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ZX Factor, Volume 4 (All)

ZX 072 Hakai-Ouji Kanato


 Image1065 Card No.: ZX-072
Hakai-Ouji Kanato

(Kanato, Prince of Destruction)

Power Level: 30

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Hou’ouin Kanato <age 18>
Race: ZX-Factor <Male>
Treasures: Rienseki (Severing Stone), Ketsuenseki (Fusion Stone), Sesshouseki (Bondstone)
Fused with: Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox
Ability: World’s End (Time Stop)
Stealing the Bondstone for himself, the Student Council President has achieved his ultimate evolution into a ZX-Factor. Kanato aims to get his revenge against his foster father Reiga by destroying Phoenix Academy….
Kanato: “How unfortunate, Kai. I had thought we were kindred spirits, but I suppose I was wrong….”

Kai: “No, Mr. Kanato, you and I have a lot in common….”

<Story: Part 38>

Satisfied with the results of his son’s growth, Headmaster Gai intended to return the Bondstone to its rightful owner Kai. Gai hid the location of the Bondstone by sealing it away inside of his own body.

ZX 073 Tenshou-Shinryuu Emerukamui


 Image1066 Card No.: ZX-073
Tenshou-Shinryuu Emerukamui

(Luminous Dragonlord Emerukamui)

Power Level: 25

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Emeru-Kamui, Divine Dragon of Annihilation
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Male>
Artifact: Taiyouken (Solar Blade) “Amaterasu” <Kirin Attribute>
Burst Released from: Kamui
Abilities: Matrix Steal (Genetic Information Theft), Ability Copy
Kamui, the Spirit of the Solar Blade, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into a golden dragon god of the Sun. He continuously grows stronger by absorbing others’ abilities.
Emerukamui: “I have memorized your abilities! Now, show me more of your power!”

Kanato: “Kai… Can you take down my Kamui?”

<Story: Part 39>

As soon as Gai revealed the location of the Bondstone to Kai, someone else’s fist punched straight through Gai’s torso from behind! The Bondstone, drenched in fresh blood, was firmly clenched in the assailant’s hand.

ZX 074 Masquerade Ken


 ZX074u Card No.: ZX-074
Masquerade Ken
Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Tsurugi Ken <age 16>
Race: Human <Male>
Artifact: Suikoken (Water Margin Blade) “Hiruko” <Genbu Attribute>
Partner (Master): Kanato the Prince of Destruction
Ability: Ability Reflector
As Kanato’s sole accomplice, Ken is the true identity behind “Death Masquerade.” His reflective ability makes him virtually invincible against all projectile attacks.
Masquerade Ken: “Your most powerful attacks have become your worst enemies…. Factors who have super-strong abilities tend to depend on those powers far too much, and that is their biggest weakness.”
<Story: Part 40>

A now powerless Headmaster falls to the ground, revealing his attacker who stood behind him… Student Council President Kanato, coated in Gai’s blood, now had the Bondstone in his grasp! To make matters worse, he also had Rienseki (the Severing Stone) and Ketsuenseki (the Fusion Stone) in his possession! Kanato then moved to use the other two jewels’ powers on Kai.

ZX 075 Gishin Nyarla


 Image1070 Card No.: ZX-075
Gishin Nyarla

(Nyarla the False Goddess)

Power Level: 20

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Nyarla Hotep
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Artifact: Suikoken (Water Margin Blade) “Hiruko” <Genbu Attribute>
Burst Released from: Naia
Abilities: Perfect Hypnotism, Karmic Retribution
Naia, the Spirit of the Water Margin Blade, has “Spirit Burst” Evolved into this formless goddess of darkness. She can mess with other people’s souls, freely controlling them like puppets.
Nyarla: “Go, my Gekaijuu! Destroy Hou’ouin Reiga’s symbol of authority—smash Phoenix Academy to the ground!!”

Ken: “We’re aiming at just the Academy itself… Don’t forget that.”

