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Huge Story Guide Update – Second Year Anniversary!

3430[0]It’s been two years since the once nameless Shinra Bansho World started up. Thanks to all readers for your interest and support!

Just in time to celebrate, the Story Guide section has had a huge update! As ever, Eis is the one to thank for all this info. Here’s the big change:

Chapter III, well as Shingoku no Shou and Ouga Rasen no Shou now have full-fledged summaries, more thorough than anything before! This comes complete with a slate of character images.

There’s been a few other small changes as well, described below:
Format update –
-The main page now splits the story guide into multiple sections.
-Each chapter arc (and volume, where mentioned) have links to their card scans on, making it easier to follow along with those if you’d like.

Other story updates –
-Chapter I now makes reference to Orion, as his appearances afterwards are now detailed throughout the guide.
-Chapter II, at the end, now has an image of Creare (since she’s important), and Moebius, from a card album pack in.
-Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, at the end, adds references to the Caduceus staff and Ark’s memories (or lack thereof).
-Kuja Senran no Shou, at the end, adds Noin, Procyon and Orion’s appearances, the Ennead Tarot, more Caduceus and Ark, and the epilogue.

Overall, connections between chapters to the character Moebius are more clear than ever – leading to his return in the next chapter, Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, this April!


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