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ZX 095 ZX-Factor Kai


 Image1115 Card No.: ZX-095
ZX-Factor Kai
Power Level: Mugendai (Infinity)

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Koumyouji Kai <age 16>
Race: True ZX-Factor <Male>
Secret Treasure: Sesshouseki the Bondstone
Fused with: Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox
Ability: Ability Canceller
Kai took back Izuna and the Bondstone and has achieved Ultimate Evolution into the True ZX-Factor!! With his new power to completely nullify the abilities of others, he is now an unbreakable sword that will slice through the curse of falsified conviction!
Kai: “Let’s end this battle… I will release you from your mistaken beliefs!”

Kanato: “Well done, Kai-kun…. I have lost this match….”

<Story: Part 52>

Kanato was stripped of his ZX-Factor powers while Kai awakened as a new ZX-Factor. The flow of battle completely reversed, and in that instant Kai settled the conflict.

ZX 095 ZX-Factor Kai (Double Holo Another)

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