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ZX Factor, Volume 1 – Waferman’s Whispers

Translations by: Smash Spirit

(The following information is from the Shinra Bansho Choco ZX Factor official site)

The information below, added to the website over time, will make the most sense if the cards are read first. It can still technically be read in any order, however. Includes:

Important EventsImportant Keyword TermsInteresting Trivia


Important Events in ZX-Factor, Chapter 1

1. (05 April 2010): The moon shone in the middle of the night when a young man named Kai arrived at the University City of Yamato. As he began exploring the outer city walls and their surroundings, he felt the presence of two people brimming with fighting spirit. He soon ran into two folks in the middle of a fight: a suspicious man with a mask and a young woman named Karin.
2. (08 April 2010): Karin was a Factor wielding a Suzaku Attribute Artifact and was attending classes at the Phoenix Academy. It was soon revealed that the masked man she was fighting was also a Factor himself. The masked assailant kept his Artifact hidden and never summoned his Spirit, but Kai could understand his skills almost instantly.
3. (12 April 2010): The fighters were just about even as they struggled, but the balance was soon toppled. Karin got distracted when she noticed a third person in their midst, that being Kai. Catching this small opening, the assaulter seized his chance to unleash a deadly attack on Karin while her guard was down.
4. (15 April 2010): Kai originally wanted to remain a spectator and see how the battle played out, but after seeing Karin get attacked from behind, he decided he had no other choice but to get involved. “You let yourself get pummeled, yet you made it look like I’m the one to blame…,” muttered Kai. “This makes my conscience uneasy, so I’ll help you out just this once.” Kai then walked over to where Karin’s Artifact lay sprawled on the ground, picked it up, and immediately unleashed the weapon’s awesome power. As it turns out, Kai was a Factor as well.
5. (19 April 2010): But even if that were the case, what Kai just did should not have happened: the successful use of someone else’s Artifact was supposed to be an impossible feat according to the most recent studies. Nevertheless, neither Karin nor the masked man could hold back their utter surprise at this miraculous turn of events. Taking advantage of their stupor, Kai managed to force the masked assaulter to retreat. The now wounded masked man leaves the scene as if his body melted into the darkness.
6. (20 April 2010): “Are you a student here?” asked Karin. Kai responded that he plans to enroll as a new student at the Academy. Interested in him and his astonishing ability, Karin entrusted her Artifact to Kai for the time being, then promised to meet with him again soon before staggering back into the city.
7. (23 April 2010): The next day following the midnight assault, Kai takes an aptitude test as part of his entrance exam for admission into Phoenix Academy. In order to be accepted into the Academy, you must prove that you have proficient enough skills to become a Factor. Board Chairman Phoenix was there to evaluate Kai, while President Kanato and Vice President Shizuka of the Student Council were present as witnesses.
8. (26 April 2010): Originally, this evaluation exam is supposed to be a test to successfully obtain one’s very own Artifact. However, since Kai already had Karin’s Artifact in hand, he technically earned his new student credentials and passed the exam before it even began. Shizuka couldn’t hide her distrust in Kai for having someone else’s Artifact, but the Chairman and the Council President gladly welcomed Kai into the Academy.
9. (28 April 2010): It was still in the middle of Springtime. Now a first-year student in the Academy’s Suzaku House, he spent everyday keeping his distance from his classmates while searching for any information that could help in his mission. But he still couldn’t find a single clue that would get him closer to finding the Bondstone….
10. (10 May 2010): One day, Kai suddenly received a note from Itsuki, an upper classman from the Seiryuu House, to come meet him in the Colosseum just outside the city… It was clear that this wasn’t going to be any sort of peaceful business. Keeping his guard up, Kai enters the arena to find Itsuki, who calmly explains that he is a close friend of Karin’s and that the two of them belong to the same student organization.
11. (13 May 2010): Karin suffered grave wounds when she was assaulted on the very day Kai arrived at Yamato City. Due to her injuries, she was rendered unconscious, and forced to take a long absence from her classes; to this day, she still has not fully recovered from her comatose state. Seeing Kai with her Artifact in his possession, Itsuki explained that he can’t help but be extremely suspicious.
12. (17 May 2010): Itsuki strongly believes that Kai could be the criminal who assaulted Karin and stole her Artifact by force. Kai and Itsuki attempt to hold a conversation to clear up the details, but their personalities were so incompatible that any attempts to come to an understanding only served to further deepen the trench between them.
13. (19 May 2010): Seeing that the two of them can’t see eye to eye, Kai and Itsuki naturally draw their swords against each other. It appears the only way out of this mess was for Kai to display the full extent of his potential. Activating their Spirits’ Burst Mode with Artifacts in hand, the two students face off in a fierce clash…!

