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ZX 093 Magical★Ruruie


 ZX093u Card No.: ZX-093
Power Level: 15

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Kokujou Ruruie <age 12>
Race: Daemon <Female>
Affiliation: Manager of the “Ruruie Variant” Information Center
Artifact: Madousho (Magic Grimoire) “Omoikane,” Arms Mode <Kirin Attribute>
Partner (Customer): Kai the Asura King of Wisdom
Ability: Spacetime Reset (Rewinding Time and Space)
“Spirit Arms” Activate: Dress Change! Dodge the grisly fate of destruction! Will a pessimistic observer become the singularity point that can alter the course of the future?!
Ruruie: “This is to protect our peaceful daily lives… Be thankful I’m working with you for free this time around! You owe me BIG time, Homura Kai!”
<Story: Part 51>

At that point, a great miracle occurred: Kai’s voice restored Izuna’s free will! Immediately, Izuna separated herself from Kanato and reforged her contract with Kai.

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Translations by Smash Spirit
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