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ZX 091 Iron Fortress Sigma


 ZX091u Card No.: ZX-091
Iron Fortress Sigma
Power Level: 13

Battle Potential: A-Class

Full Name: Hokurei’in Sigma-G3 <age 645>
Race: Android <Male>
Affiliation: Phoenix Academy, Genbu House: Homeroom Teacher
Artifact: Kikkoujun (Turtle Shell Shield) “Suminoe” <Genbu Attribute>
Spirit: Reiki
Abilities: Moisture Generation, Liquid Manipulation
He’s the main instructor of the Genbu House. As the second-in-charge of the noble Hokurei’in Family bloodline, he may very well be the oldest living Android in all of Yamato City.
Sigma: “A Gekaijuu invasion… Such a rare event has not happened since Yamato City was first built. A very interesting occasion, indeed.”

Mahiro: “Sigma, I think you’re being way too calm about this….”

<Story: Part 49>

After taking out Ken, Kai tried once again to reason with Kanato. He explained to Kanato the real truth behind the events that led them down the path of vengeance… But Kanato still wouldn’t believe him.

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