<Story: Part 41>

With the powers of the Severing and Fusion Stones, Izuna was separated from Kai and forced to forge a new contract with Kanato. Soon afterwards, Ken’s Spirit Nyarla brainwashed Izuna into obeying Kanato’s commands.

ZX 076 Shioujuu Galdion


 ZX076u Card No.: ZX-076
Shioujuu Galdion

(Lion King Beast Galdion)

Power Level: 16

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasure: Lion King’s Mane
Target: Phoenix Academy
Special Attack: Thousand Despair
A super-high-class Gekaijuu who slept deep within the ancient underground ruins. With its massive form and immense magical abilities, its destructive power stands unmatched.

Karin: “The monster’s been brainwashed… Is someone out there controlling it?!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kanato was more than comfortable supporting Kai while he still had a vengeful grudge against his father!”

ZX 077 Enkijuu Flamedinos


 ZX077u Card No.: ZX-077
Enkijuu Flamedinos

(Blazing Knight Beast Flamedinos)

Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasure: Crimson Crystal
Target: Phoenix Academy
Special Attack: Flameclaw Blast
A super-high-class Gekaijuu who slept deep within the ancient underground ruins. It is a heavy armor knight beast with a tough outer shell, but it also has high levels of mobility.

Magna: “My apprentice Kai can handle this guy! Hold out just a while longer, and believe in Kai!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kanato had high expectations for Kai, believing he was the one who could understand his own ambitions and could work together to achieve the same goal!”

ZX 078 Raitoujuu Goridolgar


 ZX078u Card No.: ZX-078
Raitoujuu Goridolgar

(Thunder Warbeast Goridolgar)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasure: Rainbow Fruit
Target: Phoenix Academy
Special Attack: Drumming Thunder Knuckle
A super-high-class Gekaijuu who slept deep within the ancient underground ruins. It has very little magical power; instead it uses its tough muscular body to overwhelm foes with devastating physical strikes.
Goridolgar: “Guhu~…!!”

Ruruie: “So, either Kai settles the score first, or we all will get destroyed before that happens…”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kanato’s parents and Reiga were all close friends since childhood; they always did everything together as a team!”

ZX 079 Juu’ouhei Fumbabar


 ZX079u Card No.: ZX-079
Juu’ouhei Fumbabar

(Royal Beast Soldier Fumbabar)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: D-Class

Race: Gekaijuu
Habitat: Underground Ruins
Treasure: Rusted Battle Axe
Target: Phoenix Academy
Special Attack: Death Horn Crush
A super-high-class Gekaijuu who slept deep within the ancient underground ruins. These Gekaijuu always move in groups of five or six; running away from such a coordinated pack is near impossible.
Fumbabar: “Vmoooh~!!”

Shizuka: “Tch! Of all times for the Council President and KenKen not to be around…!!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Kanato’s mother was Reiga’s first love, so when she passed away, he doted on her orphaned son!”

ZX 080 Ashura-Myou’ou Kai


 ZX080u Card No.: ZX-080
Ashura-Myou’ou Kai

(Kai the Asura King of Wisdom)

Power Level: 25

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Koumyouji Kai <age 16>
Race: Human/Spirit Halfbreed <Male>
Artifact: Rikudouken (Six Paths Fists) “Asura,” Arms Mode <Kirin Attribute>
Rival: Kanato the Prince of Destruction
Ability: Ashura Shinken (Divine Fist of Asura) “Ahura Mazda”
This is Kai’s Perfected Arms Mode, equipped with the Six Paths Fists, Prof. Marion’s Flaming Chains, and all Artifacts from the other four members of Amagahara. Now dressed in a new uniform, he enters the fray as a true student of Phoenix Academy!
Kai: “You and I are one and the same, Mr. Kanato! Just as I have been clinging onto a furious thirst for vengeance for most of my life up until this past year, you’re no different from me! Thanks to my friends, I’ve changed for the better… Now it’s my turn to help you change!!”
<Story: Part 42>

With Izuna now forced to obey Kanato’s will, she relinquished all her powers to her new master by fusing together with him. And thus, the legendary “ZX-Factor” was born…!

