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ZX Factor, Volume 4 – Waferman’s Whispers

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco ZX Factor official site)

The information below, added to the website over time, will make the most sense if the cards are read first. It can still technically be read in any order, however. Includes:

Important EventsImportant Keyword TermsInteresting Trivia


Important Events in ZX-Factor, Chapter 4

1. (17 January 2011): The Location of the Bondstone
Satisfied with the results of his son’s growth, Headmaster Gai intended to return the Bondstone to its rightful owner Kai. Discarding his armor, Gai revealed that the Bondstone was embedded deep with in his chest; he purposely sealed the jewel away inside his own body in order to hide its existence from everyone.
2. (20 January 2011): Kanato Gets Chaotic
As soon as Gai revealed the location of the Bondstone, someone else’s fist suddenly punched straight through Gai’s torso from behind! The Bondstone, now covered in fresh blood, was firmly clenched in the assailant’s hand. Gai falls to the ground, powerless, revealing his attacker who stood behind him… Student Council President Kanato, coated in Gai’s blood, now had the Bondstone in his grasp!
3. (25 January 2011): Izuna, Brainwashed
To make matters worse, Kanato also had the secret treasures of the Golden Dragon in his possession: Rienseki the Severing Stone and Ketsuenseki the Fusion Stone. Kanato used the special powers of these two jewels on Kai; this forced Izuna to break her contract with Kai and forge a new one with Kanato. Izuna tried to get herself out of this forced pact, but immediately got brainwashed by Ken’s Spirit Nyarla and her powers of mesmerism.
4. (27 January 2011): Kanato’s Ambition
With Izuna now a mindless drone forced to obey Kanato’s every command, she relinquished all her powers to her new master by fusing with him. And thus the legendary “ZX-Factor” was born! Kai could only stare in blank amazement at the sudden turn of events as Kanato, now a ZX-Factor, walked up to him. Getting close to Kai’s ear, Kanato whispers his true final motive: with his newfound powers, he intends to complete his own quest for vengeance by destroying Phoenix Academy…!!
5. (01 February 2011): The Last Word
“Come and stop me if you can.” These were the last words Kanato left to Kai before he quietly vanished from the scene together with Ken. Team Amagahara and the rest of the Student Council entered the Headmaster’s office just after Kanato left. By the next day, neither Kanato nor Ken were anywhere to be found on campus…. Unable to accept the fact that Kanato had deceived everybody, Kai couldn’t tell anyone the truth regarding Kanato’s sudden disappearance.
6. (04 February 2011): Assault of the Super Gekaijuu
Time passed calmly since then, with Kanato and Ken’s whereabouts still unknown, and soon it was Wintertime in Yamato City. Kai had started his own search for Kanato, but couldn’t get any satisfactory results. Then one day, when Headmaster Gai managed to fully recover from his wounds, a major incident occurred: a horde of abnormally powerful Gekaijuu surged out of the ancient underground ruins and started attacking the Academy…!
7. (08 February 2011): Encouragement from Friends
Having a hunch that this sudden Gekaijuu assault was Kanato’s handiwork, Kai searched the premises for his presence. Kai soon picked up on the famailar magical aura of his partner Izuna; he then reluctantly decided to leave the besieged Academy behind to settle things with Kanato once and for all. The other members of Team Amagahara and Suzaku Professor Marion then rushed towards Kai. Without asking about the circumstances of his decision, they lent their Artifacts to Kai and sent him off with their best wishes.
8. (15 February 2011): Reiga vs. Ken
As the struggle to defend the Academy began, Kai ran off into Gekai chasing after traces of Izuna’s magic aura. He soon arrived at a wide area of abandoned ruins, where he spotted Chairman Reiga battling against Ken with Kanato watching from the sidelines with a lonely expression. Ken seemed to be at a disadvantage in this battle, but that changed when the Chairman attempted to end the duel with his ultimate technique. Using his Ability Reflector powers with precision timing, Ken made Chairman Reiga crumble under the brutality of his own deadliest attack….
9. (18 February 2011): Kai vs. Ken
After defeating Chairman Reiga with his menacing reflection abilities, Ken rushed towards his new target, Kai. However, Kai was completely out of Ken’s league. Kai’s ability to dramatically increase his own speed was far too much for Ken’s reflection powers to handle; Ken lost to Kai in a matter of seconds.
10. (22 February 2011): Discussions
After defeating Ken, Kai tried once again to talk things over with Kanato. With grim determination, he tried to explain the truth behind the incidents of the past that sparked Kanato’s desire for revenge, but Kanato wouldn’t accept any of it. And so, to release Kanato from his own deep-rooted delusions and misguided intentions, Kai chose to fight him.
