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Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Out 4/7, Top Characters Selection Stuff

topmain_jawdroppingly_handsome_like_oh_my_gooooooood_cropOh look! Incredibly gorgeous young men! This can only mean one thing: Shinra Bansho – Tenchi Shinmei no Shou (Gods of Heaven and Earth) is coming out in less than a month, on April 7th! This is actually a week earlier than usual, interestingly.

This marks the 10th set of the series, and as the appearance of Grumpy Saiga indicates, it’s billed as a “Shinra Bansho All-Star War”, with previous characters returning. As the product page shows, it already looks like Apollo and Ark are back yet again, along with Raisen and Shion. The blurred out card previews are likely Sirius and Arcana.

And the main character this time seems to be none other than Moebius, the troublemaking sorcerer who keeps popping up all throughout Shinra Bansho’s history. We’ve got his antics cataloged pretty well in the Story Guide, so why not go get caught up?

Finally, there’s at last a page for Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection, the all holographic card set from last month. has some coverage of an event held for the set at hobby shop Yellow Submarine on their main page.

Although is still sold out, I’ve been getting word that it’s been blipping in and out of stock, so eagle eyed buyers may want to stay persistent. It’s more likely to pop up during daytime/morning hours in Japan.


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