it is placed at an old altar. Left alone, magic begins to flow from it…
9431[0]…and the sorceror Moebius is revived! The story continues in Tenchi Shinmei no Shou…

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