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ZX Factor, Volume 3 – Waferman’s Whispers

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco ZX Factor official site)

The information below, added to the website over time, will make the most sense if the cards are read first. It can still technically be read in any order, however. Includes:

Important EventsImportant Keyword TermsInteresting Trivia


Important Events in ZX-Factor, Chapter 3

1. (18 October 2010): Thunder in the Blue Skies…
Once the autumn season began, Phoenix Academy experienced an unexpected turn of events. Headmaster Gai, who had gone missing for most of the school year, suddenly came with an urgent announcement to all Academy students. The information he gave was troubling to say the least: Gai claimed that “Homura Kai was an outside spy who planned to steal the school’s hidden treasure and overthrow the Academy.”
2. (22 October 2010): Headmaster’s Orders: Arrest Homura Kai!
Furthermore, Headmaster Gai gave the command to all Academy students to subjugate Kai immediately and by any means necessary. Even Team Amagahara had no choice but to accept this command as another official “commission” in their business. In a mere moment, Kai had the entire campus against him.
3. (29 October 2010): A Secret Rendezvous with Karin
When the Headmaster’s command spread, Kai secretly met with Karin one last time in the outskirts of Yamato City. He summoned her there to give back her Artifact, “Hi-no-Kagutsuchi the Flameking Blade,” telling her that he expected something like this to happen. Having “repaid his debt” as he put it, Kai officially parted ways with the Amagahara General Store group upon returning the Artifact. Kai figured that ending his membership with Amagahara now to avoid causing more trouble for the others was the least bit of courtesy he could offer.
4. (12 November 2010): Kai’s Proclamation of War!
Soon after he left Karin and the Amagahara Team, Kai made a declaration of war to all Academy students: he’ll take the Academy’s hidden treasure for himself, and defeat Headmaster Gai. The “hidden treasure” Gai referred to in his earlier announcement was indeed the Bondstone, Sesshouseki, the main target that Kai was after since the very start. With this public revelation, Kai felt that he made his decision perfectly clear to everyone. And so, receiving no support of any kind, Kai’s solitary struggles began.
5. (16 November 2010): Fighting Alone
Countless students surged up to attack Kai, many of whom he once became friends with during his student life. Having made enemies with the entire student body, the lone Kai was forced to throw uncaring fists towards those he once called “friend.” Be they strangers he never knew, or classmates he once studied with, Kai drove away every single person he faced with the same grim determination. Even Team Amagahara, the people Kai spent his whole Academy life with, were forced to submit after a fierce clash against him.
6. (19 November 2010): The Student Council Stands in the Way
But even after surviving numerous chaotic battles, Kai suffered a major amount of damage. When Kai finally reached the doors to the Headmaster’s office, he was completely exhausted, his body covered in wounds. To make matters worse, the entire Student Council, led by President Kanato, was waiting for him there. They instantly overwhelmed Kai with a continuous assault, and it seemed that Kai’s fate had at last run its course….
7. (25 November 2010): Unexpected Reinforcements
Then, assistance came in the form of three of Kai’s classmates: Kiriko, Edge, and Rurimaru. They did fight against him earlier under the Headmaster’s command, but they never thought of Kai as an enemy. They were actually supporting him in the background the whole time, but once Kai was on the ropes against the Council, they decided it was time to take more definitive action. Kai felt his heart grow warm with gratitude and appreciation for his friends.
8. (30 November 2010): Enter Team Amagahara!
Kai was happy to receive help from his roommates, but even their strength couldn’t do much to change the current dire situation. That would soon change once more reinforcements came to help Kai; this time, it was Team Amagahara to the rescue! “Kiriko and her friends put in a request to assist you, Kai; we had no choice but to accept the job,” the Amagahara members explained, but that was obviously just an excuse. Together with the Suzaku roommates, they successfully held the Student Council back long enough to send Kai forward to the office of the Headmaster.