ZX 081 Kouyoku-Seiten Kiriko


 ZX081u Card No.: ZX-081
Kouyoku-Seiten Kiriko

(Lightwing Celestial Kiriko)

Power Level: 14

Battle Potential: S-Class

Full Name: Nanjouin Kiriko <age 16>
Race: Wingfolk <Female>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: Entsui (Flame Hammer) “Tajikarano’o,” Arms Mode <Suzaku Attribute>
Partner (Close Friend): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Musou Kaengeki (“Phantasm Flames”)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Gigantic Change! Kiriko’s love for Kai let her daily efforts blossom into a new level of power. Spreading her legendary shining “Lightwings,” she valiantly protects her friends!
Kiriko: “It’s only natural that I give my all for my classmates! I’m the Class President, after all!!”
<Story: Part 43>

Kanato, now a ZX-Factor, calmly revealed to Kai his true intentions: Kanato will use his newfound abilities to complete his own quest for vengeance… by annihilating Phoenix Academy! Kai could only stare in blank amazement at the sudden turn of events.

ZX 082 Tokkou-Banchou Edge


 ZX082u Card No.: ZX-082
Tokkou-Banchou Edge

(Kamikaze Bancho Edge)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: B-Class

Full Name: Nitta Eiji <age 16>
Race: Dragonoid <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: Enshitsu (Flame Comb) “Kushinada,” Arms Mode <Suzaku Attribute>
Partner (Close Friend): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Butchigiri Jigokuhen (“Buddha’s Blood Slash: Hellish Form”)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Weapon Change! Edge’s friendship with Kai has ignited a great flame to his hotblooded spirit. Edge charges into the battlefield with a new dual sword style, wielding the Blade of Darkness “Ankokuken”!
Edge: “This battlefield is the Manly Warrior Edge’s great stage! Behold this Dragonoid dandy’s rogue style and burn it into your eyes!!”
<Story: Part 44>

“Come and stop me if you can,” Kanato whispered to Kai before quietly leaving the scene. The next day after the incident, neither Kanato nor Ken could be found anywhere on campus….

ZX 083 Yuusha Rurimaru


 ZX083u Card No.: ZX-083
Yuusha Rurimaru

(Rurimaru the Hero)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Shibai Rurimaru <age 14>
Race: Beastkin <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: 1st Year Student
Artifact: Engyoku (Flame Jewel) “Kongou-Niou,” Arms Mode <Suzaku Attribute>
Partner (Close Friend): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Abilities: Shingoku Bakuretsuken (“Ultimate Bursting Punch”), Engoku Shinmeishou (“Purgatorial Tremor Thrust”)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Armor Change! Rurimaru’s trust in Kai has awakened sleeping talents within him. With the Roaring Tremor Spear “Shinmeisou” in hand, he rises up and leads his friends into battle!
Rurimaru: “I too had this kind of power… No more will I hide and be protected by others. Now I shall be the one to protect everybody!!”
<Story: Part 45>

Yamato City quietly headed into the Winter Semester. As soon as Headmaster Gai recovered from his wounds, another great incident happened. This time, a large horde of Gekaijuu was attacking the Academy…!

ZX 084 Phoenix Reiga


 ZX084u Card No.: ZX-084
Phoenix Reiga
Power Level: 17 (and dropping?)

