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ZX 094 Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna


 Image1110 Card No.: ZX-094
Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna

(Izuna the Fair Adamant Ninetailed Fox)

Power Level: 25

Battle Potential: SS-Class

Full Name: Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna
Race: “Burst Mode” Spirit <Female>
Secret Treasure: Sesshouseki the Bondstone
Burst Released from: Izuna
Ability: Fusion Evolution
The Ninetailed Demon Fox has returned to her true form after taking back the Bondstone. By merging with her pactmaker, this devilish maiden can give a Factor unlimited levels of ultimate power.
<An Excerpt from the Book of Cosmic Influence>

Sesshouseki, the Crystal of Bonds, is a very special gem that lets Factors evolve. Because of this, only those who are already Factors can forge a contract with the Bondstone. With this jewel, the pactmaker will awaken to new powers that extend into the Realm of Nothingness, but such abilities will endlessly vary from person to person; there is no way to specifically determine what powers one would earn. In exchange for receiving this unlimited unknown power, the pactmaker will fuse with a nine-tailed demon fox Spirit and transform into a paranormal inhuman monster. Thus he or she who forges a contract with the Bondstone shall become the Ultimate Factor of Unknown Potential—the “ZX-Factor.”

Izuna: “Kai! I’ll never leave your side again! I belong only to you! …So make sure you hold on to me, too. Never let me go… Please….”

ZX 094 Hakumen Kongou-Kyuubi Izuna (Another Version)

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