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ZX Factor, Volume 2 – Waferman’s Whispers

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco ZX Factor official site)

The information below, added to the website over time, will make the most sense if the cards are read first. It can still technically be read in any order, however. Includes:

Important EventsImportant Keyword TermsInteresting Trivia


Important Events in ZX-Factor, Chapter 2

1. (20 July 2010): Kai vs. Itsuki
Kai and Itsuki’s duel raged on for a full day and night. At the end of the long, grueling battle, it was the lower classman Kai who achieved victory. Itsuki observed that Kai moved in battle like someone who had many years of training and experience, displaying skills above and beyond what any average Academy student would have.
2. (23 July 2010): The Duel’s Aftermath
The sword attacks the two students exchanged spoke more to each other’s souls that even a thousand words could express. They soon discovered that they unknowingly forged a deep bond of friendship during their fight. Even after he revealed his doubts and misgivings about Kai, Itsuki apologized for his rudeness and showed the intention to make amends.
3. (26 July 2010): Karin’s Return
Several days after Kai and Itsuki settled their duel, Karin made her return appearance to the Academy. Karin, after enduring a long recuperation period to fully recover from her wounds, went to visit Kai straight away. The fact that she was able to do this without showing any signs of after-effects from her battle scars only proves how powerful she is.
4. (30 July 2010): An Invitation into Amagahara
Showing intense interest in Kai after he resolved the Death Masquerade incident with little effort, Karin strongly recommended that he join her in the Amagahara group. She was so persistent in her solicitation that the overwhelmed Kai was never given enough time to calmly think about the offer.
5. (02 August 2010): Amagahara’s Newest Entry
Once Itsuki also started insisting on joining them, Kai ended up partially forced to enroll himself in the lowest position available in the General Store. Kai outwardly showed his annoyance at the whole ordeal, but secretly he felt a faint sense of happiness and confusion at the prospect of gaining new friends.
6. (05 August 2010): Finding a Hidden Waterway
The Spring Semester comes to a close as Yamato City heads into Summer. Swamped with the multitude of requests and commissions from his new job at Amagahara, Kai was so busy that he spent most of his summer days unable to focus on his main objective of finding the Bondstone. During one of these missions when he was accompanied by a classmate named Mahiro, Kai found a strange subterranean waterway that came from the base of the river that surrounds Yamato City.
7. (06 August 2010): Discovering Ancient Ruins
The waterway led to a giant underground cave that held towering ruined structures of ages past. Since there was no traces of other people having entered the vicinity, it was quite likely that ruins were yet to be discovered until Kai came in.
8. (10 August 2010): Kanato’s Request
Returning to the Academy to report his discoveries, Kai received a new commission from Student Council President Kanato: an unofficial ruins expedition. Kai knit his eyebrows in suspicion, for he knew that exploring uncharted ruins was normally the Student Council’s responsibility. As he looked at Karin’s face, however, and saw how she cheerfully accepted the request, Kai reluctantly relented and agreed to go along.
9. (16 August 2010): Battle Against the Guardian Beast
All members of Amagahara soon began their exploring adventure, with Council President Kanato accompanying them as their supervisor. But as soon as they went into the entrance hall, they were suddenly under attack. It seems that this creature was the guardian that protected these ruins, and its strength was unmatched even among other Gekaijuu.
10. (20 August 2010): The Golden Dragon’s Assault
They endured a hard fight, but somehow the Amagahara Expedition Team managed to drive away the Guardian Beast without any casualties. Kai and the others were relieved that they all made it out all right, but that moment of peace was short-lived; shortly afterwards, a Golden Dragon, who was the master of these ruins, swooped in and attacked the team. The overwhelmingly giant form of the Dragon was the very embodiment of fear.
11. (23 August 2010): Kanato’s Fierce Fight
Team Amagahara, already exhausted from their harsh clash with the Guardian Beast, now had to face a Golden Dragon that was even stronger and tougher to beat. The six adventurers felt nothing but despair. As disheartened as they all were, Student Council President Kanato alone rose to put forth a strenuous effort. Almost as if he felt responsible for dragging the Amagahara students into this dangerous mission, Kanato gave it his all in this fight. Seeing him put forth so much effort and will into protecting everyone was a terrifying sight.
12. (27 August 2010): Death Match: Versus the Golden Dragon
Kanato put forth a valiant and furious effort, but sadly it would not last long. He took a direct attack from the Golden Dragon in order to protect Kai, then fell in silence. The other members of Amagahara were inspired by Kanato’s actions and gathered their courage to fight, but one by one, Kai’s allies fell before the unprecedented power of the mighty Dragon….
13. (30 August 2010): At the Battle’s End…
Itsuki soon used up the last of his strength, but before he too fell in defeat, he entrusted his Artifact to Kai. Now armed with both the Flameking and Thunderking Blades, Kai activated the two Artifacts simultaneously. According to the Yinyang Laws of Elemental Relations, the Thunderking Blade further boosts the Flameking Blade to its maximum limit of power. Kai suffered many grave wounds in the battle, but using every last reserve of strength he had, he successfully destroyed the Golden Dragon. Now basking in the victory that he could only get with the help of his allies, Kai realized just how strong the power of friendship truly is….