Important Keyword Terms in ZX-Factor, Chapter 1

(06 April 2010): 鳳凰学園 Houou Gakuen (“Phoenix Academy”)
A Factor training facility established by Hou’ouin Reiga (better known today as “Chairman Phoenix”). As a matter of fact, Phoenix Academy is the organization with the highest authority in Yamato City, even holding major political influence. Anyone can enroll as a student if you’re a Factor, but the class subjects are extremely difficult. In fact, the current graduation rate is less than thirty percent, and a vast majority of students end up dropping out of classes and leaving the campus altogether. Those that do graduate without a hitch travel throughout Gekai as hunters or adventurers.
(20 May 2010): 鳳凰学園入学審査 Houou Gakuen Nyuugaku Shinsa (“Phoenix Academy Entrance Exam”)
For those looking to enroll as new students at Phoenix Academy, this is a simple reasonable test that the Board Chairman primarily evaluates. If the applicants do not already have an Artifact, the exam begins in the Academy’s Artifact Vault, where the candidate-students attempt to earn their Artifact by forging a contract with its Spirit. If they are successful in earning the Spirit’s trust, thus legitimately earning their Artifact, then they are qualified for courses in the Academy. Later, after a simple practical skill test and an interview, they are assigned a grade level and class based on their Factor Attribute and current skill level.
(26 May 2010): 学園万屋「天ヶ原」 Gakuen Yorozuya (Campus General Store) “Amagahara”
Much more than just servicing the students within Phoenix Academy, this general merchant’s guild resolves all requests and commissions that come in from throughout all of Yamato City. Basically put, Amagahara takes care of all the smaller, more trivial incidents and missions in the city that most normal public organizations wouldn’t even pay any attention to; this only helps further boost the store’s popularity among Yamato’s citizens. It is recognized as a part of student club activities within Phoenix Academy’s curriculum, but since Amagahara is an unofficial student organization, it has become the target of constant grudges and enmity from both the teaching staff and the student council.
(03 June 2010): 古代遺跡 Kodai Iseki (“the Ancient Ruins”)
Within the ruins of civilizations that prospered in ages past, Artifacts and other works of paranormal technology lay sleeping. Over ten sites of ancient ruins have been found within the vicinity of Yamato City, but there are still many more yet to be discovered. It is believed that a good majority of the Artifacts that Phoenix Academy has stored in its vaults were excavated from these ruins.
(11 June 2010): はぐれ魂獣 Hagure Konjuu (“Stray Spirits”)
Stray Spirits are Spirits who have somehow lost their Artifact where they reside in. Spirits in this state are cut off from their main source of magical power, making their many special abilities almost completely inaccessible. Normally, Spirits can only be a fixed distance away from their main form as Artifacts, and even if they do get separated, the Spirit can summon the Artifact directly to its location. Knowing this, it is safe to say that a Spirit going stray is a rare accident that almost never happens. The magical abilities of a Spirit appear to be directly proprotional to the distance it is away from its weapon form; the farther the Spirit and Artifact are, the weaker the Spirit becomes. The fact that Izuna has been wandering around as a stray Spirit for so long could mean that the true powers of her original form, Sesshouseki (the Bondstone), are in a completely different league of their own….
(15 June 2010): 絶頂石 Zetchouseki, the Climax Stone
You can purchase this “lucky” item by mail order through a girls’ manga magazine. It’s advertised as “a miraculous precious jewel that grants the greatest fortune,” when in actuality it is just a glass ball…. Rumors that it has rather effective powers have spread in some circles, but there are endless questions and doubt as to what those powers exactly are, or if it even has any. Karin apparently bought herself a Climax Stone, but ended up losing it after she was assaulted the following day.
(29 June 2010): ゼクスファクター Zex Factors (also abbreviated as “ZX-F”)
“ZX-Factor” is a title that refers to all Factors who have attained mastery over what Artifact researchers call “the Sixth Element.” All Factors are normally assigned one of five elemental attributes: Fire (Suzaku), Water (Genbu), Wood (Seiryuu), Metal (Byakko), and Earth (Kirin). Factors of the Sixth Element, however, are thought to be an existence of a different, higher level. Eactors of the main Five Elements are defined as “the Powers of Order” that create and compose the world, so Sixth Element Factors are hypothesized to serve as the counter-balance, wielding “the Powers of Chaos” that return all unto nothingness.

Interesting Trivia in ZX-Factor, Chapter 1

1. (14 April 2010): Surprisingly, Karin is a big fan of divinations, and is very fascinated with fortune-telling goods and lucky charms!
2. (22 April 2010): A majority of Androids are able to swap out parts of their body (except for their heads), and many of them even have numbers of “spare bodies,” just in case…!
3. (12 May 2010): Before she became a “Stray Spirit,” Izuna once had beautiful hair that shined gold like the morning sun!
4. (24 May 2010): It seems that Gaen is very thankful to Kai for rescuing his master Karin!
5. (01 June 2010): On moonlit nights, Kerottamas gather in a circle and sing together!
6. (08 June 2010): Jumpela, infamous for spreading rumors, never speaks a single unfavorable word about itself!
7. (10 June 2010): It appears that the Sun Prince Yamato is admired by men and women of all ages, almost as if he were the “idol of Yamato City!”
8. (14 June 2010): As a member of the prestigious Nanjouin Family, Kiriko is faced with a lot of pressure, making her have a bit of an inferiority complex…!
9. (17 June 2010): Edge has secret ambitions of standing at the top of all delinquent students as Phoenix Academy’s Banchou (school gang leader)!
10. (22 June 2010): As intimidating as Mr. Onigon may appear, he’s actually quite the sweet tooth; he’s even earned the qualifications of becoming a patissier (pastry chef)!
11. (24 June 2010): Keyjay dropped out of Phoenix Academy before serving as a security guard for the city!
12. (01 July 2010): The holes in the ground that Digdigs dig are so deep that should you fall in one, you’ll have a pretty tough time getting back out!
13. (06 July 2010): When Angary releases the stress it gathers in its tail, it actually smiles for a brief moment!
14. (09 July 2010): The Zetchouseki (Climax Stone) has a popular reputation as a “lucky item” said to increase your luck and improve your life to be the greatest ever just by having it on you!

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