9. (03 December 2010): Facing the Headmaster
At last, Kai and Headmaster Gai met face to face. The truth is that Gai is Kai’s true biological father, and was also the fugitive that stole the Bondstone from the Homura Clan Village, the sworn enemy that Kai had been chasing after for the past thirteen years. Kai’s long-standing grudge and festering rage towards his father soon bubbled to the surface. However, as soon as he saw Sara, the Spirit that was nestling by the Headmaster’s side, Kai suddenly felt severely uncomfortable….
10. (06 December 2010): The Secret of Kai’s Birth
Sparing few words for his cause, Headmaster Gai begins his attack. Kai quickly regained his senses to adequately fight back, but he couldn’t get rid of his hesitation. Once he laid eyes with Sara’s “Burst Mode” form, Kai finally understood the cause of his discomfort: Sara is Kai’s biological mother, making him a Human/Spirit hybrid…!!
11. (13 December 2010): One Last Strike…
As father and son clashed fists, Kai soon saw the hidden truth of the past thirteen years unveiled, the true reason why Gai and Sara abandoned their child and betrayed the Homura Clan…. Every action they took was for the sake of saving their son, as any loving parents would. Kai just never perceived this fact until now. Even Gai’s campus-wide command to “subjugate and punish Kai” was all a ruse just to test the true limits of Kai’s power. With all of his ill feelings towards his parents now dissipating, Kai unleashes one last mighty attack to demonstrate how much he has grown.
12. (16 December 2010): Extra Story 01, “The Homura Clan and Kai’s Mission”
Hidden away from civilization, in a remote location deep within Gekai, there exists a secret group of people that have for countless generations devoted their lives to protecting the legendary jewel known as Sesshouseki, the Bondstone. This group, of which Kai is a member, is called “the Homura Clan.” Thirteen years ago, however, two criminals stole the Bondstone and deserted the hidden village. The culprits were none other than Kai’s birth parents, Gai and Sara. Gai, who was once praised as the Homura Clan’s greatest hero, became their worst enemy, and since the clan had suffered a long period of going into decline, there were very few clan members that could even truly be called “warriors,” much less stand a chance against Gai. After the incident, a young Kai, the son the criminals left behind, felt he should take responsibility for his family’s disgrace, and came forward to accept the mission to recover the Bondstone. After training for many years to become the strongest warrior in the clan, Kai left on a journey to exact his vengeance upon his father and mother…!
13. (20 December 2010): Extra Story 02, “The Real Truth behind the Bondstone Plundering Incident”
It all began when Kai was just about to turn three years old. Due to an unforeseen accident, Kai saw Izuna, the Spirit of the Bondstone, for the very first time and ended up unintentionally forging a contract with the jewel. But Kai was much too young for this; his body and soul couldn’t control or handle the massive magical powers flowing into him from the Bondstone. As they were nursing their son Kai, who was now growing dangerously weaker by the minute, Gai and Sara knew in their hearts that the only option they had was to get the Bondstone as far away from him as possible. So, the two parents ran off with the Bondstone, never revealing the truth about Kai or his contract with the stone to anyone, all for the sake of saving their son’s life… And they patiently awaited the day that Kai would grow strong enough to control the Bondstone’s power….
14. (22 December 2010): Extra Story 03 (Excerpted from Ruruie’s Personal Notes)
“Headmaster Gai has the Bondstone in his possession”… “Kai is the Headmaster’s son”… “Kai has the blood of both Human and Spirit flowing in his veins”…. Of course, I knew everything from the very beginning. In fact, the very reason Kai was able to use other people’s Artifacts was because he was a “Spirit Halfling.” Since he himself is part Spirit, he could align with any Artifact as a Spirit. The other Spirits, instinctually seeing that technically Kai too is another Spirit, end up developing a sense of affinity with Kai without realizing it, and thus allow him to use their Artifacts. He’s like a toy you could never get tired of looking at! I’m sensing some pretty bad signs for the near future, though… It seems that Kai’s victory over his parents won’t result in a happy ending… Perhaps it’s time I take things into my own hands….