11. (25 February 2011): A Fight to the Death
The relentless attacks released by Kanato and his Spirit Emerukamui were excruciating. Even with all of his friends’ Artifacts armed on him, Kai saw their Spirits fall in defeat one after the other before Kanato’s brutal assault. Nevertheless, Kai desperately called out to Izuna who was trapped inside Kanato, but she gave no response back. It was almost as if his calls to her were empty. As the intense brawl raged on, things went excessively in Kanato’s favor; in short time, Kai was forced out of his Spirit Arms mode as his final Spirit, Ryuuki, was also overtaken by Emerukamui….
12. (01 March 2011): Reversal
As Emerukamui went in for the finishing blow, a great miracle happened. Watching Kai on the verge of getting slaughtered was enough to have Izuna’s heart break free from her deep hypnotized trance! Having regained her sense of self, Izuna separated herself from Kanato, broke their coerced contract, and rushed to Kai’s side to reforge her pact with him. Thus Kanato lost all of his ZX-Factor powers, and Kai awakened as a new ZX-Factor. The tables had turned in this fight, and Kai resolved the conflict in mere moments.
13. (04 March 2011): Extra Story 01, An Excerpt from Kanato’s Journal Entries
“Hou’ouin Reiga and I are not really father and son. My real parents lost their lives while travelling on adventures with Reiga. But I know the truth. Mom and Dad didn’t die because of some unfortunate accident; Reiga murdered them! Taking care of me as a foster father was only his way of hiding his guilt, I’m sure of it. I will give Reiga the proper punishment he deserves! I will not take his life. Instead, I shall destroy his reputation, and all the authority and honor he’s built up until now! Only then will my revenge be complete!!”
14. (07 March 2011): Extra Story 02, the Head Butler’s Testimony
“‘When Master Reiga was attacked by a horde of Gekaijuu, he regrettably used Master Kanato’s parents as decoys to lure the monsters away.’ This is what Master Kanato misunderstands as the truth, but what really happened was completely different. It was a young Master Kanato who accidentally wandered into a Gekaijuu’s den; Master Reiga rushed in alone to try and save him. Master Kanato’s parents, who arrived later, took the full blow of the Gekaijuu’s attack to shield Master Reiga. Bearing witness to his parents and their closest friend pushing and shoving each other, Master Kanato must have assumed they were fighting with each other. Because of this accident, Master Kanato’s parents passed away, and Master Reiga lost half of his body. Master Reiga concealed this truth from everyone because he was only thinking of what was best for Master Kanato….”
15. (10 March 2011): Extra Story 03, An Excerpt from the Book of Cosmic Influence
Sesshouseki, the Crystal of Bonds, is a very special gem that lets Factors evolve. Because of this, only those who are already Factors can forge a contract with the Bondstone. With this jewel, the pactmaker will awaken to new powers that extend into the Realm of Nothingness, but such abilities will endlessly vary from person to person; there is no way to specifically determine what powers one would earn. In exchange for receiving this unlimited unknown power, the pactmaker will fuse with a nine-tailed demon fox Spirit and transform into a paranormal inhuman monster. Thus he or she who forges a contract with the Bondstone shall become the Ultimate Factor of Unknown Potential。ェthe “ZX-Factor.”
16. (11 March 2011): Epilogue, “Resolutions, and….”
Kanato realized he was making many critical mistakes, but never fully acknowledged that fact; he seemed happy and thankful that Kai came in to stop him before any truly serious damage happened.
“I suppose somewhere deep in my heart I was hoping someone would stop me and my half-baked ambitions. I’m glad that someone was you, Kai,” Kanato said. “If it’s not too much trouble, I want to start things over with you as a true friend….”
“What are you talking about?” Kai responded. “You and I have been buddies since the beginning, right? KenKen, the guys at Amagahara, every single one of you guys are my precious, invaluable friends!” To Kai, who lived a lonely childhood filled with nothing but hatred and vengeance in his heart, the time he spent here at Phoenix Academy and the many new friends he made have become his greatest irreplaceable treasures.
Thus the incident has been resolved, and Kai accomplished his mission. True to its name, Sesshouseki, the “Bondstone,” perhaps was a crystal stone that connected people together through the brilliantly shining Bonds of Friendship. With those special Bonds burning brightly in his heart, Kai left the Academy while no one was watching. “Later, guys… Let’s see each other again soon!” Kai muttered as he made his departure. His facial expression, no longer clouded with resentment, was now as bright and warm as the sunlight of Spring.
*{End of ZX-Factor Saga}*