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hou’ouin Reiga <age 48>
Race: Human <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy’s Chairman of the Board
Artifact: Ougon Kamen (Golden Mask) “Izanagi” <Kirin Attribute>
Partner (Adopted Son): Hou’ouin Kanato
Ability: Nuclear Explosion
A top-class Factor who boasts the strongest attack power. He lost half of his body due to a past incident; to compensate for this, he fuses with his Spirit to maintain proper physical functions.
<From Kanato’s Personal Journal>

Hou’ouin Reiga and I are not really father and son. My real parents lost their lives while travelling on adventures with Reiga. But I know the truth. Mom and Dad didn’t die because of some unfortunate accident; Reiga murdered them! Taking care of me as a foster father was only his way of hiding his guilt, I’m sure of it. I will give Reiga the proper punishment he deserves! I will not take his life. Instead, I shall destroy his reputation, and all the authority and honor he’s built up until now! Only then will my revenge be complete!!

Reiga: “I won’t make any excuses. As a loving parent, my only job is to stop my son’s violent streak with everything I have!”

ZX 084 Phoenix Reiga (Another Version)


ZX 085 Ginbei the Head Butler


 ZX085u Card No.: ZX-085
Ginbei the Head Butler

(Shitsujichou Ginbei)

Power Level: 2

Battle Potential: D-Class

Full Name: Ibushi Ginbei <age 60>
Race: Wingfolk <Male>
Affiliation: Head Butler of the Hou’ouin Household
Treasures: Old faded pictures of his friends during their adventures
Partner (Master): Hou’ouin Reiga
Special Technique: Super Aesthetic Sense Gaze “the Ginbei Eye”
This man served as butler to the Hou’ouin Family since before Kanato was born. In his younger years, he traveled through Gekai on many adventures together with his master Reiga and Kanato’s parents.
<The Head Butler’s Testimony>

“‘When Master Reiga was attacked by a horde of Gekaijuu, he regrettably used Master Kanato’s parents as decoys to lure the monsters away.’ This is what Master Kanato misunderstands as the truth, but what really happened was completely different. It was a young Master Kanato who accidentally wandered into a Gekaijuu’s den; Master Reiga rushed in alone to try and save him. Master Kanato’s parents, who arrived later, took the full blow of the Gekaijuu’s attack to shield Master Reiga. Bearing witness to his parents and their closest friend pushing and shoving each other, Master Kanato must have assumed they were fighting with each other. Because of this accident, Master Kanato’s parents passed away, and Master Reiga lost half of his body. Master Reiga concealed this truth from everyone because he was only thinking of what was best for Master Kanato….”

ZX 086 Kizary the Romantic Hunter


 ZX086u Card No.: ZX-086
Kizary the Romantic Hunter
Power Level: 8

Battle Potential: C-Class

Full Name: Kizayama Gosaku <age 20>
Race: Dragonoid <Male>
Affiliation: Member of the Adventurers’ Guild “Märchen”
Artifact: Koiken (Love Blade) “Kirameki” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Spirit: Ranran
Ability: Electricity Manipulation
An adventurer traversing through Gekai on a quest for romance. As a graduate from Phoenix Academy, he sensed something strange going on in Yamato City, so he is investigating the ancient underground ruins.
Kizary: “Look at this, honey! All of the slumbering Gekaijuu are waking up one after the other, je t’aime!”

Eileen: “Thanks to them, the ruins have gone to ruin, darling.”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“The Bondstone is not an Artifact itself, so one can forge and stack multiple contracts with other Artifacts and Spirits, even without the use of Dual Ability!”

ZX 087 Eileen the Romantic Huntress


 ZX087u Card No.: ZX-087
Eileen the Romantic Huntress
Power Level: 8

Battle Potential: C-Class

Full Name: Aida Rinko <age 20>
Race: Dragonoid <Female>
Affiliation: Member of the Adventurers’ Guild “Märchen”
Artifact: Koiyumi (Love Bow) “Tokimeki” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Spirit: Lunlun
Ability: Airflow Manipulation
Kizary’s partner and lover. Having known each other since their school days, these two crazy lovebirds are always seen working together as a team.
Eileen: “Massive magical energy is leaking out from deep in the ruins! I’m so scared…!”

Kizary: “Relax, honey! I’m right here with you!”

<Waferman’s Factoids>

“Both Chairman Phoenix and Headmaster Gai have suffered grave wounds, but it looks like they managed to survive!”