Important Keyword Terms in ZX-Factor, Chapter 3

(21 October 2010): 火群一族 Homura Ichizoku (“The Homura Clan”)
A secretive tribe of people who live in a village hidden deep within the wilderness of Gekai. The few people who know of this clan’s existence know that this clan of hardened warriors specializes in espionage and mercenary operations. They have secretly protected their hidden treasure, “Sesshouseki (the Bondstone),” since ancient times, but the clan’s unity crumbled when the jewel got stolen by one of their own, and countless villagers have left their dwelling because of this. Since that incident, the clan has suffered a continuous decline; today their village’s population has dwindled to less than fifty.
(09 November 2010): 鳳凰学園学生寮 Houou Gakuen Gakuseiryou (“Phoenix Academy Student Dormitories”)
These are reserved living facilities under the direct control of the Academy. As it is recommended for all students to cooperate and mingle with the people of Yamato City, a general residential facility was built within a 30-minute walking distance from the campus grounds. Perhaps because of how long it takes to get to the campus from the dorms, most days you would never see more than fifty students actually live in them, even though they can easily accomodate a hundred. The location of the dorms may be less than ideal, but they come complete with an athletic gym, an open air bath, and a sauna, so the dorms are often used as a source of luxury.
(26 November 2010): ガーゴイル像 Gaagoiru-zou (“Gargoyle Statues”)
These are stone figures placed at the outer gates of Yamato City to ward off evil. Their fearsome looks are said to repel all diseases and disasters before they have a chance to invade the city. A giant gargoyle statue stands in the Academy campus, but due to the recent turmoil at the school, Vice Principal Kyoushirou transformed this statue into a living weapon to attack Kai.
(10 December 2010): 恩賞 Onshou (“Rewards”)
Phoenix Academy may look like an institution of higher education on the surface, but really it is a Factor development and training facility. Students being rewarded for excellent performance is not a rare practice here. Even with the recent “Wanted: Homura Kai” announcement, rumors flutter about that those who drive out or capture Kai will receive any sort of reward they desire. Since news of Kai’s true strength has spread throughout the Academy and across the city, however, many students have taken a “wait-and-see” approach by watching Kai closely.
(24 December 2010): 魂獣武装 Konjuu Busou (“Spirit Arms”)
The ultimate hidden skill that can only be learned by Level 3 Factors. Factors can evolve their Artifacts further by completely fusing the Artifacts and their Spirits together. Evolved Artifacts take on a special form during battle that in some cases is completely different from how they were before the evolution. Factors that use Spirit Arms won’t be able to team up with their Spirits for combo attacks, but to compensate for this, the Factors now have access to directly use all the special abilities and techniques their Spirits possess.
(27 December 2010): 魂獣ハーフ Konjuu Haafu (“Spirit Halfbreeds”)
This is a term referring to those of both Human and Spirit blood, but currently only Kai counts in this category. Even between two human beings, if a man and woman were different races from each other, the birth rate of them successfully having a child aggressively decreases; the chances of a human and a Spirit having a child born between them are practically zero. In fact, before Kai came along, there were no Spirit Halfbreeds in existence. As far as special traits are concerned, research data indicates that a Halfbreed has the ability to be in tune with any other Spirit. Apparently this ability lets him or her wield any Artifact without going through the Contract ritual.

Interesting Trivia in ZX-Factor, Chapter 3

1. (25 October 2010): Elder Kenryuusai is a powerful psychic, able to communicate with Kai telepathically even over long distances!
2. (27 October 2010): Ryuuki was the first Spirit Kai made a contract with, and has watched over Kai since birth!
3. (02 November 2010): It seems that Ryuuki isn’t pleased with Izuna being excessively familiar with Kai…!
4. (05 November 2010): It seems that Satori has issues with the unpleasant look she has in her eyes, so she purposely hides her eyes with her hair!
5. (08 November 2010): Ever since Satori got to know Kai, however, she appears to be hiding her eyes less and less!
6. (17 November 2010): The Academy Board of Directors made an investigation into Kyoushirou’s manipulation of the gargoyle statue on campus. For letting the statue get destroyed, the Board punished Kyoushirou by making him take a salary cut!
7. (22 November 2010): The meals that Matchon¨¦ cooks for the dormitories are exceptionally delicious. Not a single student resident leaves their plate half-finished when he’s the chef!
8. (29 November 2010): Lupen does palm readings using his magnifying glass Artifact “Akechi,” but his accuracy is not very reliable…!
9. (02 December 2010): The Gardening Club is currently on the verge of being abolished. In order to revive the club, Shota wants to get a botanical garden built to help get a massive number of new members to join!
10. (07 December 2010): The ever-so-carefree Karahiko finds almost everything to be a hassle to him; his pet Pii-chan is the one exception!
11. (14 December 2010): When Hayato the Racer isn’t wearing “Hayatemaru,” his Artifact shoes, he’s actually quite the slow runner!
12. (17 December 2010): The reason Pooton always runs around with every ounce of effort he’s got is that apparently this is part of his diet routine!
13. (21 December 2010): Mimiko has a wide range of friends among other girl students; Mahiro, Mahiru, and Kagemitsu in particular are her BFFs!
14. (05 January 2011): Gai’s armor is a brand new model, crafted from the shell of the Guardian Beast of the Ruins and the scales of the legendary Golden Dragon!
15. (07 January 2011): Apparently, when Gai and Sara first met each other, it was love at first sight!

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