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ZX EP Kai & Izuna


 Image1116 Card No.: ZX-EP
Kai & Izuna
Having accomplished his mission of retrieving the Bondstone, Kai left Yamato City the day after Phoenix Academy’s graduation ceremony. A certain nine-tailed demon fox Spirit floated in the air next to Kai, only this time she was completely visible.

Kanato realized he was making many critical mistakes, but never fully acknowledged that fact; he seemed happy and thankful that Kai came in to stop him before any truly serious damage happened.

“I suppose somewhere deep in my heart I was hoping someone would stop me and my half-baked ambitions. I’m glad that someone was you, Kai,” Kanato said. “If it’s not too much trouble, I want to start things over with you as a true friend….”

“What are you talking about?” Kai responded. “You and I have been buddies since the beginning, right? KenKen, the guys at Amagahara, every single one of you guys are my precious, invaluable friends!” To Kai, who lived a lonely childhood filled with nothing but hatred and vengeance in his heart, the time he spent here at Phoenix Academy and the many new friends he made have become his greatest irreplaceable treasures.

Thus the incident has been resolved, and Kai accomplished his mission. True to its name, Sesshouseki, the “Bondstone,” perhaps was a crystal stone that connected people together through the brilliantly shining Bonds of Friendship. With those special Bonds burning brightly in his heart, Kai left the Academy while no one was watching. “Later, guys… Let’s see each other again soon!” Kai muttered as he made his departure. His facial expression, no longer clouded with resentment, was now as bright and warm as the sunlight of Spring. *{End of ZX-Factor Saga}*

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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