ZX 088 Iron Valkyrie Marion


 Image1098 Card No.: ZX-088
Iron Valkyrie Marion
Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: MARION-HM08 <age 408>
Race: Android <Female>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Suzaku House: Homeroom Teacher
Changed Equipment: Final Battle Module “Ragnarok”
Partner (Student): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Valhalla Strike
With the unearthing of advanced over-technology in the ancient underground ruins, Marion changes into the latest battle model! Handing her Flaming Chains Artifact to Kai, she joins the fight to defend Phoenix Academy!
Marion: “So what do you think, Kai? It’s a good thing I’m your homeroom teacher, isn’t it? Give thanks to your god!”

Kai: “I told you I don’t believe in gods… but you do have my gratitude, Professor.”

<Story: Part 46>

Kai had a hunch that this Gekaijuu siege was Kanato’s handiwork, so he searched the surroundings for his presence. Kai soon felt Izuna’s aura, so he raced off to her aid.

ZX 089 Shouryuu’ou Shigure


 Image1101 Card No.: ZX-089
Shouryuu’ou Shigure

(Shigure the Little Dragon King)

Power Level: 12

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Ryuuguuji Shigure <age 28>
Race: Dragonoid <Female>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Seiryuu House: Homeroom Teacher
Artifact: Ryuu’ousan (Dragon King’s Umbrella) “Nanda-Ryuu’ou” <Seiryuu Attribute>
Spirit: Naga
Ability: Weather Manipulation, Healing Powers
She’s the main instructor for the Seiryuu House. She also works as a public health doctor due to her excellence in the healing arts. Due to her youthful appearance, she often gets mistaken for a child.
Shigure: “Please hurry, relief squadron! Hey, Itsuki-kun, Shizuka-chan, you two help me out!”

Itsuki & Shizuka: “Of course, Shigure-chan!”

<Story: Part 47>

When Kai arrived at a huge abandoned area, he saw Chairman Reiga in battle against Ken, with Kanato off to the side, watching the fight with a lonely expression.

ZX 090 Kakutou’ou King Tiger


 ZX090u Card No.: ZX-090
Kakutou’ou King Tiger

(King Tiger the Battle Monarch)

Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Saikouin Mako <age 25>
Race: Beastkin <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Byakko House: Homeroom Teacher
Artifact: Ko’outai (Tiger King Belt) “Kokuu-Bosatsu” <Byakko Attribute>
Spirit: Kotetsu
Abilities: Muscular Growth, Muscular Hardening
He’s the main instructor for the Byakko House. He’s also the young leader of the noble Saikouin Family bloodline. This passionate brawler highly values great effort and willpower, and apparently does professional wrestling as a hobby.
King Tiger: “A man’s ultimate weapon is his own body! We can take anyone on even without using Artifacts! Right, Kouya!?”

Kouya: “OSU (Yes, sir)!!!”

<Story: Part 48>

Ken used his menacing reflection abilities to take down Chairman Reiga before making Kai his next target. Against Kai, however, Ken never stood a chance.

ZX 091 Iron Fortress Sigma


 ZX091u Card No.: ZX-091
Iron Fortress Sigma
Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hokurei’in Sigma-G3 <age 645>
Race: Android <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Genbu House: Homeroom Teacher
Artifact: Kikkoujun (Turtle Shell Shield) “Suminoe” <Genbu Attribute>
Spirit: Reiki
Abilities: Moisture Generation, Liquid Manipulation
He’s the main instructor of the Genbu House. As the second-in-charge of the noble Hokurei’in Family bloodline, he may very well be the oldest living Android in all of Yamato City.
Sigma: “A Gekaijuu invasion… Such a rare event has not happened since Yamato City was first built. A very interesting occasion, indeed.”

Mahiro: “Sigma, I think you’re being way too calm about this….”