Important Keyword Terms in ZX-Factor, Chapter 4

(24 January 2011): 光翼 Kouyoku (“Lightwings”)
Lightwings are mythical wings rumored to exist only in legends. These wings overflowing with light harbor incredible healing powers within, and are said to manifest themselves only to people who have achieved a true sense of friendship and affection. Lightwing bearers are able to use these new abilities in a vast range around them like an “area of effect” spell, where any and all allies within their vicinity get power boosts of defense, endurance, and recovery. According to the Archived Records, those who already have pure white wings could potentially evolve their wings into Lightwings, but whether or not this is true remains a mystery.
(03 February 2011): 暗黒剣&震鳴槍 Ankokuken & Shinmeisou
Ankokuken the Darkness Blade and Shinmeisou the Roaring Tremor Spear are special unique weapons crafted out of the shell of Bargazal the Guardian Beast and the Ancient Supermetal Hihiirokane. Using super-high frequency vibrations, these weapons slice through everything down to a molecular level. Originally, these crafted weapons were awards that Chairman Reiga bestowed upon Team Amagahara for their discoveries in the ancient underground ruins, but after Kai received them, he soon passed them over to Edge and Rurimaru.
(09 February 2011): 超級外海獣 Choukyuu Gekaijuu (“Super-High-Class Gekaijuu”)
These are powerful ancient species of Gekaijuu that have been sleeping for countless ages deep in the underground ruins. They were originally servants to the legendary Golden Dragon Emerius, but after Kanato’s Spirit absorbed the Dragon’s power, these titanic beasts have now risen under Emerukamui’s command. Even the smallest of these “Super Gekaijuu” are giants over five meters (16ft 4.85in) tall! Some have been confirmed to be as large as ten meters (32ft 9.7in) or more. According to recent reports, over a hundred “Super Gekaijuu” stormed the campus during the Great Phoenix Academy Gekaijuu Raid.
(17 February 2011): 九曜の書 Kuyou no Sho (“Navagraha, the Book of Cosmic Influence”)
Named after the sacred spirits from Hindu mythology that influence the daily lives of all living beings on Earth, this is the secret scroll that Izuna carries tied to her head. It is believed that this scroll holds details regarding “Sesshouseki the Bondstone” and “ZX-Factors,” but only Izuna and her pactmaker can read the contents within.
(23 February 2011): 終極因使 Shuukyoku Inshi (“ZX-Factors”)
The next evolution of mankind born from the fusion between a Factor and a Spirit using the Bondstone as a catalyst. As transcendent beings that stand at the zenith above all other Factors, some even call them “forbidden Factors that have invaded the domain of the gods.” In addition to a tremendous growth surge in their physical powers, ZX-Factors also gain one single special ability that is connected to the “Void” Element. For Kanato, it was the power to stop time; in Kai’s case, it was the power to nullify others’ abilities. Since Kanato’s evolution into a ZX-Factor was imperfect, he could only pause time for a short number of seconds. Kai, however, could cancel any and all abilities within a wide range around him with virtually no time limit.
(02 March 2011): Team Amagahara and the Phoenix Academy Student Council, the Aftermath
After Kai, Karin, and Kouya left Team Amagahara, Kiriko, Edge, and Rurimaru took their place as new members. Mahiro and Kiriko still have a rocky relationship, which only makes the new leader Itsuki endlessly worried….
As for the Student Council, Kiriko’s older brother Maito became the new President, Kagemitsu the Vice President, and Mimiko the secretary, while Ruruie was the new treasurer. The general affairs representative position was left vacant. However, it appears that Ruruie has seized total authority over the Council, much to Maito’s chagrin and distress.

Interesting Trivia in ZX-Factor, Chapter 4

1. (19 January 2011): Kiriko, Edge, and Rurimaru asked Ruruie to train them. After long, hard sessions of training, Ruruie passed on her knowledge of the “Spirit Arms” Mode to the trio!
2. (28 January 2011): Karin gave Kai her Blazing Scarf, a memento of her father when he was an adventurer, as a good luck charm as she wished for his safe return!
3. (31 January 2011): As Kai made his way to the battlefield, Magna sent him a special-made Kirin Class uniform as a tribute!
4. (07 February 2011): During the Gekaijuu raid on Phoenix Academy, surprisingly there was not a single casualty. It was all thanks to the valiant efforts of Ruruie, who overused her abilities to change the course of the future in battle!
5. (10 February 2011): After graduating from his professional duties as Student Council President, it seems that Kanato has rejected all offers of becoming the next Chairman of the Board and chose to travel throughout Gekai instead!
6. (14 February 2011): At the same time Kanato graduated, Ken dropped out of the Academy and joined Kanato on his ventures in Gekai!
7. (16 February 2011): Even though Shizuka came to realize the truth behind the Phoenix Academy Raid incident, it appears she too went on her own journey into Gekai to catch up to Kanato and Ken!
8. (21 February 2011): Maito was the one who defeated the most number of Gekaijuu during the siege at Phoenix Academy; this earned him the people’s vote to be elected as the next Student Council President!
9. (24 February 2011): Mahiru stopped taking classes at the Academy when Kouya graduated, but it looks like she managed to pass the Phoenix Academy Professors’ Exam; now she’ll be working as a teacher for the upcoming school year!
10. (28 February 2011): After her graduation, Karin became an adventurer traveling through Gekai. Word has it that she currently is living a quieter life inside the hidden village of the Homura Clan!
11. (03 March 2011): In order to atone for his mistakes, Kanato helped in the rebuilding of Yamato City, thus cementing his name in history as a hero of the town!
12. (08 March 2011): After completing his mission, Kai ascended to the position of Homura Clan Village Chief; he now uses this power to watch over and protect Yamato City from the shadows!

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