Important Keyword Terms in ZX-Factor, Chapter 2

(22 July 2010): 鳳凰学園生徒会 Houou Gakuen Seitokai (“Phoenix Academy Student Council”)
This organization stands at the peak of all Academy students and governs over all official student activities. The Council’s authority even extends to the faculty and staff; it is also said that you cannot limit the Council’s actions unless you are part of the senior staff in your academic year. As expert-level Factors themselves, members of the Council have the right to intervene in any and all matters and cases related to Artifacts and can even take complete jurisdiction over said cases, provided they have official approval from the Academic Board of Directors. Due to being granted such influential power, becoming a councilman is an exceedingly difficult process: not only must you win the voting elections held by the citizens of Yamato City, Phoenix Academy’s faculty and staff as well as the Board of Directors must all certify you as a new member by a unanimous decision.
(03 September 2010): コロシアム The Colosseum
This is the one place where Phoenix Academy students are allowed to settle their personal conflicts through the use of their Artifacts. Normally, the Student Council restricts the usage of Artifacts on campus grounds, and any infighting or misconduct between students would be met with swift and severe punishment. However, one can easily get permission to enter the Colosseum by filling out an application beforehand, so everyday there’s an almost never-ending list of reservations for the arena.
(10 September 2010): 四方院 Shihouin, the Four Cardinal Clans
“Shihouin,” or “the Four Cardinal Clans” is the collective title used to refer to the four noble families that protect the four directional quadrants of Yamato City: the Dragonoid clan of 東仙院 “Tousen’in” protects the eastern region, the Beastkin clan of 西郷院 “Seikyouin” guards the west side, the Wingfolk clan of 南条院 “Nanjouin” takes care of the southern section, and the Android clan of 北嶺院 “Hokurei’in” watches over the north. These four noble clans have an ancient and honorable history that reaches back to when Yamato City was first built; all four families are descendants of the 鳳凰院 “Hou’ouin Clan,” an ancient order of knights that guarded Yamato’s central regions.
(17 September 2010): 炎翼 En’yoku (“Flamewings”)
Flamewings are wings that are naturally a deep flaming red in color, and are a symbol of high class among the Wingfolk. Those people born with Flamewings are known to possess advanced levels of magical power, and the only Wingfolk in Yamato City known to have Flamewings are all members of the Nanjouin Clan. Another rare genetic trait Wingfolk can have is called 多翼 “Tayoku (Multiwings),” meaning they have four or more wings on their person. Multiwings indicate the Wingfolk in question has access to very powerful sorcery. Apparently, the noble family of Nanjouin who reigns over all Wingfolk has a majority of its members possessing either the Flamewings or Multiwings gene. Those who have both Flamewings and Multiwings are exceptionally rare, however.
(24 September 2010): 古文書 Komonjo (“the Archives”)
This usually refers to all ancient books in general, but in many cases here in Yamato City, it refers to “the Ancient Yamato Records” and the “Yamato Chronicles.” Most of these old records are commonly accepted as mythological stories, so no one is truly sure where the myth ends and actual events begin.
(01 October 2010): 地下古代遺跡 Chika Kodai Iseki (“Ancient Underground Ruins”)
These ruins refer to Yamato’s largest and oldest structures whose existence were only rumored in various entries in the Ancient Records. One theory claims that these ruins are in fact a gateway to another dimension, and that Yamato City was purposefully built on top to act as a barrier to seal the ruins away. Various opinions have jumbled together as to whether this “gateway” would lead to a world filled with devils or a realm of the gods, but there are some things that all records agree on: there exists a Golden Dragon who is the master of these ruins, and its menacing power makes it a force to be reckoned with.
(08 October 2010): 神具多重能力 Shingu Tajuu Nouryoku (“Dual Ability”)
This special ability allows one person to wield multiple Artifacts at the same time. Someone with this power can forge additional contracts with a certain set number of individual Artifacts. Since the act of contract forging is a rather difficult ritual, however, just because someone has the Dual Ability does not necessarily mean that he or she can handle wielding numerous Artifacts in battle. Incidentally, you cannot forge contracts with an Artifact that is already bonded to another Factor, so no one should be able to replicate Kai’s ability to handle someone else’s Artifact.

Interesting Trivia in ZX-Factor, Chapter 2

1. (28 July 2010): It looks like while Kai was busy on his expedition, Edge completely redesigned Kai’s school uniform!
2. (04 August 2010): Karin has a firm, strong character when in front of others, but when she’s alone, she can actually be sloppy and careless!
3. (09 August 2010): Kouya is actually quite popular with kids; they even give him the nickname “Wanwan-Senpai (Mr. Woof-Woof)!”
4. (19 August 2010): Mahiro usually cares little for the concerns of others, but she’s so keenly interested in Kai that she makes a habit of tagging along with him around the clock!
5. (26 August 2010): Kagemitsu and Kiriko may be rivals, but they are also great friends; they often hang out together during their days off school!
6. (02 September 2010): Maito vehemently attacks his sister Karin on a constant basis, but it seems she pays him no heed!
7. (09 September 2010): Mahiru has a strict sense of economy. She even manages lone wolf Kouya’s living expenses!
8. (13 September 2010): Magna assumes himself to be Kai’s coach, which gets him into many a conflict against Kai’s homeroom teacher Marion!
9. (16 September 2010): It appears that Cozy Hotter is furiously studying to one day get promoted to field overseer!
10. (21 September 2010): When it comes to fishing, Shopkeeper Roo is the best around; he’s the multiple-time reigning champion of Yamato City’s fishing contests!
11. (22 September 2010): Ink Fighter Fudemaru tends to be quite finicky when it comes to ink brush maintenance. He goes down to the finest details, like when the tips of others’ brushes start getting fluffy!
12. (27 September 2010): Apparently, if you surprise a Rhyna Kilos, it will withdraw all six of its legs into itself!
13. (30 September 2010): A Lizarpion’s frill is impact-resistant, so it is often used as materials for protective clothing!
14. (04 October 2010): Only a select few people know that the silk paper that Goadols produce is actually a high-quality cooking ingredient, and a rare delicacy admired among gourmets!
15. (07 October 2010): Seagals can only be found in a few specific regions these days, but they prospered all over the world in ancient times!

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