<Story: Part 49>

After taking out Ken, Kai tried once again to reason with Kanato. He explained to Kanato the real truth behind the events that led them down the path of vengeance… But Kanato still wouldn’t believe him.

ZX 092 Aum Gasshin Pulsar Lord


 ZX092u Card No.: ZX-092
Aum Gasshin Pulsar Lord

(Pulsar Lord, Divine Fusion of Aum)

Power Level: 18

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Pulsar Lord
Race: Fused Spirit <No Gender>
Artifacts: “Kongou-Niou,” the Jewels of Flame and Ice
Fused with: Great Pulsion and Great Pulsette
Abilities: Hellfire Purification, Absolute Zero Temperature, Starlight Bullets
A new Spirit born from a fusion between the Superhuman Demon and Princess. Its power is similar to a Kirin Factor’s, having gained the magical powers of fire, ice, and even light!
Rurimaru & Mimiko: “If the Beginning is good, then so is the Ending! If the End is good, then everything is great! Go, Divine Fusion of Aum! Pulsar Lord!!”

Pulsar Lord: “Your demise begins now…!”

<Story: Part 50>

Kai then chose to fight Kanato in order to free him from the deep-rooted delusions that have plagued him for most of his life. During this destined duel, Kai desperately called out to Izuna, who was still unresponsive inside Kanato’s body.

ZX 093 MagicalRuruie


 ZX093u Card No.: ZX-093
Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Kokujou Ruruie <age 12>
Race: Daemon <Female>
Affiliation: Manager of the “Ruruie Variant” Information Center
Artifact: Madousho (Magic Grimoire) “Omoikane,” Arms Mode <Kirin Attribute>
Partner (Customer): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Spacetime Reset (Rewinding Time and Space)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Dress Change! Dodge the grisly fate of destruction! Will a pessimistic observer become the singularity point that can alter the course of the future?!
Ruruie: “This is to protect our peaceful daily lives… Be thankful I’m working with you for free this time around! You owe me BIG time, Homura Kai!”
<Story: Part 51>

At that point, a great miracle occurred: Kai’s voice restored Izuna’s free will! Immediately, Izuna separated herself from Kanato and reforged her contract with Kai.

ZX 094 Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna


 Image1110 Card No.: ZX-094
Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna

(Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox)

Power Level: 25

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Secret Treasure: Sesshouseki the Bondstone
Burst Released from: Izuna
Ability: Fusion Evolution
The Ninetailed Demon Fox has returned to her true form after taking back the Bondstone. By merging with her pactmaker, this devilish maiden can give a Factor unlimited levels of ultimate power.
<An Excerpt from the Book of Cosmic Influence>

Sesshouseki, the Crystal of Bonds, is a very special gem that lets Factors evolve. Because of this, only those who are already Factors can forge a contract with the Bondstone. With this jewel, the pactmaker will awaken to new powers that extend into the Realm of Nothingness, but such abilities will endlessly vary from person to person; there is no way to specifically determine what powers one would earn. In exchange for receiving this unlimited unknown power, the pactmaker will fuse with a nine-tailed demon fox Spirit and transform into a paranormal inhuman monster. Thus he or she who forges a contract with the Bondstone shall become the Ultimate Factor of Unknown Potential—the “ZX-Factor.”

Izuna: “Kai! I’ll never leave your side again! I belong only to you! …So make sure you hold on to me, too. Never let me go… Please….”

ZX 094 Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna (Another Version)


ZX 095 ZX-Factor Kai


 Image1115 Card No.: ZX-095
ZX-Factor Kai
Power Level: Mugendai (Infinity)

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Koumyouji Kai <age 16>
Race: True ZX-Factor <Male>
Secret Treasure: Sesshouseki the Bondstone
Fused with: Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox
Ability: Ability Canceller
Kai took back Izuna and the Bondstone and has achieved Ultimate Evolution into the True ZX-Factor!! With his new power to completely nullify the abilities of others, he is now an unbreakable sword that will slice through the curse of falsified conviction!
Kai: “Let’s end this battle… I will release you from your mistaken beliefs!”

