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ZX 092 Aum Gasshin Pulsar Lord


 ZX092u Card No.: ZX-092
Aum Gasshin Pulsar Lord

(Pulsar Lord, Divine Fusion of Aum)

Power Level: 18

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Pulsar Lord
Race: Fused Spirit <No Gender>
Artifacts: “Kongou-Niou,” the Jewels of Flame and Ice
Fused with: Great Pulsion and Great Pulsette
Abilities: Hellfire Purification, Absolute Zero Temperature, Starlight Bullets
A new Spirit born from a fusion between the Superhuman Demon and Princess. Its power is similar to a Kirin Factor’s, having gained the magical powers of fire, ice, and even light!
Rurimaru & Mimiko: “If the Beginning is good, then so is the Ending! If the End is good, then everything is great! Go, Divine Fusion of Aum! Pulsar Lord!!”

Pulsar Lord: “Your demise begins now…!”

<Story: Part 50>

Kai then chose to fight Kanato in order to free him from the deep-rooted delusions that have plagued him for most of his life. During this destined duel, Kai desperately called out to Izuna, who was still unresponsive inside Kanato’s body.

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