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Astaroth Model Previewed, New Anime Ad

imsurethoseofyouwithaweirdpetrificationthingwillappeciatethis A recent magazine entry shows a prototype of the Astaroth figure coming from Mega Hobby’s Excellent Model line. See the full image on Twitter. It appears the pose is an adaptation of her Chapter II, Volume 2 appearance, which was referenced in the initial announcement. The final version will, of course, be prepainted. No pricing or release date available yet. More news as it comes.

For Shinra Bansho: Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, the tenth installment in the series coming April 7th, there’s a fully animated ad now airing on Japanese television. (3/26 EDIT:) Here’s the official 30 second version and the near 2 minute extended version. As with previous media, it depicts Volume 1 as a conflict between Moebius, Ark, and Apollo of the Solomon Continent and Saiga, Polaris, and Sirius from Chapter I.

Finally, some other Tenchi Shinmei things to note:
The official character page on the site shows Balanciel is back.
-A number of magazine scans have appeared on Twitter showing the card art for the characters appearing. See in particular here (showing Kuon) and here (showing Arcana and Noin).


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