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ZX EX3 Third Semester: Graduation Ceremony Memories


 ZXEX3u Card No.: ZX-EX3
Third Semester: Graduation Ceremony Memories

(Sangakki ~Sotsugyoushiki no Omoide~)

“It looks like graduation has come. Karin and Kouya have graduated without a hitch. Kouya’s staying at the Academy studying to become a new professor, while Karin’s going on her own adventures in Gekai. It looks like Itsuki will take Karin’s place as Amagahara’s leader. Apparently I was supposed to be the next vice-manager, but I’m going to hand that job over to Mahiro. I’ll be leaving the Academy and Yamato City first thing tomorrow, after all… Thanks for the Memories, Everyone.” —Kai
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Translations by Smash Spirit
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