Kanato: “Well done, Kai-kun…. I have lost this match….”

<Story: Part 52>

Kanato was stripped of his ZX-Factor powers while Kai awakened as a new ZX-Factor. The flow of battle completely reversed, and in that instant Kai settled the conflict.

ZX 095 ZX-Factor Kai (Double Holo Another)


ZX EP Kai & Izuna


 Image1116 Card No.: ZX-EP
Kai & Izuna
Having accomplished his mission of retrieving the Bondstone, Kai left Yamato City the day after Phoenix Academy’s graduation ceremony. A certain nine-tailed demon fox Spirit floated in the air next to Kai, only this time she was completely visible.

Kanato realized he was making many critical mistakes, but never fully acknowledged that fact; he seemed happy and thankful that Kai came in to stop him before any truly serious damage happened.

“I suppose somewhere deep in my heart I was hoping someone would stop me and my half-baked ambitions. I’m glad that someone was you, Kai,” Kanato said. “If it’s not too much trouble, I want to start things over with you as a true friend….”

“What are you talking about?” Kai responded. “You and I have been buddies since the beginning, right? KenKen, the guys at Amagahara, every single one of you guys are my precious, invaluable friends!” To Kai, who lived a lonely childhood filled with nothing but hatred and vengeance in his heart, the time he spent here at Phoenix Academy and the many new friends he made have become his greatest irreplaceable treasures.

Thus the incident has been resolved, and Kai accomplished his mission. True to its name, Sesshouseki, the “Bondstone,” perhaps was a crystal stone that connected people together through the brilliantly shining Bonds of Friendship. With those special Bonds burning brightly in his heart, Kai left the Academy while no one was watching. “Later, guys… Let’s see each other again soon!” Kai muttered as he made his departure. His facial expression, no longer clouded with resentment, was now as bright and warm as the sunlight of Spring. *{End of ZX-Factor Saga}*

ZX EX1 First Semester: Summer Vacation Memories


 ZXEX1u Card No.: ZX-EX1
First Semester: Summer Vacation Memories

(Ichigakki ~Natsuyasumi no Omoide~)

“Summer vacation is upon us, and the members of Amagahara set out for a lake in Gekai for training camp. I learned later that this campout would double as a welcoming party for me as their newest member. Apparently, training all day everyday by myself was bad for the team… Speaking of the team, if this training camp is for Amagahara members only, what are Edge, Rurimaru, and the Suzaku Class President doing here? I guess they had some extra time on their hands.” —Kai

ZX EX2 Second Semester: Winter Vacation Memories


 Image1121 Card No.: ZX-EX2
Second Semester: Winter Vacation Memories

(Nigakki ~Fuyuyasumi no Omoide~)

“It’s the holiday season, and Amagahara’s latest mission was to visit the orphanage to spread some Christmas cheer. Apparently, ‘Christmas’ is a festival that celebrates the holy birth of some human saint; this is my first time experiencing such a holiday. Dressed up in our Santa costumes, we delivered presents to the kids.

It seems that Mahiro also came from this orphanage, which probably explains why she was in such unusually high spirits.” —Kai

ZX EX3 Third Semester: Graduation Ceremony Memories


 ZXEX3u Card No.: ZX-EX3
Third Semester: Graduation Ceremony Memories

(Sangakki ~Sotsugyoushiki no Omoide~)

“It looks like graduation has come. Karin and Kouya have graduated without a hitch. Kouya’s staying at the Academy studying to become a new professor, while Karin’s going on her own adventures in Gekai. It looks like Itsuki will take Karin’s place as Amagahara’s leader. Apparently I was supposed to be the next vice-manager, but I’m going to hand that job over to Mahiro. I’ll be leaving the Academy and Yamato City first thing tomorrow, after all… Thanks for the Memories, Everyone.” —Kai

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Translations by Smash Spirit

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